Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palin Warrior Ingraham Skewers Matt Lauer

I suppose I'm not supposed to use metaphors like skewering. But this is Unsheathed, the blog site that presents the battle for America as a rhetorical war complete with rhetorical sword play, military moves and keyboard to keyboard combat. If Sarah Palin isn't going to shut up then neither am I.

I'm not sure if Sarah Palin's repetition of her position that she is using metaphors and that our arms are our ballots is sinking in to the heads of these deranged liberals. Adrienne Ross thinks these liberals are just stupid - that they just don't get it.
Could the people on the Left and their lamestream media friends really be of the mind that Governor Palin is inciting violence when she discusses reloading? No matter how many times she has stated, even before this current nonsense, that violence is not the answer, they refuse to let it go, insisting that she is responsible for any thuggish behavior on the part of anyone. Could it be that they really believe that people have risen up to fight--literally--because Governor Palin wrote on her Facebook page that conservatives need to reload and target various Liberals come November?

Again, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that she was referring to the voting booth. Do these people really lack that common sense? This does seem to be the case, for I am observing them still marching down this ridiculous road. They are looking more and more stupid everyday.
Let me explain to you how liberals think. Did you ever see The Simpsons when Homer talks to the dog and they portray the conversation from the dog's point of view. The dog hears mumbo jumbo and doesn't understand a single word Homer says. The next time some liberal describes a Palin speech as a word salad, remember that. The key component to the joke is that the dog doesn't have a brain inside its head. Neither does a liberal that continues to claim that Palin is inciting violence.

I wonder if people think that the Barack The Barbarian comic book is condoning violence against conservatives by portraying the leader of the liberals as a big chested barbaric warrior who is about to slay Ann Coulter? I for one love the imagery of Sarah Palin holding a sword and the portrayal of her as Barack's arch nemesis (I'll keep my opinion on how she's dressed to myself).

Human beings are a visual people. We love imagery. We watch movies that have awesome graphics and special effects. Violent imagery is our way of relating to a world that is frustrating and sometimes downright infuriating. We are angry. But, it's our intelligence that makes us angry. And it's our intelligence that stops us from acting irrationally on that anger.

We can't believe how ridiculous government is when it sets out to reduce the cost of health care and get more people covered and it ends up causing the costs to rise and have a bunch of people kicked off their private insurance plans. I sometimes wonder if the government's idea of hope and change is to take a tire off the car and drive on the rim thinking that somehow they have done something to make it better. We're smart enough to see how stupid that is and we're smart enough not to start kicking things over it.

We ought to have a Palin Warrior of the Week Award. When someone stands up to the mainstream media and calls them out on their bias or when someone defends Sarah Palin from outrageously flaming comments about her, we ought to give them a Golden Sword award or something.

Laura Ingraham would be the first recipient of such an award. Check out how she calls Matt Lauer out on media bias over Sarah Palin's comments on her Facebook page. In the world of Unsheathed, this is what I call a slice.

We love our warrior, Sarah the Great. We unsheathe our swords for her, just as Laura did, as we charge up the hill upon which awaits for us a shining city. The clanging you hear is the sound of the conservative revolution taking on the big government statists who have manipulated the city out of our hands.

Our warrior leader speaks to us in our own voice. She uses the imagery that inspired this writer to create this blog. When I pull that lever in November with millions of Americans that day, it will the equivalent of having a line of soldiers all firing at the same time. And when it's over there will be a lot of liberals who will be "politically dead." Warrior Palin vowed to us that if she dies, she dies, but she will not be afraid and she will not sit down and shut up.

Do you know when she said that? At her lowest moment. She knew then when she gave that speech that she was going to have to resign her governorship. According to liberal websites, she was getting thin. She was losing her hair. Levi claimed there were tensions in the Palin household. Things were at there lowest for her. Yet she never gave up. She kept her commitment to fight for us, to lead us, to help us take back the shining city on a hill even though she laid bloodied by the savagery of the left. Down, but not out, she played with a politically broken ankle and now she is leading us to the championship.

We warrior bloggers picked up the slack then. We stood up for her. We stuck by her when she resigned. We all blogged like crazy for her. Do you know what we called going to comment sections on articles where liberals were bashing Palin? We called them "strafing runs." Palinistas would descend upon negative articles about Sarah and do battle with the liberals who were commenting. I think the Anchorage Daily News had to change their comments policy so many times that everyone on both sides just gave up.

There was a time when I told everyone that when the time was right, Palin would emerge and lead us, sword held high. In Searchlight Nevada, we saw the Sarah Palin that will lead us into battle. She was not intimidated by the media. She didn't back pedal on her rhetoric and she was on OFFENSE!

When criticized for using gun and crosshair metaphors, she responded "You won’t win only playing defense, so get on offense!"
Focus on the goal and fight for it. If the gate is closed, go over the fence. If the fence is too high, pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, parachute in. If the other side tries to push back, your attitude should be “go for it.” Get in their faces and argue with them. (Sound familiar?!) Every possession is a battle; you’ll only win the war if you’ve picked your battles wisely. No matter how tough it gets, never retreat, instead RELOAD!
Lead us, Sarah. Lead the charge with your hair blowing in the wind and the flags flapping in the breeze behind you. Your army is growing and we got your back.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blame it on Sarah Palin

I don't know if the Daily Caller is trying to bring it to our attention, or if there are alternative motives as to why they would use the headline "It's Her Fault." But they do sub-headline the article with "Dems point finger at Sarah Palin for stoking extremist anger." So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, despite seeing a couple of troubling articles on their site about Palin in the past. I will consider the jury out for now.

However, they did raise a very important issue. The left tries to gin up a smear campaign against the Tea Party movement because they mistakenly think the victory in health care reform puts them in a strong position. When it backfires, their frustrated members start shooting up offices in Richmond and tossing bricks through windows at GOP offices throughout the country. They're now beating the so called "right wing extremists" in acts of violence.

The smear campaign against the Tea Party collapsed because no one believes the mainstream media anymore and now the left are the angry ones when people no longer buy into their nonsense on faith. What's a good leftist loon (with all due respect Rep. Weiner) to do? Blame Palin of course. When all else fails, blame Palin is the default fall back position for libs. It has to be. They know she's coming; and after all the shots (and I mean this figuratively folks) they've taken at her they have to be scared witless that she's still in full charge mode and coming right at them.

Read more: Powder laced Letter Sent to Weiner

Thursday, March 25, 2010

They Call Us the Angry Mob?

They call us the angry mob? The left has gone absolutely loopy. Within a day of overblown and exaggerated reports of windows broken and racial slurs shouted (allegedly the acts of TEA Partiers), we are finding out about threatening and harrassing phone calls from the left filled with racial slurs and profanity.

But these are not the work of a fringe element the likes of what the left tries to portray the TEA Party movement. These are organized calls. Freedom Works reports (h/t Tabitha Hale):
We didn't know this. Evidently, we also didn't know best practices in a respectful, dignified policy debate, but our leftist friends were kind enough to "take FreedomWorks to school", so to speak.

Specifically, "school" included phone call blitzes from MoveOn.org and the AFL-CIO that jammed FreedomWorks phone lines and filled up staff voice mail boxes. Callers’ consistently used profanity, vulgarity, ever-popular references to “Nazis” and “brown-shirters,” racial slurs targeting an African-American staffer, and even veiled threats of violence and bodily harm.

Now we know how an intelligent political debate unfolds. Thank You!
That's more than an angry mob. That's an organized effort on the part of Democrat operatives in the United States of America. I repeat: this is happening in the United States of America. Where's President Obama's condemnation of these acts?

In addition to the calls to Freedom Works, LifeNews.com reports:

Two pro-life Republican lawmakers announced today that they were the victims of harassment and violence from people upset that they voted against the pro-abortion health care bill. Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond campaign office was shot at while Rep. Jean Schmidt received a harassing phone call.
That's not all. Standard Newswire reported that phones "at Operation Rescue's national headquarters were inundated with hateful messages in the wake of the weekend vote on health care in the House of Representatives."

What was that stuff people were saying about the right being violent and hateful?

UPDATE: Death Threats against Palin, Cantor and TEA Party Activists. Threats Against Michele Bachmann.

Ron Devito has more at Sarah's Web Brigade.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Palin Lifts "Troops" Spirits and Lays Out a Battle Plan

It was tough watching Romper Room today. Yesterday, Sarah the Great issued her clarion call to lift our spirits and motivate us into battle again as we head toward November. She has come out again today to lift our spirits one more time. Since yesterday, she has repeatedly told us to "stand tall, America!" And she has given us a battle plan.

On Sean Hannity's show last night, she said:
It's got to be in the court of law, our state suing, and then of course at the ballot box. So we've got a three-prong approach here to get this thing fixed, again, that was done to America last night at the ballot box, through the court of law and with — in Congress attempts to repeal Obamacare.
She lifts our spirits and lays out the battle plan today on her Facebook page:
With the president signing this unwanted and “transformative” government takeover of our health care system today with promises impossible to keep, let’s not get discouraged. Don’t get demoralized. Get organized!

We’re going to reclaim the power of the people from those who disregarded the will of the people. We’re going to fire them and send them back to the private sector, which has been shrinking thanks to their destructive government-growing policies. Maybe when they join the millions of unemployed, they’ll understand why Americans wanted them to focus on job creation and an invigorated private sector. Come November, we’re going to print pink slips for members of Congress as fast as they’ve been printing money.

We’re paying particular attention to those House members who voted in favor of Obamacare and represent districts that Senator John McCain and I carried during the 2008 election. Three of these House members are retiring – from Arkansas’s 2nd district, Indiana’s 8th district, and Tennessee’s 6th district – but we’ll be working to make sure that those who replace them are Commonsense Conservatives. The others are running for re-election, and we’re going to hold them accountable for this disastrous Obamacare vote. They are: Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1), Harry E. Mitchell (AZ-5), Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8), John Salazar (CO-3), Betsy Markey (CO-4). Allen Boyd (FL-2), Suzanne M. Kosmas (FL-24), Baron P. Hill (IN-9), Earl Pomeroy (ND-AL), Charlie Wilson (OH-6), John Boccieri (OH-16), Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-3), Christopher Carney (PA-10), John M. Spratt, Jr. (SC-5), Tom Perriello (VA-5), Alan B. Mollohan (WV-1), and Nick J. Rahall II (WV-3).

We’ll aim for these races and many others. This is just the first salvo in a fight to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington. Please go to sarahpac.com and join me in the fight.

Stand tall, America. Real change is coming!
Let not your hearts be troubled. Democrats may have won the last battle, but they are wounded. We will be back in November.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Clarion Call to Take Back Our Country!

This is just the beginning of our efforts to take back our country. Consider yesterday’s vote a clarion call and a spur to action. We will not let America sink into further debt without a fight. We will not abandon the American dream to government dependency, fewer freedoms and less opportunity. Change is made at the ballot box. If we work together, we can renew our optimistic pioneering spirit, revive our economy, and restore constitutional limits.

Stand tall, America. November is coming! - Sarah Palin

Swords unsheathed, warriors! Prepare for battle. We cannot sulk over last night's bitter defeat. Sarah The Great has issued our clarion call. We must take back the shining city on a hill! We have a rendezvous with destiny in November.

Let the Democrats gloat and celebrate. Let them party all night long over in their camp. We'll be back.

This war is not over.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Live to Fight Another Day

The swords are unsheathed and the battle is upon us. The government has the power. The Congress has the power. And even though we have the right opinion 55% to 35%, the government refuses to listen. We have done all we can do.

The sun also rises. It will rise Monday morning, or it will rise in November.

Taking back the shining city on a hill is not going to be easy. But it must be done.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Full Frontal Assault on President and Congress

Vice President's "joke plane" goes down as well.

It was a glorious day yesterday on the rhetorical battlefield, especially on Fox News.

Brett Baier sliced and diced the president and drew heavy fire from liberals who chided him for interrupting Mr. Obama on several occasions. However, that didn't stop the "deem and ream" president from brushing off procedure and telling Baier that it doesn't matter how the health care bill gets passed. It doesn't matter?

While Baier and Obama clanged swords, Joe Biden was sticking himself with his own sword. The "gaffe-tastic" one had a vice presidential day for sure (remember now, his supporters are the ones who told us that Sarah Palin would be a terrible VP). Vice president Biden extended his condolences on Ireland's Prime Minister's late mother, although his mother is still alive.

Later that evening, Biden made Palin hand and Liz Cheney patriot jokes at the Radio & TV correspondence dinner among a bunch of other groaners. A lot of the jokes fell flat, although the one about Scott Brown was funny (stimulus plan created at least one job, ask Scott Brown).

A check of Twitter last night showed that the Liberal army virtually ignored Sarah Palin's appearance on Hannity where she shredded Congress and called Nancy Pelosi "the fall guy" for the liberal agenda on health care reform. Instead, they concentrated all their fire power on Brett Baier. You can always tell what the liberals fear most by how they attack. Last night, they came to the aid of their messiah knowing that his health care message would be shredded by the fair and balanced folks over at Fox News.

We got their messiah on our turf and took him to task yesterday. The great Sarah came on later and took on Congress. Full frontal assault! The battle rages, though, and is not won yet. Health care reform still must be defeated.

UPDATE: The teleprompterless one says Louisianna purchase in H/C bill would help with Hawaii earthquake. Read the comments on Breitbart TV. They're as vicious as the types of comments usually directed at Sarah Palin from the left.

(Doing my best Dick Vitale voice) Saul Alinsky, baby! Liberals own the board, we can beat them at their own game, baby! (Doing my best Jackie Gleason voice) Oh, how sweet it is!

Dennis K March 17th, 2010 - 11:10 pm

Let me summarize for y’all

All 57 states including Hawaii, which annexed Haiti today, will have their health care premiums reduced by 3,000%. This is transparent, on Cspan and the interent for 72 hours. But first we have to have an up and down vote on health care which will be bi-partisan.

No wonder this guy needs a teleprompter to speak to 5 year olds.

He is right on one thing. all 50 states have a true disaster, it is called the Obama presidency.
The narcissist, racist, anti semite is acting stupidly. Maybe a beer summit is needed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great, The Awesome, The Magnificent and the Politically Dead

The army sharpens it's swords and cleans their weapons in anticipation of one of the fiercest battles yet to be fought in the revolution. We stand on the precipice of one of the greatest government takeovers in America's history - health care. Though the outcome of this battle is not certain, it will be a politically bloody battle. Our warriors are suited up and the clanging of swords can be heard.

When Rep. Alan Grayson described the Republican health care plan as "die, and die quickly," he gave us the words to describe his own political death and the political death of those who would vote with him on passing Obamacare the first go around. Grayson quickly descended into a humorous rant after being hit by an arrow fired by Sarah "The Great" Palin. Palin’s plan, of course, for Alan Grayson is for him to “die, politically speaking," and die quickly. And when they conduct the “political autopsy” in November, it is likely the “coroner’s report” in explaining the cause of death will say “Grayson was politically killed by a 'wild Alaska dingbat.'” What a horrible way to go if you’re a lib!

Michele "The Awesome" Bachmann let it rip Saturday March 13 calling the process to "deem" the Senate Bill passed as tyranny, comparing President Obama to Hugo Chavez. Jim "The Magnificent" Demint has been fighting the battle in the Senate. His tweet "President’s modest changes to his health care takeover are like pouring a glass of fresh water into a polluted lake" confirmed for his followers that the president's dog and pony show on health care reform did not work.

Let's also give Mike Huckabee a "golden shield" award for this opening to his Fox News show on Saturday March 13. Special mention also goes to Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris for their tenacious efforts in fighting the health care monstrosity.

These brave individuals lead us Ordinary Barbarians in the battle to take back our country.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank You Alaska Bloggers

The Soviet Union worked on missile theory in response to Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" initiative and determined that if you fired an overwhelming number of placebo missiles at the space defense shield  and tied the system up enough, eventually a real one would get through. Well, in the event of the smear campaign against Sarah Palin, one got through. When your paying attention to millions and millions of pieces of false data, lies and innuendo, sometimes you miss a real piece of data. Finding the needle of truth in the haystack of the lies perpetuated by the Alaska bloggers is an impossible task. But it can be done even if the needle is stumbled upon by accident.

It's not serious, though. It's reasonable to expect that if you put anyone or anything under a highly enough powered microscope, you will eventually find a blemish somewhere. While it has been said by the legal community that you can indict a ham sandwich, a real conviction can only occur if you indict enough ham sandwiches. Take the Mystik Oil company's sponsorship of the Iron Dog Race and particularly their sponsorship of the Davis Team, Todd Palin's snowmachine team for example.

There are thousands and thousands of warriors on both sides wielding their rhetorical swords. Every once in a while, you have to expect a cut. But a minor abrasion such as this will heal quickly and the battle will continue.

Thanks to the Alaska Bloggers, it has now been brought to the attention of Todd Palin's racing team that one of their sponsors is connected to Citgo, the wholly owned national oil company of Venezuela. Does this make Sarah Palin an anti-socialist hypocrite? No. Does it show she's capable of human oversight? I'll let "Miss Perfect" up in the Mudflats decide that one.

As a result of the efforts of Jeanne Devon, the Houston based (and by Houston based, I assume that means they employ American workers) Mystik Oil company will probably lose their sponsorship of the Iron Dog race and the Davis team. Now that it has been brought to Todd Palin's attention, it would only make sense that they and the organization that runs the Iron Dog will cut their ties to the company.

Politicians normally rescind deals which are cut prior to their becoming informed of conflict of interest issues. Upon notice, they will cut ties with donors or sponsors so as to correct the situation.

How this will affect Mystik Oil's business is yet to be seen. Saddled with the Venezuela label, it might be assumed that people will no longer want to do business with them, causing sales to go down and eventually requiring them to lay off workers.

No one agrees that having ties to a Venezuelan national company is a good thing. However, in business, it's sometimes necessary to cut deals with the devil so that the bigger goals of the economy are met and if people make money and gain employment from it, so be it. But, it's not like Citgo is the largest producer of holocaust ovens for Nazi Germany or the world's leading provider of abortion service. They're an oil company that (albeit nationally owned) competes on the open market with oil companies from around the world, and they employ people in their United States divisions which compete in our free market. While the human oversight might make the Palins look like capitalist pigs, it hardly makes them socialists.

Just because your mail carrier is having an affair with your wife, doesn't mean you shouldn't be getting your mail delivered. However, once made aware of the situation, it is more prudent to request a different carrier.

It's probably a good thing that Jeanne Devon brought this to our attention. Given the readiness by which CBS would run a story based on her blog is not only a tribute to the mainstream media's bloodlust to continue contributing to the Palin smear campaign, but may have actually resulted in a real story this time, even if by accident given the overwhelming number of misfires that have been coming out of the anti-Palin media over the last several months. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So, although by unintended consequences, CBS actually got some real information out to the public.

Never mind that negativity is an evil which has unintended consequences. If some people in Texas lose their jobs and a few families that have nothing to do with the Palins are ruined, that's merely collateral damage in the war being waged in the Palinosphere. I'm sure Ms. Devon doesn't mind hurting innocent people if she can save America from Sarah Palin. It's for the greater good, of course, at least in her twisted mind.

While the Palins and their supporters may want to thank Devon for bringing this information to our attention, Devon shouldn't expect to see any love letters coming from Texas in the coming years.

I'm wondering, if the American people demanded an audit of the DNC to see how it's opposition research money was spent in Alaska during the 2008 presidential campaign, would we come up with any dirt on those smearing Sarah Palin? Since the liberals make the rules now in a political baseball game that we're forced to play in, and digging for dirt is king, we probably should learn how to hit that ball and figure out how to throw a few sliders ourselves.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Kathy Griffin Smoking Levi's "Johnston"?

This slice and dice ought to be easy.

Levi Johnston is "in tight" with Kathy Griffin. They have attended social events together. Now they are working together on a comedy project. M&C reports:
Kathy Griffin and her pal Levi Johnston are collaborating on a stage show in Anchorage that takes aim at Sarah Palin, the grandmother of Johnston's love child.

Griffith took her notorious Life on the D-List show, in which she usually impales herself, north to Alaska, Palin's home state.

She was escorted on stage by Johnston, 19, the father of her daughter Bristol's son, Tripp.
Add this to the list of things I outlined in another post about how people are actually turning Palin hating into commercial ventures.

Griffin seems to have quite extensive knowledge about blowjobs according to an article by Newsbusters, Sarah Palin Performed Sex Act on John McCain. And whether she literally has her mouth around Levi or is just using him as a prop, doesn't change the fact that she's got a little bit of Palin Derangement Syndrome dripping from her lip.

It reminds me of a time when I was driving in Washington DC with a friend of mine. When he saw what looked like a crack whore, he jokingly rolled down the window and asked "how much?" That's kind of how I would approach the box office if I was looking for a ticket to the show.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Immoral Minority Debunked in Advance

Jesse Griffin, who writes the Immoral Minority blog is now promising us that he is hot on the trail and has leads that could help him substantiate claims that Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby. He thinks Palinistas are worried... about him (choking back laughter)!

Gryphen writes:
And before you ask, yes I am still working on babygate and following multiple leads. And yes I feel I am getting ever closer to making an airtight case.

And no I cannot give you, or the Palin-bots visiting this site, a timeline for when everything will come together. We have already had a substantial impact so be confident that we will continue to reveal truths that Sarah and her followers are desperate to keep from seeing the light of day.

Take solace in the fact that as evidenced by the preponderance of negative comments I attract here and on other blogs I am clearly very worrisome to those who are trying to protect sister Sarah from her past misdeeds.
This is the same guy (holding back more laughter) who told us that the Palin's were headed toward an iceberg, a reference to a federal indictment that did not exist. He is also the (ha ha ha hahahaha haha ha) same guy who told us that Sarah Palin's wedding ring was at the bottom of Lake Lucille. She wore it in her interview with Oprah Winfrey months later and it's still on her hand.

Jesse, see if you can prove she changed rings instead of the baby thing. You might have a better shot of concocting receipts or something than you will of getting the entire medical community of the state of Alaska to concur with doctors who were close to the governor of Alaska on your "iceberg to nowhere" Trig story. If anything, the medical community in Alaska needs to bring you in and have your head examined. If necessary, I can recommend you be treated by Dr. Melissa Clouthier, an expert on stage 4 PDS.

Griffin quotes an unnamed doctor regarding the "hoax" surrounding the birth of Trig Palin. The doctor allegedly says "I believe there is more than enough evidence for the Alaska State Medical Board to investigate Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's participation in this matter, and to determine if she breached standards set by that Board for physician conduct."

Okay, doctor (if you really exist - Griffin asks us to take his word for it, claiming he checked the person out and verified it), put your money where your mouth is. Go ahead and file a complaint with the Alaska State Medical Board. I want to see this. At this point, what's another Palin lie that gets out in the press only to be later retracted? Go for it.

Is Griffin really trying to tell us that medical practitioners in the state of Alaska are complicit in covering up maternity issues and identity issues surrounding the birth of Trig Palin? Are you telling me that there are doctors willing to risk losing their medical licenses hiding secrets that could have netted them millions of dollars if they brought them out in the 2008 campaign? Are you telling me that medical practitioners in the state of Alaska were willing to allow a crazy woman who is "unstable," as Griffin so ridiculously points out, to become vice president of the United States? Are you telling me that given how polarized people become because of Sarah Palin that not one credible source has come forward voluntarily to give you what you want?

Sometimes an ordinary barbarian has to go to the gates of hell and see what the Maalik of the Alaska bloggers is up to, especially given the high number of debunked and retracted Palin hit stories that keep popping up. I figured I'd just debunk this one in advance.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heads Are Spinning and Liberals Are Wee Wee'd Up

As an ordinary barbarian sits at the fire and rips off a turkey leg, chatter turns to the lighter things in life. While the battle is hard and the terrain rough, our leader keeps us motivated with good humor and laughter. Today, across the plain, liberals are grumbling. They're upset because Mitt Romney didn't turn his sword on one of his own, but instead held it to Letterman's neck and told him "don't mess with her, she's got a rifle."

Liberals are pissed because Sarah Palin just killed on Leno and neither David Letterman or Joe Scarborough could trick Mitt Romney after drawing him into their lair. Republicans are unified and the army is strong.

Leno mentioned that Sarah's response to the media was to become one of them. But what wasn't mentioned, but was obvious as all hell, is she has also penetrated into the pop culture. Take the pop culture from the liberals and you win. The tables are turned. That is not sitting well in many a left wing craw this morning.

As I turn to the warrior sitting next to me, he pumps his fist at his DS. "My Pokemon just went up another level!"

"Yup," I replied. "Sure did."