Friday, March 2, 2012

We're all Andrew Breitbart Now

Liberals Dance on Breitbart's Grave

When Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist spewed green vomit, spoke in tongues using vulgarities and finished with a serious head spin, it was the demons which possessed her that were responding painfully to being in the presence of a priest, a bible and holy water. The burning of the holy water and the absolutely insane reaction to the mere presence of goodness isn't just lost on the girl in the movie. This happens on many levels to liberals when they are confronted with people who represent the truth or the antithesis of that which they are against. As was the case in the movie, exorcising them of these demons is not going to be an easy task for good hearted conservatives.

The Great Deceiver's tactics are subtle and in many cases unnoticeable until it's too late. Contrary to mythical belief, you don't sell your soul to the devil; you just don't pay attention enough so he can grab it. As a disclaimer to those who may find this statement extreme, consider a more secular argument based on the laws of the universe. There are negatives and their are positives. Negativity does exist whether you want to call it Satan or just bad universal karma.

You can take a liberal, a conservative, a moderate, the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Dalai Lama, a street prostitute and a heroin dealer and drop them from the top of the Empire State Building. They will all hit the ground at the same time and they will die. The laws of nature are the laws of nature. No ideological spin can change them no matter how hard warmists, socialists, social engineers and journalists try.

When Andrew Breitbart confronted progressives and Occupiers by challenging them directly on their beliefs and exposing their hypocrisy, it made their heads spin. "How dare this man stop us from completing the job of pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people!" How dare they interfere with the progressive agenda of remaking America into a socialist Utopia.

These people have spent over a century infiltrating our culture, our media and our academia. They are so close now to achieving their prime directive. Barack Obama is the President. Half of America is dependent on government in one way or another. The other half are regulated by it - stifled by it. This is their best shot right now. One more term of Obama and they win. They're so close they can taste it.

When Sarah Palin hit the scene, they freaked. When the Tea Party hit the scene, they freaked. When Andrew Breitbart's journalists began exposing them for who they are, they freaked. The progressive movement is like the suitor who is so close to marrying the sweetheart he so deftly schmoozed into loving him that it would be a complete disaster if she found out about his seedy background and the weave of lies that was used to court her.

The frog is so close to boiling now that they can't afford a Breitbart to get it to jump out of the pot in time to avoid its ultimate fate.

This is where we come in. Our country is on the brink. The shifty suitor's wedding day is November 4, 2012. If the wedding goes off, it's over. He gets her family's fortune and gets to redistribute it to all his cronies however he wants with impunity.

We must be the ones who object.

We have a little over 200 days to infiltrate the culture, the media and the academia. Okay, that's not enough time to do all that. But, we must expose their plan. We must get normal people who aren't the "right wing nuts" the media describes us as to realize that this stuff about collapsing the system is real.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or the words written on the teleprompter. The larger than life Obama head will speak to you with Greek columns behind it and smoke and mirrors designed to create the grand illusion that Utopia is just around the corner. We need to be Toto and pull away the curtain so that the American people can see that the whole thing is a farce. We all need to be Andrew Breitbart now.

We're Christians, family people, adults and upstanding citizens. We have a hard time being mean. We have a hard time destroying other people's character. We have a hard time saying harsh things that we may be criticized for. But our survival is at stake now.

This doesn't mean we change our hearts and feel hatred. It doesn't mean we just get into the gutter for the sake of getting into the gutter. It doesn't mean that two wrongs don't make a right. It means we have to form a persona that can take on the behemoth that has been destroying us for the last hundred years. It means we need to jump into the transformer and become that weaponized counter monster to the monster that we must defeat.

If it means smearing people on the left, smear them. If it means using reverse Alinsky tactics, use them. When Andrew Breitbart played those craftily edited clips of Shirley Sherrod that got her fired, he was accused by the Left for taking her words out of context. The Left should have been proud of him. He used their tactics perfectly. He did that on purpose. God rest his soul, Andrew Breitbart showed us that we could use the same tactics as the Left and win.

Glenn Beck's destruction of Van Jones was in many ways similar to David Axelrod's destruction of Sarah Palin. Beautifully executed, Beck worked the American media into a frenzy over Van Jones. Jones ultimately retreated and reloaded as did Sarah Palin. Arianna Huffington criticized Beck yet praised the Alaska bloggers for using the same tactics to drive Sarah Palin from her governorship. Liberalism is the epitome of hypocrisy.

We are not hypocrites. But, we can front as hypocrites if it means winning this battle. We must dress and act like pimps and prostitutes if we are to expose the ACORN-likeness of the American Left. We must not be afraid to walk into the line of fire because if we don't walk into the line of fire voluntarily now, we will certainly be in the line of fire involuntarily later. Liberalism is no longer about tolerance and live and let live. It's about forcing us to live like them.

We have to fight. We have to stop them.

Tim Tebow is the nicest guy in the world. He's a marshmellow for goodness sake. But look at the size of his arms. Look at how strong he is and how much he works out. Look at how he has no problem running head on into a 250 pound linebacker when he's running the ball. Don't let the fact that we're good people get in the way of our crushing the behemoth of progressivism at all costs... And I mean ALL costs.

This election day, I will do something very different than I've done in all election days past. In the past, I pitched my candidate and was respectful if the person I spoke to said they were voting for the opposing candidate. This year, I will simply say "you have a choice: you can vote for the destruction of America or you can vote against it." If someone doesn't vote against Obama, you need to let them know that they will be responsible for destroying America.

As we head toward election day, prepare to be offended by my blog posts and my tweets. There will be times when Christians and people of decency will cringe when I agree with Rush Limbaugh about his "slut" comments on Sandra Fluke or when  I stand behind someone in the conservative movement who is accused of saying or doing something outrageous.

Occupiers are raping each other and crapping on police cars. Bill Maher is calling Sarah Palin the C word. The anchors of the three major network nightly news broadcasts lie to us on a daily basis. Hollywood culture is destroying the minds of our youth. The government and its surrogates are trying to shut down our religious freedoms. How offensive can we really be?

Andrew, the rest of this post is for you, my man.

As for the government mandating that we all pay for contraception, let me say this. Unless I'm banging Sandra Fluke, too, I ain't paying for it. Tell her to get a "group policy" if she's that concerned about paying $3,000 to screw her way through college. In other words, why not just have all the guys at her school chip in for it instead of making the taxpayer do it?

I often wondered how I would react if Keith Olbermann or Bill Maher ever died tragically. As a human being I would feel bad. But you know what, now I'll never show it. Not after the way loons on the Left reacted to the passing of Breitbart. The next time some dirtbag liberal croaks, I'm going to celebrate - even if I'm just fronting. They don't need to know I'm human. They just need to know they suck.

I want to see the videos of Obama's gay lover testifying to the world that he did coke with him. I want to see that forged birth certificate again. I want to find out more about the gay bath houses in Chicago that were frequented by Obama and Rahm Emanuel. I'm not interested in the truth. The truth is not a useful strategy or tactic in this liberal nightmare of a game we're forced to win in order to survive.

Did you know Joe Biden can see Road Island from his house?

Come on, folks. Join in. Shout it from the most prominent web sites. Run it up the media flagpole, baby. Fact checking? WTF is fact checking? The last time I analyzed and examined the American media, I didn't see much fact checking. If Sarah Palin farted in Walmart, it would be on MSNBC in a matter of hours. If Barack Obama attended a dinner where William Ayers and company were making anti-Semitic jokes, it would take four years. Oh wait, it STILL it hasn't been aired!

Happy warriors unite. Even though the liberals own the board, we still have to win the game. Even if we don't like the rules, learn them and get good at playing the game by them. It's a game we must win.

Okay guys, huddle. On three, "Obama's a Kenyan Muslim." Break.

Red 271. Red 271. Hut.

Thursday, March 1, 2012