Friday, March 5, 2010

Immoral Minority Debunked in Advance

Jesse Griffin, who writes the Immoral Minority blog is now promising us that he is hot on the trail and has leads that could help him substantiate claims that Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby. He thinks Palinistas are worried... about him (choking back laughter)!

Gryphen writes:
And before you ask, yes I am still working on babygate and following multiple leads. And yes I feel I am getting ever closer to making an airtight case.

And no I cannot give you, or the Palin-bots visiting this site, a timeline for when everything will come together. We have already had a substantial impact so be confident that we will continue to reveal truths that Sarah and her followers are desperate to keep from seeing the light of day.

Take solace in the fact that as evidenced by the preponderance of negative comments I attract here and on other blogs I am clearly very worrisome to those who are trying to protect sister Sarah from her past misdeeds.
This is the same guy (holding back more laughter) who told us that the Palin's were headed toward an iceberg, a reference to a federal indictment that did not exist. He is also the (ha ha ha hahahaha haha ha) same guy who told us that Sarah Palin's wedding ring was at the bottom of Lake Lucille. She wore it in her interview with Oprah Winfrey months later and it's still on her hand.

Jesse, see if you can prove she changed rings instead of the baby thing. You might have a better shot of concocting receipts or something than you will of getting the entire medical community of the state of Alaska to concur with doctors who were close to the governor of Alaska on your "iceberg to nowhere" Trig story. If anything, the medical community in Alaska needs to bring you in and have your head examined. If necessary, I can recommend you be treated by Dr. Melissa Clouthier, an expert on stage 4 PDS.

Griffin quotes an unnamed doctor regarding the "hoax" surrounding the birth of Trig Palin. The doctor allegedly says "I believe there is more than enough evidence for the Alaska State Medical Board to investigate Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's participation in this matter, and to determine if she breached standards set by that Board for physician conduct."

Okay, doctor (if you really exist - Griffin asks us to take his word for it, claiming he checked the person out and verified it), put your money where your mouth is. Go ahead and file a complaint with the Alaska State Medical Board. I want to see this. At this point, what's another Palin lie that gets out in the press only to be later retracted? Go for it.

Is Griffin really trying to tell us that medical practitioners in the state of Alaska are complicit in covering up maternity issues and identity issues surrounding the birth of Trig Palin? Are you telling me that there are doctors willing to risk losing their medical licenses hiding secrets that could have netted them millions of dollars if they brought them out in the 2008 campaign? Are you telling me that medical practitioners in the state of Alaska were willing to allow a crazy woman who is "unstable," as Griffin so ridiculously points out, to become vice president of the United States? Are you telling me that given how polarized people become because of Sarah Palin that not one credible source has come forward voluntarily to give you what you want?

Sometimes an ordinary barbarian has to go to the gates of hell and see what the Maalik of the Alaska bloggers is up to, especially given the high number of debunked and retracted Palin hit stories that keep popping up. I figured I'd just debunk this one in advance.

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