Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Using Levi to Revive Comatose Smear Campaign

In an upcoming Vanity Fair article, the left and the elite are going to try to revive a dying smear campaign against Sarah Palin by featuring an interview with aspiring nude gay magazine model Levi Johnston. says "It brings me no pleasure to address a habitual liar, potential nude pin-up model, and puppet to Obama minions Rex Butler and Tank Jones, but Levi Johnston's (or is it Ricky Hollywood?) foray in to the world of essay writing deserves to be taken in proper context." And as such, let's put it in it's proper context: it's bullcrap.

It's laughable that the misnamed The Moderate Voice says "the picture he paints will most assuredly give ammunition to Palin’s many critics outside of and inside of her party (her rivals for the 2012 nomination will be grinning), lead to her angry response dismissing it as the word for a disgruntled former almost-family member, and cause her defenders to label it a lie and Vanity Fair as being out to get her."

Are you kidding me?

Do they serioiusly think that moderates, centrists, and independents are actually going to believe a punk kid who's negotiating a nude gay magazine shoot while his mother is in jail for drug dealing over an accomplished business woman who has been mayor and governor and who has run for the vice presidency of the United States? Come on, get real.

The premise of this story is designed to restart a comatose smear campaign against Sarah Palin.
The strategy is for Vanity Fair (no fan of Sarah Palin) to present Levi's words so that the rest of the mainstream media could pick up on it and run with it in such a way as to hurt Palin's image.

UPDATE 09/03/09:

Politico, MSNBC and the Associated Press (which was reprinted in newspapers and on websites throughout the country) all presented hit pieces written as straight news using only quotes from Levi's Vanity Fair piece without question or context. The Anchorage Daily News suprisingly wrote a journalistically correct article which featured context from both sides. CBS ran a piece criticizing Palin for her "death panels" commentary to try to keep the negativity going. enhances my original thought: "Perhaps, as the liberal wing continues to court Levi Johnston they will realize the futility of having a nineteen year old run their most important personal attack campaign."


It's getting desperate for the left and the elites when a punk kid dirt bag is all they got left in their bag of tricks to use as fodder in their pathetic attempts to smear Sarah Palin.

"Label it a lie?" It already is a lie. Besides, I don't buy Vanity Fair. I save money by using the store brand toilet paper. I can also use the printout of the The Moderate Voice article if I run low.

Sarah Palin pulled the plug on the smear campaign after resigning the governship of Alaska. While the "Alaska Bloggers" AKMuckraker, Celtic Diva and Just a Girl from Homer continue to smear Sarah as filler for their boring lives, no one's paying attention to them since Palin's not an Alaskan public official now. Other than Keith Olbermann who likes to play virtual footsie with Shannyn Moore, noone from that group really gets any press anymore, unless you count Gryphen for being exposed as the liar and sham that he is. The rest just have to accept the fact that now that Sarah Palin is on her way to international fame and fortune, they are left behind to wallow in their miserable lives in Alaska, whining in their vacuum about someone who is a million times more successful than they are.

To think that the left and the elites can revive a smear campaign against an evolving political behemoth while she is a private citizen is absurd. They've used everything in their arsenal; and, as so eloquently written on American Thinker, they wonder "as have so many others, what it takes to put a stake through her heart?"

What's next? Is some jealous radio host/writer going to make up some stupid lie that an international investment group is going to spend $100,000 to punk Sarah Palin?

They're running out of material. At the same time, she's only getting stronger.

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