Thursday, March 18, 2010

Full Frontal Assault on President and Congress

Vice President's "joke plane" goes down as well.

It was a glorious day yesterday on the rhetorical battlefield, especially on Fox News.

Brett Baier sliced and diced the president and drew heavy fire from liberals who chided him for interrupting Mr. Obama on several occasions. However, that didn't stop the "deem and ream" president from brushing off procedure and telling Baier that it doesn't matter how the health care bill gets passed. It doesn't matter?

While Baier and Obama clanged swords, Joe Biden was sticking himself with his own sword. The "gaffe-tastic" one had a vice presidential day for sure (remember now, his supporters are the ones who told us that Sarah Palin would be a terrible VP). Vice president Biden extended his condolences on Ireland's Prime Minister's late mother, although his mother is still alive.

Later that evening, Biden made Palin hand and Liz Cheney patriot jokes at the Radio & TV correspondence dinner among a bunch of other groaners. A lot of the jokes fell flat, although the one about Scott Brown was funny (stimulus plan created at least one job, ask Scott Brown).

A check of Twitter last night showed that the Liberal army virtually ignored Sarah Palin's appearance on Hannity where she shredded Congress and called Nancy Pelosi "the fall guy" for the liberal agenda on health care reform. Instead, they concentrated all their fire power on Brett Baier. You can always tell what the liberals fear most by how they attack. Last night, they came to the aid of their messiah knowing that his health care message would be shredded by the fair and balanced folks over at Fox News.

We got their messiah on our turf and took him to task yesterday. The great Sarah came on later and took on Congress. Full frontal assault! The battle rages, though, and is not won yet. Health care reform still must be defeated.

UPDATE: The teleprompterless one says Louisianna purchase in H/C bill would help with Hawaii earthquake. Read the comments on Breitbart TV. They're as vicious as the types of comments usually directed at Sarah Palin from the left.

(Doing my best Dick Vitale voice) Saul Alinsky, baby! Liberals own the board, we can beat them at their own game, baby! (Doing my best Jackie Gleason voice) Oh, how sweet it is!

Dennis K March 17th, 2010 - 11:10 pm

Let me summarize for y’all

All 57 states including Hawaii, which annexed Haiti today, will have their health care premiums reduced by 3,000%. This is transparent, on Cspan and the interent for 72 hours. But first we have to have an up and down vote on health care which will be bi-partisan.

No wonder this guy needs a teleprompter to speak to 5 year olds.

He is right on one thing. all 50 states have a true disaster, it is called the Obama presidency.
The narcissist, racist, anti semite is acting stupidly. Maybe a beer summit is needed.

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