Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Show me someone who calls Sarah Palin an idiot for the second time and I'll show you a moron twice over.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Katie Couric spins, forgets how to accurately report on CBS Nightly News

Katie Couric showed tonight why journalism is dead and why the mainstream media is nothing but a lying sack of left wing hacks and drunken tarts.

Couric and the editors at CBS news must have thought that Sarah Palin's settlement of the ethics complaint regarding her legal defense fund, the Alaska Fund Trust, was an opportunity to spin a story to make Sarah Palin look bad rather than to present a factual representation of what actually happened.

Since the liberal media will no longer go unpunished or un-opposed, it is important to note that we are all over their garbage. Newsbusters accurately portrayed tonight's channel changing moment:
Demonstrating that no setback for Sarah Palin which can be portrayed as a rebuke is too insignificant or relevant for Katie Couric, she made time on Thursday's CBS Evening News to inform her viewers about a disputable technical violation of arcane law:
One little word will cost Sarah Palin a small fortune. Today, state investigators in Alaska said a legal defense fund she set up while she was Governor was illegal. They said the use of the word “official” on the fund's Web site implied it was endorsed by the office of the Governor. Palin's lawyer says she will return the fund's nearly $400,000.
Unmentioned by Couric? How Timothy Petumenos, the investigator/counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board which issued the ruling, absolved Palin of blame. “Petumenos found the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee acted in good faith and relied on the advice of lawyers when setting up the fund,” the Anchorage Daily News reported in an afternoon posting.

PDF of the board's report, which noted: “Governor Palin complied fully with AS 39.52.210(a) by declining to take any proceeds from the Trust once the Complaint was filed pending resolution of this matter.”

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Katie Couric once again demeans journalism.

"And that's the way it is."

Friday, June 18, 2010

Conservatives4Palin: 'Does Far-Left Hack Geoffrey Dunn Know What a Lie Is?'

from Conservatives4Palin:
Probably the clearest example of how far the left has gone off the rails is how they characterize disagreement as a lie. The most clearest example of such slander is far-left hack Geoffrey Dunn's latest piece about Governor Palin.

Before we get started, here is an example of a lie. In 2007, Barack Obama claimed the following:
Just this past -- this past week, we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which is my committee
As you can read at the link, the community organizer was never a member of the committee. If Obama had merely stated an opinion that I disagreed with, I wouldn't call it a lie. But Obama did not state an opinion. What he stated was a falsehood and a lie. What he stated was objectively false. Now, let's get to Dunn's shrill article:
Sarah Palin isn’t an expert on anything — remember that this is a woman who didn’t know the difference between England and Great Britain as she began her not-so-celebrated run for the vice-presidency
Does Dunn have video to substantiate his charge that Palin didn't know the difference? Nope. Dunn even fails to cite anyone who is willing to make the claim on-the-record. If someone were to claim that Barack Obama did not know that Europe is a country, that person would have video of Barack Obama calling Europe a country to substantiate the charge.

O’Reilly lied, too, of course, when he said, “I’m pleased to have you on the program tonight [as] there is not a governor in the United States who has more experience than you do dealing with the oil companies.” Sarah Palin? The half-governor? Uh, Alaska isn’t even the largest oil-producing state in the union. Texas is, followed by Alaska, California… and you didn’t guess it: North Dakota. Is anyone touting current North Dakota governor John Hoeven as a national expert in resource policy?
Does Dunn really not understand the difference between a "lie" and an "opinion with which he disagrees?" What O'Reilly stated was an opinion. In any event, what's absurd about the idea of John Hoeven as an expert in resource policy? Palin, Perry, and Hoeven dealt with energy and resource issues all the time as governors.

Dunn argues that it is a bad thing that Governor Palin was not a friend of environmentalists and oil producers. Why is this a bad thing? Is Dunn conceding that Palin isn't owned by two special interest groups from the right and the left? Is Dunn really conceding that Palin is a Republican that doesn't march to the beat of Big Oil? Of course not. Dunn just wants to have it both ways with Palin. He'll still claim that she is in bed with Big Oil and an opponent of the oil industry at the same time. Dunn and the left are too stupid to understand that you can oppose the agenda of both the environmentalists and Big Oil.

Dunn then finds Andrew Halcro to be a credible source under the logic that a Republican who criticizes another Republican is credible. If you want to play that game, then surely Dunn would have to concede that Joe Lieberman's endorsement of Governor Palin in 2008 and his criticisms of Barack Obama are credible. After all, Lieberman was the Democrat Party's nominee for Vice President in 2000. In fact, the comparison between Lieberman and Halcro is an insult to Joe considering that the former is a distinguished Senator that is respected by millions while the latter has never gotten more than 9% of the vote in one of the least religious states in the country. And of course, Lieberman never lost to Barack Obama in any election whereas Halcro lost to Palin by a substantial margin in 2006. Only in Dunn's world is Halcro's criticism of Palin in any way equivalent to Lieberman's criticism of Obama.

He concludes by calling what Governor Palin said about the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office (PSIO) a lie. He takes issue with Palin's assertion that she "set up" the PSIO. Dunn fails to provide any evidence that Palin did not "set up" the PSIO...because there isn't any. He can only argue that she didn't "really set up" the PSIO. Unlike the community organizer in the example that I cited above, Governor Palin is not a resume-padder and leaves her opponents like Dunn claiming that true statements are somehow not "really" true.

Dunn knows that Palin did not tell a falsehood about the PSIO and has to cite to an unnamed journalist who disagrees with Palin about the entity's effectiveness. So in Dunn's world, if someone expresses an opinion that he disagrees with, the person is lying. Has the left gone completely off the rails?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Waterboarding Todd Palin

Chris Kelly, writer for Real Time with Bill Maher and the Huffington Post, smells the bowels of his worst nature by portraying Todd and Sarah Palin as victims of interrogation tactics that Sarah Palin and George W. Bush believe we should use on terrorists in the same swing of the same sword in the same piece. The only flaw with the piece is that it only works if Todd and Sarah had also flown planes into buildings killing thousands of people or if the terrorists didn't. I'm sure the hate mongering from leftists like Kelly is just a mistake. Either that or it's pure intellectual dishonesty. Maybe it's just pure hypocrisy.

I'm sure such intellectually honest writers like that would be outraged if we on the right were suggesting that we stuff President Obama down the oil pipe. What if we started a new Facebook page "Plug the BP Oil Spill With Barack Obama?" See more here.

According to those who mentally hang with people like Kelly, all of Sarah Palin's supporters must be hate mongers, too. You'd think they write nasty blogs and accuse Barack Obama of not being the father of one of his children. They make fun of him because of how he dresses or where he gets his clothes. They are relentless in the way they attack him for quitting the Senate after only half a term. Imagine if Palin supporters wrote an article describing the waterboarding of Michelle Obama!

I bet you those hate mongers on the right want Obama to pay for flying his wife to New York or his children to Europe on our taxpayer dollar funded plane. I'm surprised they haven't gone as far as to make him pay per diem for that out of his own pocket. I wouldn't put it past them to file ethics complaints implying that he abused his power to offer high level jobs to Senate candidates in exchange for dropping out of races. Oh, the moral outrage the left would beseige upon them if they dared do that to their beloved one.

Is it possible that Obama supporters are inciting the hatred? How can that be? They're peace loving hippies left over from the 1960's. They hold hands and sing Kumbaya. They don't hate. They believe in hope and change and social justice for all. They don't like cruel countries. In fact, they apologize to the world when their country is cruel. They are enlightened. They are modern and sophisticated. They're tolerant. Look at how well they handle it when a prominent conservative hired a gay musician to perform at his wedding. The open-mindedness is staggering. Look at how they treat the first black man to be named chairman of the Republican party. These people are just truly models of "love thy neighbor as thyself."

And of course we can't help but be moved by their shining example of how they praised the Republican party for finally nominating a woman to be on the national ticket. Feminism, baby! I may just go out and buy a bag of weed and party with these guys. They are just sooooo cool!

You can't possibly be telling me that they are the ones inciting all the hate in this country? Say it ain't so, Joe. I know all you want to do is enjoy your new pad and write a book of poetry to serenade the pretty lady who lives next door. But she's mean to you and she writes bad stuff about you on her Facebook page. It has to break your little heart that she's not happy about you living there after all the nice things you wrote about her. And her mean husband? I can't figure it out either. I'd understand it if the guy was sick and tired of having people talk trash about his wife all the time or impuning her reputation. But no one in our transformed America - a Utopia of openness and transparency - would do that. I know you wouldn't do that, Joe.

Wasn't it just about a year and a half ago when the liberals' great leader told us to listen to our better angels and celebrated his election by saying this:
Young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled, Americans have sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of red states and blue states,” he said. “We have been and always will be the United States of America.
Ah, yes. The old aren't worried about death panels and the young aren't being forced to buy insurance. The rich aren't worried about having their wealth redistributed and the poor are just living large now (Penny has to be getting her mortgage and gasoline payments covered by now!). The races and people of different sexual orientations are living in pure harmony - just look at how the one gay guy judged a Miss America pageant when the straight girl gave her opinion on marriage (sheer tolerance I say!) or how the black guy was so nice to the cop who was checking up on him to make sure his house wasn't being robbed. Why, President Obama even celebrated the event by having a beer with them!

Children with special needs aren't being made fun of anymore (so glad the days of having someone's disabled child mocked on the internet are long gone). Republicans are treated with respect now - included in all negotiations and treated as partners in our government. And our red states and blue states are just living in bliss together. An open minded, tolerant and enlightened state would never boycott another state just because they wanted to protect its citizens. This is hope and change! Can you feel it?
The river sweats
Oil and tar
The barges drift
With the turning tide
Red sails
To leeward, swing on the heavy spar.
The barges wash
Drifting logs
Down Greenwich reach
Past the Isle of Dogs.
Weialala leia
Wallala leialala[1]
The oil fills the Gulf. The city in decay no longer shines.

Now tell me. Who really fucked up our country?
[1]T.S. Eliot The Waste Land

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quote of the Day 6/07/10

Thomas S. Schmitz provides us with the following unsheathed moment:

Enter Sarah Palin; the ultimate citizen politician. Never in the history of America has a politician been feared and demonized more than Sarah Palin. Why? Simply put, the elites see Sarah Palin as a threat. She represents the end of elitism rule. Armed with the sword of her common sense politics, Sarah Palin reflects and defends the values of average everyday hardworking Americans. Her sword of common sense cuts right through their fancy Ivy League degrees and ponderous resumes boasting meaningless laureates and “think tanks” which have nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with endless education. If you want to balance America’s budget it shouldn’t take a college degree to tell you that not spending more money than you make is a good place to start.
Read more here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Palin Army Rushes in To Fight With Nikki

Republican insiders have been using Alinsky tactics to defeat Nikki Haley in the South Carolina GOP gubernatorial primary. Haley, once a lesser known candidate and down in the polls, surged to a commanding lead in the primary battle after Sarah the Great rode in from the north and endorsed her. Haley has proven to be a warrior as her resolve strengthens with each smear that's thrown her way. Sarah fights viciously for her on Twitter and Sarah's army is quick to rush in. The Good ole boys in South Carolina have made a big mistake. The rush to Haley's aid makes the scene in Braveheart look tame.

Haley unsheathed her sword and skewered Andre Bauer right on TV in front of thousands of viewers and millions more on youtube. Haley was asked about the allegations of affairs just as the battle began. As the enemy stood over her with spiked clubs and battle axes, Haley had her finest warrior moment when she looked directly into the camera without flinching and clearly stated that she has been faithful to her husband. Then she turned and smoothly slid the sword into and completely through Andre Bauer who stood motionless on the stage for seconds.

After thoroughly destroying her opponents (she continues to rise in the polls), the good ole boy army came back the next day with a disgusting counter attack. They made her ethnicity a campaign issue. They claimed she was not a Christian because she had Sikh Indian roots. They called her "Raghead." Expect to hear the clanging of swords and the final screams of the South Carolina good ole boys when they are removed from their cesspool of corruption and Nikki comes in for the clean up.

All those ordinary barbarians you see coming to Nikki's side right now at her rallies and on Twitter and Facebook are soldiers in Palin's army. A little advice to Andre Bauer and friends from Monty Python: run away.

Read what they're saying about dirty politics in South Carolina.