Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heads Are Spinning and Liberals Are Wee Wee'd Up

As an ordinary barbarian sits at the fire and rips off a turkey leg, chatter turns to the lighter things in life. While the battle is hard and the terrain rough, our leader keeps us motivated with good humor and laughter. Today, across the plain, liberals are grumbling. They're upset because Mitt Romney didn't turn his sword on one of his own, but instead held it to Letterman's neck and told him "don't mess with her, she's got a rifle."

Liberals are pissed because Sarah Palin just killed on Leno and neither David Letterman or Joe Scarborough could trick Mitt Romney after drawing him into their lair. Republicans are unified and the army is strong.

Leno mentioned that Sarah's response to the media was to become one of them. But what wasn't mentioned, but was obvious as all hell, is she has also penetrated into the pop culture. Take the pop culture from the liberals and you win. The tables are turned. That is not sitting well in many a left wing craw this morning.

As I turn to the warrior sitting next to me, he pumps his fist at his DS. "My Pokemon just went up another level!"

"Yup," I replied. "Sure did."

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