Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking the Hill

It's battle day.

We have waited two long years. But the wait has been filled with activism and enthusiasm. Since the election of 2008, our country has gone further into debt. The Tea Party movement has emerged as one of the most effective "fighting force" we have. We have outmaneuvered the media and the Left.

The time to take the hill has come.

Today, we fire all of our "guns" at ballot boxes across America. We have won so many important battles already: Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Now, we are positioned to take the rest of the positions needed to control Capitol Hill and set up camp at the outskirts of the ultimate prize: the White House in 2012.

We will march onward to victory tonight knowing that there are traitors in our ranks. We have establishment types who would like nothing more than to use our victory to claim the power they need to go back to the days of old Republicanism.

That will not happen.

Our rhetorical swords are sharp. The carnage tonight will be unbearable for Democrats. Tomorrow we will hold and fortify our position as we prepare for 2012. We will keep our swords sharp and our powder dry. Be we must be vigilant and we must be wary.

Those from the establishment and the within the party elite who come to cut down our Tea Party leaders or stop Sarah Palin need to be warned that any of their attempts to tear up the GOP will be resisted, fiercely. Sean Hannity said last night that the establishment will have to capitulate to the Tea Party and conservative movements. The time has come to take our Capitol back. The time has come to take our party back.

We must never lose site of the ultimate prize: 2012. But on the way we may need to rhetorically scalp a few of those who claim to be on our side who will work to undermine the efforts of the Tea Party and of Sarah Palin. We must root them out quickly and we must root them out effectively. Fight for the right and go after Obama and the Democrats. But when an establishment type wants to stick his or her head out and take a swipe at one of us, rhetorically behead them and move on.

Victory is ours. We are the future of America. Sarah Palin is our leader. We are going to go all the way.

It's freedom day.

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