Sunday, December 20, 2009

All I Got Was This Stupid Visor!

Unsheathed didn't think this one was worth the sword. But, since it made it all the way up the media flagpole, it has to be noted. "In other words, to everyone reading into the picture, you need to get a life," Sean Hannity told liberals who were making a big deal about Palin's sharpied out visor.
The "Great American" had unsheathed his sword and took a hearty slice at the petty liberals.

"Can't you take her at her word?" Senator John McCain said on Fox News Sunday today. "She's going to be a force in the Republican Party for a long time and the hysterical attacks on her from the left continue to validate that."

Seeeeee-lice, Senator!

NBC Manufactures 'Visorgate'


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Terminate The RINO

Arnold Schwartzenegger has proven to the people of Cally-fornia why they should have voted for Tom McClintock in the primary instead of him. Here is a governor who has overseen one of the biggest fiscal collapses in California's governmental history. He has people in the central valley starving for water because he's too much of a "girly man" to press the federal government hard enough or invoke the 10th Amendment strongly enough to stop the environmentalist nonsense that is costing the state and its people millions of dollars in farming revenue. He is the biggest RINO in the pack, a terminator who symbolizes that which must be terminated, Republicanism in name only.

The American people are tired of the two parties catering to their special interest groups, rather than doing the smart thing and tapping into the will of the people. Government governs with the consent of the governed. As Laura Ingraham said today at the Code Red protest in Washington, DC, "we don't consent."

So, we are to believe that people who have career aspirations or desire higher public office are not interested in the issue of climate change. Someone should have told that to Schwarzenegger when he was an actor considering a run at California's governorship.

According to CBS News:
As for Palin's comments on climate change – she wrote in a Washington Post op-ed suggesting that Americans should be skeptical of the overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is real and man-made – the California governor had this to say: "You have to ask: what was she trying to accomplish? Is she really interested in this subject or is she interested in her career and in winning the [Republican presidential] nomination?"
Yes, Governor Schwarzenegger, Palin, like most hard working Americans in a capitalist system, is interested in her career. She is also interested in the subject. Her forte is energy. You have to question, though, if she is interested in winning the nomination or is she more interested in correcting the direction that this country is headed in and if she is interested in supporting candidates who oppose the likes of Governor Schwartzenegger.

I agree with Palin. Let's duke it out. Let Arnold be a poster child for the RINO movement, which most polls shows is about 1/3 of the GOP base and let Sarah Palin be a poster child for the grassroots and what real hard working Americans want, which most polls shows is about 2/3 of the GOP.

Bring it on, Arnold. But as for you and your fellow RINO's, you won't be back.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin: Greener Than Thou? Palin unsheathes her sword.
UPDATE 2: Palin fires back at Schwarzenegger CNN covers Palin's latest slayings
UPDATE 3: Palin takes on the terminator Lori Calabrese of The Examiner reports on the issue
UPDATE 4: Palin to Arnold: How’s that green economy working for California, pal? discusses Palin's "skewering" of Arnold. Nice line!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest in Peace Anchorage Daily News

correction: publication date for this post is Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Many Palin supporters went to the Anchorage Daily News to get information about their favorite governor even though the paper was staffed by Palin Derangement Syndrome victims and touted a comment board that would make David Axelrod proud. The paper consistently deleted pro-Palin comments while claiming to be keeping the discourse honest. But any reader could tell this was a liberal astroturfer's heaven from the high number of anti-Palin comments, which matched the high number of profiles with no information, avatars or bios.

Tony Hopfinger, the editor at the paper, is married to Amanda Coyne, another victim of PDS. A blogger at puts it like this:
Coyne's politically-biased brand of journalism and unending drivel against Governor Palin mirrors the same level of credibility as OJ looking for the real killer. Coyne and her husband, Tony Hopfinger, are part of an unholy cabal that is trying to destroy Sarah Palin; tarnish her national image; and personally profit from it.
Now that they have successfully driven Governor Palin out of office, the ADN faces a "death panel" of readers who will now stop visiting ADN's revenue generating website. Although the website was unreasonably brutal on Palin, it was the only game in town for Palin supporters to get information about local events such as the Michael Reagan speech.

ADN continues to hammer the final nails into its coffin with drivel like this from it's new "conservative" columnist, Paul Jenkins:
Then came a nasty series of imbroglios involving Palin's administration. Troopergate. Subpoena problems. Tax difficulties. Hiding e-mails. Flouting public records laws. Hiring an obnoxious press secretary. Trotting out an equally obnoxious campaign attack dog. A legislative report concluding Palin had abused her office. A Personnel Board whitewash investigation. Spending months away on her campaign for the vice presidency. And on and on and on.
The decline in readership at ADN is proportional to the uptick of readership on Sarah Palin's Facebook page and other sites that now provide deeper and more balanced coverage.

Demonstrating that hatred will never create loyalty, the ADN chose to alienate all the new readers who came to it when they were the only source of Palin news. They are giving up vital website hits in favor of continuing to provide a forum for those who want to bash Palin and re-write her history by focusing on a bunch of negative stuff that has already been quite debunked on other sites and from other sources.

There are only a handful of people in Alaska who want to read negative crap about Sarah Palin. And they are the same ones who are producing it. The ADN doesn't need to take up paper and bandwidth spewing venom at Palin. Those who want to get a good dose of cancerous hate can easily go to the Huffington Post, Just a Girl From Homer, Mudflats, Blue Oasis and Immoral Minority.

Jenkins is just another example of how someone who is miserable about themselves (and their associations - e.g. Bill Allen, who pleaded guilty to bribery charges in the VECO scandal) has to turn that hatred outward onto the one person who acts a reverse mirror. Those who see goodness inside themselves, for some reason, gravitate to Palin and see her as representative of that goodness. Those who see misery inside themselves pour it all out against her when juxtaposed next to what she stands for.

Those who have been on the wrong side of corruption don't do very well in Sarah Palin's eyes and neither does she in theirs. The good ole boys don't like her because she exposed them for the "corruptocrats" that they were. Jenkins is a good ole boy.

Misery loves company, and if you can't bring yourself up, it's easier to bring others down. Palin brings out all the good in good people and all the bad in bad people. Jenkins is just one example of many that you will notice fill this bill as you encounter negative Palin press that is not factually based in the arena of ideas.

There are way more good people than bad people. It looks like ADN has chosen the smaller market to cater to.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Debunking the Latest Myths

From the lady on down the line, the army fights the smears.

Here's a re-cap of the latest "slayings" from the Palin front.

Let's start with Lady Palin herself who just field dresses former Vice President Al Gore: The Washington Post Op-ed and Response to Climate Change and Gravity

Michelle Malkin also gets in a sword stab after Al Gore responds to Sarah the Great's op-ed. Gore is gored! Hey, Al Gore: You lie! (Note the picture of him, he looks like Dr. Evil)

The Ordinary Barbarians at Conservatives4Palin just pillage and plunder as they sink a bunch of racism smears against their leader, Sarah the Great: The 'Palin = racist' smear

Lori Calabrese says Washington Post blasted for using Palin op-ed.

Aw, the wittle Paawin detwactors who used to say she's so irrelevant, unpopular and a lightweight are now complaining that WAPO is making a lot of money because SO MANY people are reading her Op Ed. Isn't that how the writing business is supposed to work? A popular writer gets the gig. I'm lost. What do the Palin detractors want WAPO to do, only allow space on their op-ed pages for people noone wants to read?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Rapture Really is Here For the Left

The Rapture is here according to left wingers frozen in fear over the power of Palin. Or as one panicked left wing blog says "The End is Near: Palin Meets With Bachmann." Their fear is justified. Their ideology is slowly but surely being exposed for the moral and intellectually bankrupt philosophy that it really is.

As the ACORN scandal unravels, the czars like Van Jones are exposed and now the scandal of climategate hits its stride just in time for Copenhagen, it's becoming more and more difficult for the American people to understand the left. They want to pull ouf of Afghanistan, so they're putting in 30,000 more troops. They want to provide universal and more affordable health care, but the cost of their plan to taxpayers and consumers increases, not decreases and actually limits health care to some medicare recipients.

Contradictions abound in the liberal philosophy because that's what it is. It's a confusing set of contradictions designed to keep the people spinning emotionally but not logically. It's easier to lead a big government liberal movement from the top down than it is from the bottom up. That's called "community organizing." Liberals think they know a lot, but most of what they know isn't true. They follow their leaders blindly and believe that capitalism, patriotism and despotism are one and the same.

Sarah Palin exemplifies everything that is true about America. We are capable of being self sufficient. We can defend our nation from outside aggressors. Women can raise families, not have abortions and still become successful. We use fossil fuels to generate our energy, but are not ignorant enough to toss them aside until we know for sure we have a viable alternative. And we've been doing something that mankind has been doing since the beginning of time: we eat meat.

Those who chose to assume power by bucking the natural order of things eventually lose power (come back for a re-read after the 2010 elections). Those who don't fight those who fall for those who buck natural order eventually lose power, too (see 2006 & 2008 elections). Those who run with the wind at their back and a realistic vision ahead of them know that by becoming one with the natural order, they assume power, the kind of power our Founders envisioned, from the masses, not the assess.

Come back for a re-read on this after the 2012 elections.

The liberals continue to try to force the square peg into the round hole. In their minds, we're the "idiots" for thinking the round peg should go into the round hole. The sky will be forever green as long as liberals hold enough power to shame us, scare us and grease us into thinking it's not blue. And if a lady from Alaska comes along and gets everyone to realize that they've been lied to and the sky really is blue, then she must be destroyed!

In follow up to my blog post The Alaska Bloggers Are Having Mental Breakdowns Over Sarah Palin's Success, this blogger must point out that I sometimes call them names and ridicule them. But they may actually be onto something here. Their reaction to the TEA Party movement and Sarah Palin may in fact be completely understandable given how they are getting closer and closer to being exposed for rampant intellectual dishonesty.

They are trembling in fear. They are filled with angst. They are the Tiger Woods of ideological politics. Their secrets are coming out and it's blowing the whole thing wide open. They are panicking. They are as desperately trying to hide the lies of climate change, ACORN, radical czars and the Shadow Party movement as a whole as Tiger Woods is to prevent his affairs from becoming public.

The American people are about to hit the liberal movement with a golf club and its frantically trying to pull out of the driveway. Liberalism is heading toward the fire hydrant and the tree, and the Alaska bloggers know it.

The more they fight it, the more energy they lose. Their canoe has tipped and they are struggling to turn it back up against the flow of the river. The Alaska bloggers think that when Palin goes to her Facebook page to rebut lies, that she's wounded! They think their lies are truths and she is harmed by them! Yet, her legions of followers grows larger. It's called denial.

They feed the beast and then scramble to fight it as it becomes larger and larger. They've created their own monster, a manifestation of the inner hatred and turmoil they feel for America and their own unfulfilled lives.

As metaphors go, the Rapture really is here for the left. They are about to experience their own political "revelations."

Black Sabbath — Neon Knights lyrics

Oh no, here it comes again
Can't remember when we came so close to love before
Hold on, good things never last
Nothing's in the past, it always seems to come again
Again and again and again ooh again oh

Cry out to legions of the brave
Time again to save us from the jackals of the street
Ride out, protectors of the realm
Capatin's at the helm, sail across the sea of lights

Circles and rings, dragons and kings
Weaving a charm and a spell
Blessed by the night, holy and bright
Called by the toll of the bell

Bloodied angels fast descending
Moving on a never-bending light
Phantom figures free forever
Out of shadows, shining ever-bright

Neon Knights!
Neon Knights! all right!

Cry out to legions of the brave
Time again to save us from the jackals of the street
Ride out, protectors of the realm
Capatin's at the helm, sail across the sea of lights
Again and again, again and again and again

Neon Knights!
Neon Knights!
Neon knights!
All rise

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Alaska Bloggers Are Having Mental Breakdowns Over Sarah Palin's Success

There was a time when taking on the Alaska bloggers was serious business for Palin supporters. They were stoking the flames and involving themselves in the DNC's smear campaign against Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential election. They worked with people in the local media who brought the Troopergate story out. They met secretly to tell videographers and reporters the "dirt" they had on Sarah Palin. After the election ended, they continued to drill Sarah Palin with lies and smears while they fueled and cheered on the campaign of frivolous ethics complaints. The game has changed now, and they are losing badly.

We all remember one Alaska blogger, Celtic Diva, as the lady who filed an ethics complaint against Sarah Palin for wearing an Arctic Cat jacket. We remember Just a Girl from Homer who nearly got sued for floating the rumor that Sarah Palin resigned because she was about to be indicted by the FBI. We remember Gryphen who spread the rumor that Palin was getting divorced. We remember AKMuckraker who had "an insider" in Auburn NY who took pictures of Palin's toenails.

Amazingly, the mainstream media, particularly MSNBC, was picking up on their writings and actually using them as sources or starting points for hit pieces on Sarah Palin. As Sarah Palin's support grows and polls now show anywhere from 67% to 83% of respondents agreeing that the media is negatively biased toward Sarah Palin, most of these bloggers and the mainstream media reporters who used them as sources are not being taken very seriously anymore.

The interesting trend being noticed is that the Alaska bloggers, who unsuccessfully used their trumped up views of Sarah Palin as an ethically challenged lightweight to marginalize her and destroy her popularity, have turned from being citizen reporters writing slanted stories into hysterical town criers who continue to smear with malicious intent as the "Palin threat" grows. They have a rendezvous with destiny in 2012 and they're frozen with fear that they can't stop it.

Let's look at the current "mental" condition of the Alaska bloggers.

Celtic Diva continues to cry foul because her FOIA request to get emails she believes will show that Sarah Palin and Eddie Burke engaged in a smear campaign against Andree McLeod, an ethics violation filer, is being held up by the Alaskan government. In essence, Diva spent $5,552.00 of other people's money to prove that Sarah Palin and Eddie Burke communicated about Andree McLeod in a negative way. Diva, who worked as the DNC's official blogger in charge of running a smear campaign against Sarah Palin is contending, well, that Palin and Burke are engaged in a smear campaign. It shouldn't cost $5,552.00 to find out that Palin and Burke don't like McLeod. Even if it was done on state time, communications between the governor and a member of the media mean nothing since those communications are about an ethics complaint, a state matter anyway, which is a media worthy story. This would be analogous to this blogger filing an FOIA to find out if the Obama administration communicated with the media to smear Fox News.

Just a Girl from Homer continues to advance her media career by "cross linking" anti-Palin views with Keith Olbermann and now by expressing her progressive views on a new talk show she has on Alaskan television. No one begrudges Ms. Moore her opinions or career aspirations and we wish her well with her endeavors. However, her unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin has gone from being rooted in a catty local's unhappiness born from her perception of an incompetent governor who speaks in word salads to actual panic over the fact that Palin is now a national threat. Give Ms. Moore points for finally admitting that Palin is not a joke, but a real threat. The question becomes: is Ms. Moore using her hatred of Sarah Palin to advance her career or is the deeply rooted demon of hatred simply clouding her judgment regarding her professional ambitions and diminishing the more positive characteristics she will need to display in order to be successful as a TV host?

Gryphen is the psychiatric expert's dream subject in all of this. He is now espousing that Sarah Palin is trying to evangelize the country and form a third party which is part political, part religious. The laughter you hear from behind this writer's keyboard is generated as I read the Immoral Minority blog where it talks about the Religious Right being involved somehow with the whole Palin movement in a veiled conspiracy to turn America into a theocracy. It's ironic that the person who believes that morality doesn't come from a church but one's individual character finds that a personal devotion to Lord is a problem with Palin's individual character.

AKMuckracker is currently busy scrutinizing every single nuance of Sarah Palin's book and speaking tour. This blogger is surprised she's not agonizing over every letter in Palin's book looking for type-o's, poor sentence structure, smudges and maybe even the hint that a semi colon might have been improperly used. She's amused that Sarah Palin would be speaking at Bowl Expo 2010. The last time I checked, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America was a business group that contributes to our economy and creates jobs in America. She also is upset at the press for crashing Palin's College of the Ozarks speech. This is ironic since it comes from the woman who "crashed" Palin's Michael Reagan speech by using the same sneaky tactic of purchasing a ticket, attending and reporting on it.

The fact of the matter is, if these people have not taken Sarah Palin down by now, they never will. If Sarah Palin had left her car at the airport while fooling around in Argentina, played footsie with another woman in a bathroom stall, gave birth to a child from someone other than her husband or there was a voicemail on another guy's phone warning him that her husband might be calling, in the tight knitted community that Wasilla is and with all the microscopic vetting that has been done of Palin by now, this would have already come out. There is no golf club damage to her car and there is no wedding ring at the bottom of a river.

The reason why Palin supporters saw the Alaska bloggers as dangerous and took it as serious business to debunk them is that the mainstream media was actually running with stories based on the stuff they were writing. A woman who thinks she's a lawyer, a woman whose media career depends on Sarah bashing, a guy obsessed with pornography and religious guilt complexes and a political activist with an obsession for shoes, mini skirts and toenail polish were never really a threat to Sarah Palin's political career. The real threat was from the uninformed viewer or reader who could have accidentally believed the crap they were spewing or from biased agenda ridden members of the mainstream media who may have bought into this stuff. Now that polls say most readers and viewers don't believe this stuff, many may be looking at the Alaska bloggers in a different way, more like harmless partisans than a potential monkey wrench in a political game of telephone.

Two of the bloggers originally posted factually incorrect blog posts where they accused Sarah Palin of demanding that no foreign press be allowed at her book signing in the Mall of America in Minnesota and that she is demanding that workers call her governor. They have probably corrected them after this blogger gave them the courtesy of notifying them of their mistakes.

Here's the truth: MOA apologizes to Palin.

Given what we now know about the Alaska bloggers and those who tried to destroy her by filing frivolous ethics complaints, it's safe to say, Palin neutralized them with her resignation, a brilliant yet gutsy political move.

Word to the Alaska bloggers: we win, you lose.


UPDATE: An excellent statement from Thomas Van Flein, Sarah Palin's attorney: The Ethos of Ethics. 2 more ethics complaints against Governor Palin dismissed. We win, you lose!

UPDATE 2: The Alaska bloggers continue to act like children. Since they have been reduced in stature by the overwhelming response to Sarah Palin's book tour, they are left with nothing in their arsenal except for petty childish jokes. Read about it at Alaska Bloggers Reach New Heights of Immaturity


Blogger's note: This site wishes to not link to the Alaska bloggers' web pages for promotional purposes. The Alaska bloggers' positions and actions which are paraphrased and poked at here are done so strictly in the opinion of this blogger. These opinions are not sanctioned by Sarah Palin or any support groups or websites that are mentioned or implied. If the reader of this post wants to cross reference this blog post with the actual content on the Alaska bloggers' websites, they can Google search each one - I have mentioned them by their screen names for this purpose. We encourage anyone who wants to quote or link to this post to do so only for the purpose of expressing their first amendment rights to express or support an opinion. This site stands opposed to anyone who would take any illegal action against the Alaska bloggers as the result of this post. This site recognizes the Alaska bloggers' rights to express their opinions and any harsh portrayal of them is strictly for the purpose of demonstrating this blogger's strong disagreement with their positions and motives. I ask that those who read this post pray for the elimination of hatred in their hearts and ask God to inspire them to find a more positive and productive way to communicate their differences of opinion with Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Roadkill! Warrior Palin lays out CBS and MSM!

Sleeeeee-ice! Sarah Palin has reacted to this story from CBS. More particularly, it was this link that most likely precipitated the response.

Before anyone goes off half cocked and starts saying that Palin is whining about the media coverage, consider this: there is almost always a connection to lies about her children behind her motivation. When CBS links to a low life website like, it's not surprising that anyone with a journalism degree would be outraged by that. Can you imagine if Fox News linked to, a birther site which is quite rough on Obama's family?

Palin is being hammered on Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, the Daily Beast and ABC to name a few others that she graciously left direct mention out of her Facebook posting.

But let's face facts. Sarah Palin is totally right about what she is saying. With all of the issues facing our nation right now, how she chooses to travel and what clothes she wears on her book tour are trivial - and again not related to anything that the liberal media can touch her on in the arena of political ideas.

And, fact checking the timeline of her pregnancy? Come on!

Where are the liberals when Palin talks about profiling? Where are the liberals when she talks about strong national defense? Where are the liberals when she talks about tax policy? They're out to lunch.

I say good job, Sarah Palin, on beating this blog site to the punch.