Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Kathy Griffin Smoking Levi's "Johnston"?

This slice and dice ought to be easy.

Levi Johnston is "in tight" with Kathy Griffin. They have attended social events together. Now they are working together on a comedy project. M&C reports:
Kathy Griffin and her pal Levi Johnston are collaborating on a stage show in Anchorage that takes aim at Sarah Palin, the grandmother of Johnston's love child.

Griffith took her notorious Life on the D-List show, in which she usually impales herself, north to Alaska, Palin's home state.

She was escorted on stage by Johnston, 19, the father of her daughter Bristol's son, Tripp.
Add this to the list of things I outlined in another post about how people are actually turning Palin hating into commercial ventures.

Griffin seems to have quite extensive knowledge about blowjobs according to an article by Newsbusters, Sarah Palin Performed Sex Act on John McCain. And whether she literally has her mouth around Levi or is just using him as a prop, doesn't change the fact that she's got a little bit of Palin Derangement Syndrome dripping from her lip.

It reminds me of a time when I was driving in Washington DC with a friend of mine. When he saw what looked like a crack whore, he jokingly rolled down the window and asked "how much?" That's kind of how I would approach the box office if I was looking for a ticket to the show.

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