Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rest in Peace Anchorage Daily News

Many Palin supporters went to the ADN to get information about their favorite governor even though the paper was staffed by Palin Derangement Syndrome victims and touted a comment board that would make David Axelrod proud. The paper consistently deleted pro-Palin comments while claiming to be keeping the discourse honest. But any reader could tell this was an astoturfer's heaven from the high number of anti-Palin comments, which matched the high number of profiles with no information, avatars or bios.

Tony Hopfinger, the editor at the paper, is married to Amanda Coyne, another victim of PDS. A blogger at puts it like this:

Coyne's politically-biased brand of journalism and unending drivel against Governor Palin mirrors the same level of credibility as OJ looking for the real killer. Coyne and her husband, Tony Hopfinger, are part of an unholy cabal that is trying to destroy Sarah Palin; tarnish her national image; and personally profit from it.
Now that they have successfully driven Governor Palin out of office, the ADN faces a "death panel" of readers who will now stop visiting its revenue generating website. Although the website was unreasonably brutal on Palin, it was the only game in town for Palin supporters to get information about local events such as the Michael Reagan speech.

The decline in readership at ADN is proportional to the uptick of readership on Sarah Palin's Facebook page, demonstrating that the marketing department at ADN has been trumped by the editorial department.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Watching Porn on MSNBC

A tweet from @shannynmoore: "This qualifies as porn for Alaskan liberals...well, OK, me." from TweetDeck

Keith Olbermann continues his Palin Derangement Syndrome. It's great to know that everytime Sarah Palin says or writes something, the guy goes into froth mouthed convulsions on national TV. I love the teeth clenching, too. It just makes it that much funnier to watch.

Sadly, though, the guy is a hate infested individual with serious woman issues.

And, if you consider that he is a dick, seeing him on TV would qualify as porn.

Here's Lou Dobbs on the "sick clown:"

Here's a good Red Eye Segment:

John Gibson Takes Olbermann to Task:

Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy were filling in for John Gibson on the radio:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dennis Zaki's Silence on Sex Scandal Deafening

If hatrid, an evil heart and negativity is like cancer, than Dennis Zaki is riddled with the disease. Let's just say he's at stage 5. Zaki is a photographer, writer and satanic force behind the Alaska Report. He has been relentlessly attacking Sarah Palin, who has done absolutely nothing to him. The scathing attacks are all personal in nature and have nothing to do with policy disagreements.

The Rude News reports "two major sex scandal exclusives which are confirmed by multiple sources! First up, is Dennis Zaki, who went on a Deliverance kayaking fantasy with some other 'progressives.'” In keeping with Zaki's journalistic philosophy, we decided to use sources similar to the ones he uses in order to report the news about him to demonstrate a point.

The sad irony of it all is that Zaki is a pathetic progressive with no real future on the big stage of politics or publishing for that matter. He should stick to photography because while a picture tells a thousand words, Zaki only tells a thousand lies.

So, any of Zaki's life's past discretions or skeletons in the closet probably really don't matter to people. Scum is scum. So there is no real reason to look deep into this person's past. If you've ever read Conrad's "Heart of Darkness," you'll understand why.

But Zaki has decided that he is going to be the main judge on what's true and what's not true. After falsely reporting on a Palin divorce rumor, Zaki is now peddling a worn out and debunked Palin affair story.

Details are not necessary here given the fact that those who properly investigated the two stories did something super sleuthy and something that Zaki doesn't have the brains to do. They made phone calls. The "accused" mister outright denied the affair and the accused "divorcer" outright denied the divorce.

There is no divorce. There is no affair. Put it to rest, Zaki.

With that said, don't put it past those involved in the smear campaign to entice the "mister" to change his story down the road for money, political prestige or in response to strong arm tactics. They have tried every straw and they just can't make anything stick on Palin. They're getting desperate now.

Or they may just decide to drop it and move on to their next fairy tale.

Odds are, though, sooner or later they have to hit something. If they don't, I'm going to be happy for Sarah Palin; but as a gambler, it will destroy my faith in the law of averages. Anyone who has played the same number every day knows it eventually comes in, even if it loses 9,999 times.

Don't expect Sarah Palin to emerge from the smear campaign a 100% perfect person. But, she will come out at 98%, which still trumps everyone who has smeared her and all the politicians she has ever run against or criticized. Do expect that something will eventually come out. Noone has ever undergone the intense scrutiny Palin has undergone. And even those with as clean a record have still gotten stuck on something.

No human being is perfect, particularly the one who has had their whole lives scrutinized relentlessly and put under a "Hubble" sized microscope.

Let he who is without sin throw the first stone. Zaki has a long day with his Maker some day, and possibly a long eternity with the prince of darkness to follow. Bearing False Witness is as equal a Commandment to break as Adultery is, Mr. Zaki. But it is not for me, or you for that matter to judge.

There is one thing I have found consistent: Sarah Palin has not said one thing that has caused me to question my belief in her since I've known of her. This is not for lack of research or lack of trying. I tell you this as someone with a degree in political science and having studied politics as both a fan, a voter and a businessman for the past 25 years since graduating college. Being this far out on the limb for Sarah Palin requires that I know my shit.

The sad thing is that the liberal media is playing a dangerous game of crying wolf. They have lied to the American people so many times that it's going to be impossible to believe anything they say from here on out. Sarah Palin could rob a liquor store and I still wouldn't believe it if the Huffington Post put up pictures of the security video! But you can guarantee if she cured cancer, she'd be villified as an opportunist trying to capitalize on it to run for the White House.

Another sad thing is that when the smear campaign finally does turn something up, whether it's a parking ticket, the $25.00 receipt Sarah Palin forgot to file as Governor or the brutal slaying of a political rival using a moose gun, the liberals will have a hard time spinning a truth after telling so many lies.

I have a computer, the internet and a brain. The TV and the print media are worthless to me now. So is Dennis Zaki.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Circulating Rumour and Innuedo About Shannyn Moore

"RT @shannynmoore didn't get a ticket tonight from a hottie cop...I think it was my new lipgloss. from TweetDeck" - tweet from Shannyn Moore

"Just a girl from Homer" shouldn't have a problem with Henry Louis Gates' arrest given her penchant for pursing her lipglossed lips at cops who stop her from speeding to her next Palin bashing event.

As this blogger unsheathes the sword for the first time outside the arena of ideas to engage a liberal in her game, I disclaim that this commentary is not based on fact but rather hyperbole and hypothesis, a disclaimer that those who smear conservatives are unwilling to make, and therefore which opens them up to libel and slander lawsuits.

With that said, allow me to to step into a ring with vicious liars, hate filled hearts and dirty minds. For this is the den of the morally and intellectually bankrupt that must be faced head on, like a man battling wasps that keep stinging him.

It's time to take out the Raid.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. But, one's opinion is worthless if they are unwilling to walk a mile in another person's shoes before shooting off their mouth. He or she who cannot respect another person even when disagreeing with them is worth less than the shit that gets stuck to my shoe when I walk through the dog pen of a land so aptly named "the Mudflats."

Imagine if this site reported on the number of men that Shannyn Moore has slept with. First of all, the research would be time consuming given the high likelihood that there are so many. As a leftover of the free love, hippie generation, one could make such a judgment as easily as one could run with a judgment that let's say someone is under indictment by the FBI because they are resigning a governship.

Now this is not a slanderous statement since I'm only drawing a hypothetical. I am not accusing Shannyn Moore of sleeping with a lot of men, I'm just saying that there are rumours to that effect.

But I digress.

I might be coming down with Shannyn Moore Derangement Syndrome. I'm ashamed that I haven't written as many posts criticizing her and smearing her as she has of Sarah Palin. I don't know if I can satisfy the similar feeling I share toward her that she shares toward Sarah Palin. Nor do I care to.

But this is really about Moore's associations. Gryphen is the one who started the Palin divorce rumor. Shannyn Moore's people are now out of control, even if Moore said "leave the Palins alone" before going on to criticize Palin later in her blog and call for more investigations.

"If there are other instances of aggressive prosecutions of the ex-governor’s enemies during her reign, they should be reopened," as should the connections between the Obama campaign and the smear campaign that has been waged against Sarah Palin.

Let's do it and see who's cleaner.