Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rest in Peace Anchorage Daily News

Many Palin supporters went to the ADN to get information about their favorite governor even though the paper was staffed by Palin Derangement Syndrome victims and touted a comment board that would make David Axelrod proud. The paper consistently deleted pro-Palin comments while claiming to be keeping the discourse honest. But any reader could tell this was an astoturfer's heaven from the high number of anti-Palin comments, which matched the high number of profiles with no information, avatars or bios.

Tony Hopfinger, the editor at the paper, is married to Amanda Coyne, another victim of PDS. A blogger at puts it like this:

Coyne's politically-biased brand of journalism and unending drivel against Governor Palin mirrors the same level of credibility as OJ looking for the real killer. Coyne and her husband, Tony Hopfinger, are part of an unholy cabal that is trying to destroy Sarah Palin; tarnish her national image; and personally profit from it.
Now that they have successfully driven Governor Palin out of office, the ADN faces a "death panel" of readers who will now stop visiting its revenue generating website. Although the website was unreasonably brutal on Palin, it was the only game in town for Palin supporters to get information about local events such as the Michael Reagan speech.

The decline in readership at ADN is proportional to the uptick of readership on Sarah Palin's Facebook page, demonstrating that the marketing department at ADN has been trumped by the editorial department.

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