Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Progressives Don't Like Women Who Go Home to Raise Kids

So you have a problem with Sarah Palin, do ya Shannyn Moore? So you're deranged and obsessed with the woman, are ya Shannyn Moore? You're entitled to your own misguided beliefs and self esteem issues. I understand if the juxtapositioning of yourself to a fellow Alaskan named Sarah just makes you look horrible and you can't stand it. As Jean-Paul Sartre said, "hell is other people."

But when you start projecting that hatred on to other people, you're over the line. Meg Stapleton has a two year old child that needs her mother. When Ms. Stapleton chose to go home to that child, you attacked her. You called her a quitter. You called her liar. You smeared her. You're a wretched human being. All you had to do was simply wish her well and be happy she's gone. But no, the negativity that is the devil's work is inside you, and it shows clearly on your blog.

Do progressives hate women that go home to raise their kids? Are you afraid that the role of traditional mother might make progressives look bad?

Your beef is with Sarah Palin, not Meg Stapleton. You owe Ms. Stapleton an apology.

After you do that, go back to Hades where you belong.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Disgusting Alaska Bloggers Slammed By

There's not much for me to do with my rhetorical sword given that has already carved up a bunch of romper room Alaska bloggers.

Check out some great slicing and dicing:

A Tale Of Two Ears by Jesse Griffin
Skinny White Sunday: Profanity Phil Revisited; Updated
Shannyn Moore and Daily Kos Find Hypocrisy Where It Doesn't Exist

These are the people who are responsible for starting the smear campaign against Sarah Palin during the 2008 election. They would be nameless pieces of trash if it was not for DNC making contact with them in order to "manufacture," or what David Axelrod fans like to call "AstroTurf" bullcrap about Sarah Palin.

They are also the ones who fanned the flames of the frivolous ethics complaints.

While it is not my place to judge, the pastor at my church said on Sunday "negativity is the devil's work." I'm just drawing a nexus here.

Icebergs melt in hell.

UPDATE: Apparently Stacy Drake drew the same nexus as I did at A Time For Choosing, which also got a well deserved quote and link on Texas4Palin. The post was entitled "Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl from Hades."

This is just another episode in which Shannyn Moore beclowns herself in an attempt to hurt Governor Palin. She failed tremendously as she always does. Normally I would type here that she should take a step back and try to realize that using small children is vile and evil but why bother. These people have proven over and over again that they have no morals and no decency. The depths in which they are willing to sink to trash Governor Palin knows no bounds.
Shannyn "Erida" Moore can take Jesse "Maalik" Griffin to hell with her. To repeat what my pastor said once again, "negativity is the devil's work." It's clear that the great deceiver is at work using these poor pathetic low lifes as his mouth piece.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let Me Help the Liberals Write Their Articles After Palin's O'Reilly Appearance Tonight

Hello libs. It's me again. You know, the guy who keeps jabbing you everytime you write something stupid about conservatives, Tea Partiers or Sarah Palin. I'm here to do a pre-emptive slice this time. I know what's coming. So let me help you out a bit.

Tonight, Sarah Palin will discuss a complicated topic, Iran, on O'Reilly. Knowing going in that she is dumb, not qualified to discuss the subject and will probably say very little of substance, let's get started writing your article:

Sarah Palin once again demonstrated a severe lack of foreign policy. Why someone who doesn't even know where Iran is on a map would want to delve into the deep, complex and complicated issues regarding the actions needed to stop Iran from going nuclear is beyond me. Instead, Palin says something stupid [you can use the word unintelligent or uninformed instead if you like here] like: [insert quote taken out of context here].

This war-mongering extremist from Alaska who has no business analyzing shelf stocking at Walmart can't possibly be serious when she tells us that we should back Israel if they draw us into Armegeddon. We all know that war is not an option and there will always be the possibility of living with a nuclear Iran in the event we chose not to be so arrogant as to try to stop them.

[Maybe do a blurb or two here where you quote Olbermann or an Alaskan blogger]

Fox news would have been better hiring Kermit the Frog to do news analysis for them.
Okay. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's move on to the subject at hand. The fact of the matter is, Palin will say stuff or quote stuff from John Bolton and/or Gary Milhollin. When they speak or write, they are called foremost experts on the subject. But, dare Sarah Palin agree with them on anything, Palin will be seen as shallow or lacking solutions. I know this is a fact because I've seen Eric Cantor, when discussing the economy and the role of government, literally been called a genius even after taking the same position and using nearly the exact same words that Palin was criticized for. Rule of thumb: if someone else says it, it's insightful. If Palin says it, it's not.

There is a solution Palin can suggest, but it will not sit well with the mainstream media. If she suggests war overt or covert, and especially if she talks about Israel taking the first strike, she will be vilified. She will be torn to shreds. She will be mocked.

But she will also be right.

Read my post on Iran and you'll see why.

The underestimater in me will sit there all nervous and worried. I will cringe on her every word, knowing in advance what the liberal response will be. I will worry about her having difficulty with the subject. I will sweat it. I admit it. It's a condition I had all through the Reagan years. I worried every time he had to say something important. I don't know why, but it's something, once only unique to Reagan, that has recurred in me now that I'm a Palinite.

But, it's not doubt.

It's just a stupid thing I go through. At the end of the night, I will kick myself again for being such a worry wart. Palin will land the segment, create headlines and earn credibility points among the folks watching. She will also piss off the liberals who will come after her with a vengeance as usual. God help her if she criticizes Obama. The left really takes that personally.

Face it, folks. Those who remember Ronald Reagan remember Bruce Springsteen's tirade against supply side economics. They remember the cartoon where Reagan is in a hospital and he presses the "nuke" button instead of the "nurse"button. They remember pundits talking about the "tear down this wall" line as being a pipe dream. After it happened, they will remember pundits giving Gorbachev the credit, not Reagan. This was during and even after his presidency. Palin is still on the opening laps here. Don't expect the attacks on her to go away either, no matter how far she goes in politics.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Last Time Tea Partiers: Knock the Crap!

We will know who not to trust come crunch time by watching those who turn coat on Palin now. If I eyeball it, it appears about 30% of the GOP and TEA Party base are staunch diehard Palin supporters. While this may not be enough to win a general election, the potential is surely there for growth. It is encouraging to see Palin's numbers growing across the board even when some of those numbers are dropping slightly in her own ballpark. Why do I say this? I've seen some tweets and some posts bashing Palin lately on conservative sites that used to stand up for her.

I'm not here to name names or point fingers. You know who you are. And if we get back to that 30% number I mentioned, that's the group you are going to need to win in 2012 whether Palin gets the nomination or not. I have a rule of thumb: you bash Reagan or Palin, I'm gone.

I am a lifelong Republican who abides by Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment that thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans. I realize many I am accusing here are not Republicans, but conservatives, independents and libertarians. But they are all Tea Partiers who need to abide by the same commandment amongst their own unless they want to hand the liberals a victory when the movement fractures.

I don't want to have my belief in the Tea Party movement ruined because some cry babies are pissed that Sarah Palin didn't show up at an event, endorse their candidate or mention their guy's name on her Facebook page. I'm a strong believer that the TEA Party and conservative movements need to infiltrate and take over the Republican party. I'm far from an insider. But you guys are making me nervous about that right about now.

Quite frankly, I don't want to go into battle with a bunch of mealy mouthed flip floppers who throw a tantrum everytime Palin endorses someone they don't like. I'm far from a RINO lover, but I do know one thing about winning elections and that is if the tent is big, you win. I also know that winning requires building coalitions. Sometimes that means accepting people you normally may not always agree with. For me, the only enemies are true liberals, progressives and statists. I'll work with anyone to stop them as long as they work with me.

I keep my mouth zipped about Romney, Newt and Pawlenty and only once slipped about Huckabee and realized later I was wrong. I'm capable of liking and respecting them even if Sarah's my first pick. When we (and I mean the movement) win in 2012, everyone gets into the new administration as far as I'm concerned whether it's top dog, cabinet level or an advisory position. The primaries will determine that. I know your candidates have a shot at winning. Understand that mine does too. Let's be prepared to be united either way instead of being pissed off at each other.

The Tea Party movement has a great future. But on it's rougher edges it can be too rigid and too demanding of those who want to help it. Lest we turn into an angry mob for real and give the liberals what they want, we need to be more careful of what we say and what we do. I'm not saying don't express an opinion, but when you start acting like PDS sufferers, it makes me question whether or not I should go back to the textbook stuff that I learned in college rather than play this thing outside the box.

I know we already have a Reagan. Many others either don't want to accept that or they really genuinely feel that she's not it. That's fine. I'm not asking you to come here today and pledge a blood oath to Sarah Palin. That 30% may not be enough to win a general election alone, but don't think you can win it with just the other 70% either. Just give Sarah a chance instead of chasing her and her supporters away. Look at how far she's come since she was the VP nominee (and she was huge then!).

At some point, I would hope you see the light and join forces in creating the greatest monster the Democrats have ever fought since Reagan. If not, than you still need to figure out what to do with all that lightning in a bottle she has. No offense to any of the other candidates, but if you got somebody that can motivate people more than she can, let me see them. But if you want Palin out of the movement, fess up now so I don't waste any more of my time or yours.

I don't care if you're a Paul supporter, a Huckabee supporter, a Demint supporter or just don't know yet. I'm only going to have your back until I find out you don't have mine.

Don't hate me because I'm a Republican. I'm a very conservative Republican. I respect independents and libertarians. Read my page Fight for the Right and understand not only the tactics, but realize how high the stakes are. You have to stomach John McCain and I have to stomach Rand Paul. Now stop whining. We have a shining city on a hill to take.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John McCain: Keep Bashing Palin, WE DON'T CARE!

Breaking: McCain on Hannity responds to question about media attacks on Palin and says "keep bashing, we don't care." (rough quote)

Defiance. A wielding of the sword. An in your face!

McCain knocks Obama in defense of Palin's crib notes

(this blog will be updated once transcript and video become available)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tell it to the Hand

Liberal mockery of the hand thing is an Alinsky tactic designed to take focus off the truth of what Palin said in her speech. This kind of nonsense CAN NOT be tolerated. Stand up and fight. Show your outrage over Joe Klein's comments as well and tell the liberals to grow up or get out.  The people in control of our country have now demonstrated fully that they don't deserve to stay in power. Yes, it's OUR country and we're coming to take it back from them!

When Sarah Palin made the comment during the campaign that implied that some parts of the country are more American than others, I thought it was a mistake. If you asked me what the two worst moments of the campaign for her was, I would tell you the Katie Couric interview and the comment about small towns being "the real America." But as I watch the reaction to the "hand notes" thing, I'm beginning to revisit that comment and I think I understand what she really meant, even if she didn't say it the right way.

There really is such thing as being more American or less American. But it goes beyond geographical areas or the size of the town you live in. It exists in our collective political consciousness. After reading some very hateful posts and tweets today, I have come to the conclusion that the people who think like me about how we should debate are really more American than those who don't. Go ahead and criticize me for this post, but let me at least explain why I'm swinging my sword wildly.

My America doesn't hate. My America takes its future seriously. While President Obama makes a gaffe about a woman who died of breast cancer being buried in an Obama shirt, thousands of liberal loons and supporters of his are turning the blogosphere and the twittersphere into a kindergarden playground (where wittle Wobbie Gibbs is now playing, too) over the fact that Sarah Palin wrote some words on her hand. My America worries about terrorist attacks, an economy that could ruin my child's future and the monstrosity of a government bureaucracy that makes running a business nearly impossible.

You know why the left calls Tea Partiers and Palin supporters anti-American? Because liberal America is a cesspool and yes, we are totally anti that. I want Obama to fail and I want to see the Republicans obstruct everything he does. I'm no longer ashamed to say that. Right now, America is an unruly school room of children with an inexperienced teacher trying to get them to calm down by reading off a teleprompter. What these children really needs is a heel on their throats. Call me when the grown ups are back in charge.

I know a story about a legal document that that was kicked back by a low level bureaucrat in the Oklahoma civil court system because the notary stamp (a stamp which was used tens of thousands of times before) would not copy on their copy machine. This is government at work? They charged the company a second time to reprocess the document. Big government at work. That's not my America. I'm sorry.

And while people are seriously trying to grow businesses and earn enough money as they struggle against a system that the the Democrats are running into the ground, the "children" over at Huffington Post and at the White House are making jokes about Sarah Palin's hand while our president is making wierd comments about burying a cancer victim in an Obama shirts. That's not my America. I'm sorry.

When Joe Klein writes drivel about Palin's Tea Party speech being drivel and then goes on to write that people who believe in what Palin says and what the Tea Party says are anti-American, he's only part right. We are anti-American if we're talking about his America. That's because our America is totally anti to what Joe Klein believes in. Joe Klein's America is not my America. I'm sorry.

In my America, people can disagree and have opposing points of view. You see, in my America, people of opposing opinions would analyze and discuss the 4,000 or so words Sarah Palin delivered in her speech on Saturday, not the five or six words she had written on her hand. In my America, some people would disagree with her about limited government, Obama's handling of the war or what we need to do to save the economy. In my America, someone who opposes Palin would say, I think she's wrong on this because..... and here are my facts to support my position. But blogging and tweeting about her hand is the highest level of intellectual discussion I can find out there? That's not my America. I'm sorry.

You see, there is no place in my America for whining, crying, disillusioned dead butts who would rather tear others down instead of building themselves up. Of the thousands of tweets, comments and blogs I've read that lambast Sarah Palin, not one addresses an actual issue position with an intellectually honest rebuttal. It's as if half the country is jerking off because they're more obsessed with the hand than they are on actually discussing the issues! And not one post, comment or tweet calling Palin "retarded," "a moron," "an idiot," or "not qualified" has come from anyone who has run a business, been a mayor, been a governor, written a book that made millions, gets $100K per speaking engagement and has over a million people a day reading their Facebook page. Palin's brand of "idiocy" looks more attractive to me with each passing day.

You want to keep spouting off? Tell it to the hand.

Although it may seem ironic after what I just wrote that I have to lower the discourse for a minute here, I do it for one simple reason: not to get into the gutter with the snipes, but to speak their language. If I had an issue with people who speak French, I'd post my concerns in French. But since this issue is with people who talk shit, I have to talk shit in order for them to understand.

Let me make myself perfectly clear. Klein, Colbert, Huffington, Olbermann, Alaskan Bloggers, Huffington Post writers and anyone else on the left who relentlessly and with sickly obsession go after Sarah Palin and her family personally and vindictively, there is no room in my America for you. Who died and made you the bosses? Who are you to tell me who's qualified and who's not qualified to be president? I hope Sarah Palin becomes president just to watch you scumbags suffer, squirm, whine and cry. It was fun watching the left crap themselves throughout the 8 years of Reagan and I can't wait to see it again!

These are the people who have been telling us for years to sit down and shut up. Well you know what, no, YOU SIT DOWN and shut up. I'm sick of hearing how stupid Sarah Palin is. I'm sick of hearing people who have done nothing with their lives tearing her down. If you're that miserable that in order to stomach your own sick and twisted lives, you have to tear down someone like Sarah Palin just to justify your own misery, go home. You are people I simply don't want to live with in my country. When it comes to this, I cannot be tolerant. When you're taking it in the face everyday, that's not the time for being nice and tolerant.

Disagree with me like an adult. I don't ask that those who disagree with me change their opinions if I can't convince them. I ask that they change their behavior. And until they grow up, you know what, I got yer angry mob right here and you can shove my Gadsden flag where the sun don't shine! I'm not going to play nicey nice anymore. So write a blog about how unhinged that ReaganTMan is. You owe it to yourself, lefties. The monsters you create are your own and we are stronger and smarter than you are. So keep fueling that fire there. Sarah Palin is coming for you and you know it. You wouldn't be screaming as loud as you are if that wasn't the case.

If anyone is offended by what I'm saying here, you have two choices: go cry to Keith Olbermann and have him make me worst person in the world or simply GROW UP.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Isn't it Great They're Smearing Palin Again?

After last night's tear down the house speech at the Nashville Tea Party Convention, liberals are having the same reaction they did after Sarah Palin's RNC speech. It makes sense because this was her second most powerful speech ever. Trot out some more liberals to go after her again. She's too much of a threat.

"(Joe) Klein, on Time’s “Swampland” blog, showed fear of the supposedly impotent coalition as he denigrated her Saturday night convention speech as 'anti-intellectual drivel,' scolding as 'anti-American' those dumb enough to like her..." according to Media Research Center.

Huffington Post, unable to muster any legitimate response to or criticism of Palin's speech, decided to go childish and make the cornerstone of their attack an assertion that Sarah had written notes on her hand. Remember, this is the same publication that ran a story about Palin's toenails.

Keep it low. If it ever gets out that someone who is accused of "anti-intellectual drivel" is actually a smart person who makes millions of dollars on her book, kicks Joe Klein's parent network's ass in ratings every time she's on Fox News and makes 100K per speech, the smear campaign is sunk.

And by the way, Joe Klein, who are you to say that I and the millions of people who support Sarah Palin are anti-American for our disdain for elitism? Get out of MY country.

Glenn Beck Unloads on Time Magazine’s Joe Klein

Video of Glenn Beck describing their encounter

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sometimes A Revolution Requires You Shell Out a Few Bucks

"No one likes a daggum cry baby," high school football coach and founder of Primerica Financial Service Art Williams said. When it comes to winning, whether it's football, business or politics, Williams' words ring true. Sometimes negativity can act like a contagious disease. And like a contagious disease, you want to catch it early, isolate it and cure it. This weekends Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN is proving to be both an educational experience as well as a cleansing one. Sometimes, taking back a nation requires you shell out a few bucks and find out who's not a serious player by those who whine about it.

Realizing that this is an internal argument within the movement, this blogger wants it to be clear that all of us have a right to our opinion. But the belly aching, the whining, the pulling of support for people and the outright verbal hissing is beyond me. I thought I joined a movement of grown ups. The daycare center is supposed to be for liberals.

Watching people go into tantrums over the cost of attending this weekend's Tea Party convention tells me one thing. We can now find out where the balls and chains of our movement are. They are among us.

Apparently there are those who believe that we should hold a Tea Party convention in a field and conduct training and workshops in people's backyards. Liberals abuse us because we are a loosely fit group that has no infrastructure, no leader and is run amock with extremists. They're right, for all the wrong reasons.

The time has come for the Tea Party movement to grow up. Sometimes you need to rent a hotel, pay a few bucks, train your people properly and begin building an infrastructure. Those who have issues with Tea Party Nation being a for profit organization, go quit your jobs, work in the movement full time for free and waste time navigating complicated FEC laws and show me if that works better. If it does. I'm in.

If you can find hotels, trainers, speakers and attract media coverage without spending any money, again let me know. I'm in.

There are those who whine that it's no longer a grass roots movement because we will have trained people instead of a bunch of untrained yahoos running around saying crap that the left wing media is going to use against us, or that we rent hotel rooms and have meetings instead of sitting in our pajamas blogging to each other about how pissed off we are. If we're serious about electing candidates, then we need to know how to organize a telephone campaign, not to mention know what to say on the phone once we do. If this is selling out, or if this is not grass roots, then I probably need to leave the room. I can't expose my weak brain to that kind of nonsense lest I get caught up in it myself.

Now we know who the serious players are and who the whiners are. Those who have legitimate differences with things within the movement or the choices of candidates being backed, I'm not talking to you. It's good that everyone has input, discusses it and understands where everyone stands. But, because we are a diverse movement there will come times when some of us don't do what others want. We are trying to fight against an intolerant government. We shouldn't be becoming intolerant of ourselves.

The whiners and the cry babies can go home. There are things that I have some issues with, but I choose not to bring them up right now. They are minor. They are not worthy of a discussion that will only cause more whining. And expressing them will not help me take back the country. Reagan showed us how to build coalitions. There were times when he included those who some in the movement had issues with. The reality of the matter is if you want the purity of your message to win, you need votes.

There's a difference between selling out and shooting yourself in your foot. Pragmatism sometimes requires a touch of unorthodoxy. If we want to govern, we better be prepared to know how to earn or raise money for the cause, build coalitions and stop majoring in the minors. Meeting in fields and carrying home made signs may work at the beginning of a movement, but knowing what the hell you're doing technically and procedurally is just as important as knowing what you're doing ideologically.

This is a time for growing pains in the movement. That's exactly what this is, "growing" pains. If we keep crying like children, we will never get the movement to adulthood.