Thursday, June 24, 2010

Katie Couric spins, forgets how to accurately report on CBS Nightly News

Katie Couric showed tonight why journalism is dead and why the mainstream media is nothing but a lying sack of left wing hacks and drunken tarts.

Couric and the editors at CBS news must have thought that Sarah Palin's settlement of the ethics complaint regarding her legal defense fund, the Alaska Fund Trust, was an opportunity to spin a story to make Sarah Palin look bad rather than to present a factual representation of what actually happened.

Since the liberal media will no longer go unpunished or un-opposed, it is important to note that we are all over their garbage. Newsbusters accurately portrayed tonight's channel changing moment:
Demonstrating that no setback for Sarah Palin which can be portrayed as a rebuke is too insignificant or relevant for Katie Couric, she made time on Thursday's CBS Evening News to inform her viewers about a disputable technical violation of arcane law:
One little word will cost Sarah Palin a small fortune. Today, state investigators in Alaska said a legal defense fund she set up while she was Governor was illegal. They said the use of the word “official” on the fund's Web site implied it was endorsed by the office of the Governor. Palin's lawyer says she will return the fund's nearly $400,000.
Unmentioned by Couric? How Timothy Petumenos, the investigator/counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board which issued the ruling, absolved Palin of blame. “Petumenos found the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee acted in good faith and relied on the advice of lawyers when setting up the fund,” the Anchorage Daily News reported in an afternoon posting.

PDF of the board's report, which noted: “Governor Palin complied fully with AS 39.52.210(a) by declining to take any proceeds from the Trust once the Complaint was filed pending resolution of this matter.”

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Katie Couric once again demeans journalism.

"And that's the way it is."

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