Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paul Jenkins and Why Halibut Should be Clubbed

Paul Jenkins is the editor of a "quasi-conservative" publication The Anchorage Daily Planet. I have no idea where that planet is, but it's nowhere near Earth where Sarah Palin's Alaska sits so beautifully perched at the far northwest corner of the North American continent. Did I say his publication was "quasi-conservative?" Forgive my flub, gaffe or whatever you'd like to call it. It's basically a RINO publication. In Alaska you are either a conservative (and I include good libertarians here) or you are a progressive. If you are moderately progressive, you vote for candidates like Lisa Murkowski and call yourself a Republican (which is just in name only). If you're flaming progressive, you vote for Scott McAdams and admit to being a rare species in Alaska, a Democrat. But there is one more label: good ole boy crony capitalist that I haven't yet addressed (other than with the first two words of this post).

Prior to last week's episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, it was a given in the fishing community that halibut had to be clubbed to stop them from flopping around and destroying the meat. Prior to Palin's selection as Vice Presidential candidate, it was widely accepted that thinning out the wolf herd in Alaska was necessary to stop humans from starving to death in the winter. But, when derangement, unhingement and the plucking of the devil from one's inner soul occurs at the mere mention of "that woman," predator control becomes wolf killing and halibut handling becomes "aggravated battery."

For some reason, people will completely refute empirical observation, the laws of nature, the laws of physics and the laws of God in order to formulate an argument against Sarah Palin. So Paul Jenkins, clown in charge at the Anchorage Daily Planet, writes an op ed for Anchorage Daily News where he says that calling someone who badmouths Palin a hater is a "self-defense gambit that signals intellectual weakness." Given the fact that Palin has been brutally beaten by the media and elitist insiders, I didn't realize that some of us had "no backbone" because we are willing en masse to stand up to morons like Paul Jenkins. I got your backbone right here, pal.

As we reel in this halibut of an editor, the rhetorical clubbing this blogger and others are laying on a publishing world's bottom feeder is not because we want to short circuit the discourse by calling him a hater. The obvious need not be stated. The crux of this argument goes further than that.

Let's call this fish what it really is. "His old Boss was Bill Allen and good friends Murkowski' dad frank," according to Alaskan Eddie Burke. Would it be name calling to simply point out that Jenkins has been known for palling around with good ole boys and crony capitalists? He is clearly a Lisa Murkowski supporter based on the hit on Joe Miller ("dreck") in his piece as well as other hits in his publication. And, Bill Allen is currently serving prison time for conspiracy, bribery and tax violations arising from Alaska's good ole boy corruption scandal. The U.S. Department of Justice declined on "the prosecution of imprisoned former Veco chief Bill Allen on sex charges involving minors, closing an Anchorage Police Department and FBI investigation that began in 2004, according to the police officer who led the case."

Nice friends, Jenkins.

Of course, the Anti-Palin Anchorage Daily News has no problem with publishing such an unprofessional op ed as the one penned by Jenkins. He clearly finds enough vitriol to call Sarah Palin a "wack job" and Jim Demint a "tea party crackpot" before begging readers to understand that he's not the hater, it's us. Uh, okay Paul. You keep believing that.

Here's what really happened. When people started rooting on Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars, the Palin haters came out of their dirty little holes and started bashing the 20 year old girl. Why? They hate her mother. That's all.

Let's correct the record for Mr. Jenkins and explain that "Palinbots" do not define a hater "as somebody who disagrees or questions Sarah Palin about virtually anything." We define haters as those who spew green "The Exorcist" vomit and whose heads spin at the mere mention of Palin's name. There are good people who disagree with Sarah Palin. You can tell who these people are by how they disagree with her. They don't go all unhinged performing mental gymnastics and changing the time warp continuum on the basic truths of life in order to lie about her, smear her or spread innuendo about her.

So when you sprinkle the Palin name on people or if her daughter gives the rhetorical middle finger, you look for the ones who start gnashing their teeth and turning purple. These are the ones who start spewing the venom in Linda Blair's demonic voice. Like Greg Gutfeld once said, Sarah Palin brings out the idiots.

Hey Paul, go to the place where the demon voice says to the priest "your mother..." Ah never mind. Just watch the movie. For those who don't get the reference and who can stomach really nasty language click here.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Docu-Drama: Lisa Murkowski's Alaska

Last Night on the CBS Evening News was the premiere of Lisa Murkowski's Alaska.

Well, she whined and cried, kicked and screamed. Her Senate run was an analogous temper tantrum that was fueled and funded by union and special interest money following her fair and square primary loss to Joe Miller.

Okay, Lisa, ya friggin baby, here's your Senate seat. After a while the people get sick of hearing daddy's little girl whining like a three year old. If you kick and scream and hold on to the leg of the chair long enough or if you tell everyone you're going to hold your breath until you get your way, sometimes the grown ups break down and give the spoiled brat the lollipop just to shut her up.

Here's the problem, though. The vindictive bitch got $5,000 from SarahPac before she criticized Sarah Palin for resigning her governorship. Murkowski continued to get the digs in on the former the VP nominee. It exploded today when "Veruca Salt" had the audacity to mouth off on Katie Couric's program according to Politico.
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she would not support Sarah Palin if she decides to seek the presidency because the former governor lacks the "intellectual curiosity" for the job.

"I just do not think she has those leadership qualities, that intellectual curiosity that allows for building good and great policies," Murkowski told Katie Couric in a "CBS Evening News" interview. "You know, she was my governor for two years, for just about two years there, and I don't think that she enjoyed governing. I don't think she liked to get down into the policy."
Intellectual curiosity? Are you kidding me?!

Apparently Ms. Mouth-kowski didn't read about Palin's latest in depth remarks on Quantitative Easing, the future of the conservative movement and a few other things that Palin has said which demonstrates a deep knowledge of policy and political strategy. Palin has been an avid reader and has demonstrated a strong desire to get a handle on issues she would need to be knowledgeable about should she run for president.

Murkowski's intellectual curiousity tended to focus more on how to get a bunch of morons in Alaska to spell her name correctly, which apparently Murkowski was successful in doing. While Palin was reading up on Fed policy and commodities, Murkowski was running Sesame Street like ads to teach people how to spell her name and handing out bracelets so the little lemmings wouldn't spell it wrong when the pressure was on in the booth.

While Sarah Palin was climbing glaciers and avoiding crevices, Murkowski seemed content to fall into the crevice that is located on the part of Katie Couric's anatomy that occupies the anchor chair on the CBS Evening News.

Murkowski shouldn't be going to the Senate. She should be going to her room.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Worst Person In the World

You have to see this page on the LA Times!

Here's a great clip from PJTV.

Some more funny stuff I put together.

Keith Olbermann Watch (The Daily Caller owns the domain name)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking the Hill

It's battle day.

We have waited two long years. But the wait has been filled with activism and enthusiasm. Since the election of 2008, our country has gone further into debt. The Tea Party movement has emerged as one of the most effective "fighting force" we have. We have outmaneuvered the media and the Left.

The time to take the hill has come.

Today, we fire all of our "guns" at ballot boxes across America. We have won so many important battles already: Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Now, we are positioned to take the rest of the positions needed to control Capitol Hill and set up camp at the outskirts of the ultimate prize: the White House in 2012.

We will march onward to victory tonight knowing that there are traitors in our ranks. We have establishment types who would like nothing more than to use our victory to claim the power they need to go back to the days of old Republicanism.

That will not happen.

Our rhetorical swords are sharp. The carnage tonight will be unbearable for Democrats. Tomorrow we will hold and fortify our position as we prepare for 2012. We will keep our swords sharp and our powder dry. Be we must be vigilant and we must be wary.

Those from the establishment and the within the party elite who come to cut down our Tea Party leaders or stop Sarah Palin need to be warned that any of their attempts to tear up the GOP will be resisted, fiercely. Sean Hannity said last night that the establishment will have to capitulate to the Tea Party and conservative movements. The time has come to take our Capitol back. The time has come to take our party back.

We must never lose site of the ultimate prize: 2012. But on the way we may need to rhetorically scalp a few of those who claim to be on our side who will work to undermine the efforts of the Tea Party and of Sarah Palin. We must root them out quickly and we must root them out effectively. Fight for the right and go after Obama and the Democrats. But when an establishment type wants to stick his or her head out and take a swipe at one of us, rhetorically behead them and move on.

Victory is ours. We are the future of America. Sarah Palin is our leader. We are going to go all the way.

It's freedom day.