Sunday, December 19, 2010

So You Don't Like it When You're Attacked, Do You?

I attacked someone on Twitter tonight. Yeah, it wasn't the nicest thing to do. But imagine if you're Sarah Palin and you're being attacked relentlessly for two years. And then your supporters were being attacked relentlessly. Well, we're still still standing and we're ready to fight any moron who wants to open their big fat mouth. People who have done dick with their lives - never written a book, never ran for office, never put it on the line - can go on Twitter and just bash. But do it back to them and they flip out like a spineless wuss who can't take it.

Crybabies have no place in this movement. We weed em out early and spit out em out. The battle to take back our country is not for the sensitive or the negative or the person who doesn't know how to respond when attacked. Their response is to be stupid.

They know nothing but to reach within the depths of their decrepid souls and just come back and attack more and more. Like rabid animals, they can't handle it. They become unhinged, unglued.

Then they become self righteous. Like they're outraged you called them a bad name or because you attacked them. Awwwwwww, sorry, little man. I guess you can dish it out but you can't take it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Saddle Up

As a result of the discourse in the media, the weakest minds among us continue to be fed their daily dose of stupidity. They're just idiots being played by a manipulative media that can't come to grips that Sarah Palin is bringing the right message to America. They play games not only in the broadcast media, but online as well. It's time to engage them.

It's time for Palin's minions to spread out across the country and rhetorically bust some heads and flip some tables.

I just did a Google search "Palin Good Morning America" and this is what came up first: "Good Morning America's" painfully friendly interview with Sarah Palin‎. This piece of printer toilet paper basically complained that the interview didn't fit their meme on Sarah Palin so they decided to attack Robin Roberts for being too "softball." They left out the fact that Roberts used and outlier poll to asked Palin why she loses to Obama by 22 points in "a latest poll." Roberts conducted a mature and adult-like interview where she asked both hard and soft questions of Palin and allowed Palin to deliver her answers rather than goad her into a gaffe or cut the thing on the edit room floor to highlight a misspeak or a questionable answer ideologically. Salon's Alex Pareene was obviously frustrated by the fact that Palin aced the interview and so he took it out on the Roberts.

Unfortunately, communication with negative people sometimes has to be in their own language. And while thinking positive, being happy and having an optimistic outlook toward the future will always be our basis for success, it doesn't work so well when someone's taking a swing at you. So let's translate this Palin movement into their language and suck out all their energy. Let's beat the ever living rhetorical crap out of them, kick them to the curb and come out ready for the 2012 primary season.

The country needs to know that the Palin army is ready to put it on the line. It's not enough for us to be happy in our strength because Oprah Winfrey declined to answer the question if Palin is qualified for president knowing what type of blowback she would face. It will only be enough when every moron who is still left over from the idiocracy that allowed Obama to get elected in 2008 is zapped by the rhetorical laser whenever they open up their crap spewer.

You want to whine and complain about Palin? Fine. You want to prove to the rest of us why you're a moron? Fine. But we're going to be all over you. That's right, you can accuse us of "totalitarian tactics" and vicious rhetoric. But if you're going to do that, don't hate the player, hate your game. You freaks of nature who have been frothing at the mouth and spewing all kinds of vomit at the mere mention of Sarah Palin's name, guess what: you're not going to do it unchecked anymore.

Palin army, look at this dirtbag:

Over 100 people retweeted this. The idiocracy is alive and well in America. When over 100 people can join with a lament about bears not killing Sarah Palin in the woods, this country still has a major problem.

America should have people that have a right to their opinion. America should have people who can disagree with Sarah Palin. But there is no place in America for a kind of destructive thought where people wish bad things on other people for no other reason than their own self loathing. "Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people," according to

We owe it to these people to smack it back at them and force them to look into the mirror and see their own ugly selves. If we have to help them out by flaming them, attacking them on Twitter or going to war with them, oh well. These people cannot be allowed to roam amongst us unchecked or unnoticed. We must point them out and rhetorically undress them before their peers and fellow ideologues.

We should be willing to destroy these people with same zest and vigor that they expend in their desire to destroy Sarah Palin.

We are in a culture war. There can be no faltering and no failing. When someone can't act like an adult and argue their point without wishing for bears to eat someone in the woods or attack you as being a moron, take the first rhetorical swing. Don't be meek.

Let's smack the crap out of the nest.

The time has come to saddle up. It sucks dealing in negativity. But psychological chemotherapy is never pretty if you need it to kill the mental cancer that negativity brings.

UPDATE: On the website of Salon magazine, a letter which calls for Sarah Palin to be electrocuted by a cattle prod wielded by convicted dog abuser Michael Vick is prominently displayed. -Texas For Sarah Palin

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Palin Can Now Shoot Down the Media Instantly

We all know the Associated AntiPalin Press has had it out for Sarah Palin since day one. We can remember the days when newspapers, radio stations and TV news organizations used to use AP and Reuters as their wire source for news. But AP has been on its way out for awhile. Now they have stepped on their own landmine.

A picture of Sarah Palin having someone touching up her hair in Haiti is the final touch on a narrative about how the media is so blatantly biased that they can no longer be trusted.

"The AP photographer who sent the caption would have known that it was Bristol Palin, but by not mentioning her the AP was able to do a media hit on Palin but still be able to claim they told the 'truth' with the caption," according to Free Republic.
The Associated Press transmitted a photo from Haiti of Palin captioned, "Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, center, has her hair done during a visit to a cholera treatment center set up by the NGO Samaritan's Purse in Cabaret, Haiti, Saturday Dec. 11, 2010. Palin arrived Saturday in Haiti as part of a brief humanitarian mission. Dieu Nalio Chery / AP"

That photo and caption set off rabid attacks on Palin from the Huffington Post, the U.K.'s Daily Mail and, of course, Palingates.
At this point, if the AP gave us the sunrise time for tomorrow morning, one would have to question it. If you remember, in 2009, an AP reporter Rachel D'Oro was writing hit pieces on Palin.

Check out the string of events here. And check out Sarah Palin's tweet here. The Palin army used to shoot down the missiles before they landed on the target, sometimes after. Sarah is now hitting them as they come out of the silo. It is with laser-like precision that the hits on Sarah Palin are being taken out at the source. She is beating them like a halibut and they still stick to the worn out strategy they used two years ago when Obama was just a gleam in some Journolister's eye and a thrill up someone's leg.

Like a monster that is fed by its haters, Palin grows stronger with each attack. The more the Lamestream Media attack Palin, the more they are saturation bombed by conservative writers at the same time that pro-Palin websites continue to spring up across the web.

The overkill of anti-Palin rhetoric from the Left is now being met with an overkill of pro-Palin rhetoric from the Right. Combine this with Palin's ingenious ability to embrace those who have her back and promote the cause with her books, articles, Facebook notes, commentary on Fox News and documentary series on TLC, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and you now have a ballistic attack that will destroy not only the liberals who hate her, but liberalism itself. Liberals think they are destroying her. "Instead, the more they throw at her, the more she generates support for herself and the ideology attacked by proxy," according to HubPages.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mark Ebner and Hollywood Interrupted

Hey assholes, what does Sarah Palin have to do with Ronnie Chasen's murder. You dirtbags will stoop at nothing, will ya?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paul Jenkins and Why Halibut Should be Clubbed

Paul Jenkins is the editor of a "quasi-conservative" publication The Anchorage Daily Planet. I have no idea where that planet is, but it's nowhere near Earth where Sarah Palin's Alaska sits so beautifully perched at the far northwest corner of the North American continent. Did I say his publication was "quasi-conservative?" Forgive my flub, gaffe or whatever you'd like to call it. It's basically a RINO publication. In Alaska you are either a conservative (and I include good libertarians here) or you are a progressive. If you are moderately progressive, you vote for candidates like Lisa Murkowski and call yourself a Republican (which is just in name only). If you're flaming progressive, you vote for Scott McAdams and admit to being a rare species in Alaska, a Democrat. But there is one more label: good ole boy crony capitalist that I haven't yet addressed (other than with the first two words of this post).

Prior to last week's episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, it was a given in the fishing community that halibut had to be clubbed to stop them from flopping around and destroying the meat. Prior to Palin's selection as Vice Presidential candidate, it was widely accepted that thinning out the wolf herd in Alaska was necessary to stop humans from starving to death in the winter. But, when derangement, unhingement and the plucking of the devil from one's inner soul occurs at the mere mention of "that woman," predator control becomes wolf killing and halibut handling becomes "aggravated battery."

For some reason, people will completely refute empirical observation, the laws of nature, the laws of physics and the laws of God in order to formulate an argument against Sarah Palin. So Paul Jenkins, clown in charge at the Anchorage Daily Planet, writes an op ed for Anchorage Daily News where he says that calling someone who badmouths Palin a hater is a "self-defense gambit that signals intellectual weakness." Given the fact that Palin has been brutally beaten by the media and elitist insiders, I didn't realize that some of us had "no backbone" because we are willing en masse to stand up to morons like Paul Jenkins. I got your backbone right here, pal.

As we reel in this halibut of an editor, the rhetorical clubbing this blogger and others are laying on a publishing world's bottom feeder is not because we want to short circuit the discourse by calling him a hater. The obvious need not be stated. The crux of this argument goes further than that.

Let's call this fish what it really is. "His old Boss was Bill Allen and good friends Murkowski' dad frank," according to Alaskan Eddie Burke. Would it be name calling to simply point out that Jenkins has been known for palling around with good ole boys and crony capitalists? He is clearly a Lisa Murkowski supporter based on the hit on Joe Miller ("dreck") in his piece as well as other hits in his publication. And, Bill Allen is currently serving prison time for conspiracy, bribery and tax violations arising from Alaska's good ole boy corruption scandal. The U.S. Department of Justice declined on "the prosecution of imprisoned former Veco chief Bill Allen on sex charges involving minors, closing an Anchorage Police Department and FBI investigation that began in 2004, according to the police officer who led the case."

Nice friends, Jenkins.

Of course, the Anti-Palin Anchorage Daily News has no problem with publishing such an unprofessional op ed as the one penned by Jenkins. He clearly finds enough vitriol to call Sarah Palin a "wack job" and Jim Demint a "tea party crackpot" before begging readers to understand that he's not the hater, it's us. Uh, okay Paul. You keep believing that.

Here's what really happened. When people started rooting on Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars, the Palin haters came out of their dirty little holes and started bashing the 20 year old girl. Why? They hate her mother. That's all.

Let's correct the record for Mr. Jenkins and explain that "Palinbots" do not define a hater "as somebody who disagrees or questions Sarah Palin about virtually anything." We define haters as those who spew green "The Exorcist" vomit and whose heads spin at the mere mention of Palin's name. There are good people who disagree with Sarah Palin. You can tell who these people are by how they disagree with her. They don't go all unhinged performing mental gymnastics and changing the time warp continuum on the basic truths of life in order to lie about her, smear her or spread innuendo about her.

So when you sprinkle the Palin name on people or if her daughter gives the rhetorical middle finger, you look for the ones who start gnashing their teeth and turning purple. These are the ones who start spewing the venom in Linda Blair's demonic voice. Like Greg Gutfeld once said, Sarah Palin brings out the idiots.

Hey Paul, go to the place where the demon voice says to the priest "your mother..." Ah never mind. Just watch the movie. For those who don't get the reference and who can stomach really nasty language click here.

For more:

Latest ADN PDS Rant an Epic Fail!!! by Rachelle Friberg at Conservative Girl With a Voice

ADN’s “Palin-hater” is in denial by Cubachi

Disingenuous Palin-Haters Insult American People by Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth

Monday, November 15, 2010

Docu-Drama: Lisa Murkowski's Alaska

Last Night on the CBS Evening News was the premiere of Lisa Murkowski's Alaska.

Well, she whined and cried, kicked and screamed. Her Senate run was an analogous temper tantrum that was fueled and funded by union and special interest money following her fair and square primary loss to Joe Miller.

Okay, Lisa, ya friggin baby, here's your Senate seat. After a while the people get sick of hearing daddy's little girl whining like a three year old. If you kick and scream and hold on to the leg of the chair long enough or if you tell everyone you're going to hold your breath until you get your way, sometimes the grown ups break down and give the spoiled brat the lollipop just to shut her up.

Here's the problem, though. The vindictive bitch got $5,000 from SarahPac before she criticized Sarah Palin for resigning her governorship. Murkowski continued to get the digs in on the former the VP nominee. It exploded today when "Veruca Salt" had the audacity to mouth off on Katie Couric's program according to Politico.
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she would not support Sarah Palin if she decides to seek the presidency because the former governor lacks the "intellectual curiosity" for the job.

"I just do not think she has those leadership qualities, that intellectual curiosity that allows for building good and great policies," Murkowski told Katie Couric in a "CBS Evening News" interview. "You know, she was my governor for two years, for just about two years there, and I don't think that she enjoyed governing. I don't think she liked to get down into the policy."
Intellectual curiosity? Are you kidding me?!

Apparently Ms. Mouth-kowski didn't read about Palin's latest in depth remarks on Quantitative Easing, the future of the conservative movement and a few other things that Palin has said which demonstrates a deep knowledge of policy and political strategy. Palin has been an avid reader and has demonstrated a strong desire to get a handle on issues she would need to be knowledgeable about should she run for president.

Murkowski's intellectual curiousity tended to focus more on how to get a bunch of morons in Alaska to spell her name correctly, which apparently Murkowski was successful in doing. While Palin was reading up on Fed policy and commodities, Murkowski was running Sesame Street like ads to teach people how to spell her name and handing out bracelets so the little lemmings wouldn't spell it wrong when the pressure was on in the booth.

While Sarah Palin was climbing glaciers and avoiding crevices, Murkowski seemed content to fall into the crevice that is located on the part of Katie Couric's anatomy that occupies the anchor chair on the CBS Evening News.

Murkowski shouldn't be going to the Senate. She should be going to her room.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Worst Person In the World

You have to see this page on the LA Times!

Here's a great clip from PJTV.

Some more funny stuff I put together.

Keith Olbermann Watch (The Daily Caller owns the domain name)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking the Hill

It's battle day.

We have waited two long years. But the wait has been filled with activism and enthusiasm. Since the election of 2008, our country has gone further into debt. The Tea Party movement has emerged as one of the most effective "fighting force" we have. We have outmaneuvered the media and the Left.

The time to take the hill has come.

Today, we fire all of our "guns" at ballot boxes across America. We have won so many important battles already: Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Now, we are positioned to take the rest of the positions needed to control Capitol Hill and set up camp at the outskirts of the ultimate prize: the White House in 2012.

We will march onward to victory tonight knowing that there are traitors in our ranks. We have establishment types who would like nothing more than to use our victory to claim the power they need to go back to the days of old Republicanism.

That will not happen.

Our rhetorical swords are sharp. The carnage tonight will be unbearable for Democrats. Tomorrow we will hold and fortify our position as we prepare for 2012. We will keep our swords sharp and our powder dry. Be we must be vigilant and we must be wary.

Those from the establishment and the within the party elite who come to cut down our Tea Party leaders or stop Sarah Palin need to be warned that any of their attempts to tear up the GOP will be resisted, fiercely. Sean Hannity said last night that the establishment will have to capitulate to the Tea Party and conservative movements. The time has come to take our Capitol back. The time has come to take our party back.

We must never lose site of the ultimate prize: 2012. But on the way we may need to rhetorically scalp a few of those who claim to be on our side who will work to undermine the efforts of the Tea Party and of Sarah Palin. We must root them out quickly and we must root them out effectively. Fight for the right and go after Obama and the Democrats. But when an establishment type wants to stick his or her head out and take a swipe at one of us, rhetorically behead them and move on.

Victory is ours. We are the future of America. Sarah Palin is our leader. We are going to go all the way.

It's freedom day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mark “The Great One” Unsheathes Sword and Splatters Joe Scarborough.

Don’t you get it, yet? How many times do you have to get cut before you stop putting your hand through the window, libbies? They obviously haven’t realized that the field is littered with rhetorical hit pieces that have been skewered with lightning speed and surgical precision. It’s pretty much automatic. Here’s how it works:

You write a hit piece on Sarah and you are whacked.

Sarah Palin’s army will carve your heart out if you even look at her the wrong way. When you take a shot at Sarah, you might as well just look up at the camera like Wile E Coyote, hand Conservatives4Palin the rhetorical gun and stick up a sign that says “bye.”

Lately, Sarah’s been handling a lot of her own light work. And when she does, she’s a badass (and a smart ass, too). It’s not a good day in the hideout when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have you tied to a chair and she says “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Not smart, Johnny.” You can picture Marlon Brando patting Jonathan Martin on his cheek as he says those words. That’s not good.

And don’t piss off Mark Levin either. Joey Sack of Bullcrap learned that quickly today on Morning Zoo. His attack on Sarah Palin this morning was met with an instant belting from the Great One. If the battles of broadcast journalism were physical, Joe Scarborough would have a big shiner to show for opening his mouth about our great Sarah.

Why we talking so tough? This is not like conservatives to get their hands dirty. We go to church. We work. We raise families. But this is survival.

You see, these guys want us dead. Rush Limbaugh told us that. This blogger has told you that. Barack Obama has told us that. The only choice we had was to engage and beat them at their own game or die. Playing by the old rules (you know civility, proper speech, holding a title) got us killed in 2008. McCain’s campaign “geniuses” told him to pull his punches and stay moderate and Sarah Palin nearly got her ass blown off because of it.

We’re smarter than them now. We’re faster than them. Most of all, we’re righter (more correct that is) than they are. Why not have some fun and marginalize and ridicule them. It’s not two rights make a wrong. It’s if someone’s hitting me, I have to hit them back.

When they talk about killing cracker babies, when they beat up a button seller at a rally, when they put your tax blemishes online, when they rig voting machines to vote for Harry Reid, when they tell you to sit in the back and when they say they want to punish you, that’s when you bring out the Thrilla from Wasilla to kick some ass. Sarah’s not a mean girl. She’s just awesome.

For far too long, the GOP has been lead by wussies who talk nicey nice and stick to the issues. That’s fine and dandy once the adults are back in charge and we can make the rules again. But until then, the liberals own the board. But they won’t own it for much longer.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time, Klein, Scherer and Ignorami

It's a shame that the world is crumbling around liberals and their once respected publications. Time and Life used to be the two biggest magazines that stood out on every Newsstand in America. Life died after everyone got bored of it and  Time today wouldn't even make it on the toilet paper roll, never mind underneath the stack of papers in the recyclable bin. Why is this? Because they have idiots, yes I said it, idiots whose intellectual elitism has taken them so full circle that not only are they able to construct complex sentences, they now can construct complex sentences into stupid stuff.

"There is something profoundly diseased about a society that idolizes its ignoramuses and disdains its experts," says the disdained Joe Klein.

The society is not diseased, Joe. You are. Who the frig are you to imply, infer or express disdain? The experts have led us to trillions of dollars in debt. We don't drink from garden hoses anymore, build cars that you can actually work on, and we are incapable of running a business without having to have a team of accountants, lawyers and consultants to guide us through the mazes of bureacuratic nightmares and regulations. Who got us ignorami here? Well, you experts of course.

Those who can't tolerate common sense obviously are tormented in their own mind and will take to the swampland to expel those thoughts. I don't want to know what a genius like Joe Klein has to say. I want to know what the guy who put sealant into my friend's power steering pump and got it to stop leaking has to say. There's more practicality to gettin' er done than sitting around talking about it from high.

Once a publication that sat on the coffee tables of comfortable Americans and in waiting rooms across doctor and dentist offices across our country, time ticks down to its final days. Life died years ago when people started making things up instead of reporting it, even in its most realistically boring forms.

Here's how intellectual and intelligent the readers of Time are. Those who pass the Grey Poupon to each other and feed at the tray of the golden elite, have this to write and these comments to add. Mike Scherer's intellectual elitism really brings out the brains of his readers.

"Dropping an A Bomb on the US would be less disastrous than having Sarah as POTUS," writes one intellectually inspired commenter.

Are you telling me that the neanderthal nuckle draggin supporters of Palin are lower than that?

If you guys are the experts, I'd prefer to be the ignoramus, thank you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blood on the Keyboard

Greta Van Susteren offered a great rhetorical line last night on her show when talking about the Twitter feud between Alan Grayson and Sarah Palin. "There's blood on the keyboard" between them, she said .

The keyboard, as you know, is the rhetorical sword. So the clanging you heard went like this:

To which Grayson responded:

Greta has more on her blog.

The feud started on March 12th, 2010 when Palin criticized Grayson in a speech and he responded by calling her a "wild Alaskan dingbat."

The Hill covered the story:

The [wild Alaskan dingbat] comments come in response to Palin's speech at a Republican fundraiser in his home district on Friday.
At the time, Palin had this to say:
"[W]hat can you say about Alan Grayson? Piper is with me tonight, so I won't say anything about Alan Grayson that can't be said around children. But thank you, Florida, for allowing candidates in a contested primary to duke it out over ideas and principles and values, all with the same goal, and that is unseating those who have such a disconnect from the people of America. That's what the goal is here in this race against Alan Grayson. Please fight hard, and do this for the rest of the country. Fight hard, and send a conservative to Washington, DC."
Grayson responded with a snarky email to supporters.

"I look forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them," he said.

The email continues: "Scientists are studying Sarah Palin's travel between Alaska and Florida carefully. They hope to learn more about the flight patterns of that elusive migratory species, the wild Alaskan dingbat.
This, of course, comes from the man who became unhinged on the House floor when he told people that Republican's idea of health care reform was for sick people to "die. Die quickly." He also called a female lobbyist a K Street whore.

Sarah Palin has not been shy in expressing her dislike for Congressman Grayson ever since then. And Grayson has had no problem with smacking women with whom he disagrees, even if  he is just doing it rhetorically.

Was Alan Grayson ever in a mental institution? Hmmm, the Wasilla Shakespeare flexes her literary muscles again when she refers to Grayson as "troubled." But Sarah Palin is truly a better person than I am. I would have used the phrase "funny farm."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Satan's Little Helpers

Look into your eyes

Gotta love those Alaska bloggers!

Burn, baby, burn.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Newest Warrior

Is this lady just right out of the Unsheathed meme or what?

In a land controlled by Barack the Barbarian and home of his vice lord Joe the Biden, the Senate seat once occupied by Joe the Biden is being contested. This battle pits a Republican overlord sympathetic to many of the causes of Barack against against an unexpected challenge from a commoner who has longed to become a chevaleresse. Though Mike the Castle claims to be on our side, there are many who believe he is a liberal sympathizer. He served in the "Congressional army" where he many times was seen giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

The insurgent forces within the Tea Party army found that they were able to oust Lisa the Murky from her Senate seat in Sarah the Great's home state of Alaska. Murky was part of the aristocracy and obtained the seat because of the fiefdom that she was from. This did not go over well with the commoners who selected Joe the Miller to do their bidding. With the help of Sarah the Great, Joe the Miller defeated Lisa the Murky in a long bloody battle. As the troops battled late into the night, Sarah the Great called out "keep your powder dry" as the troops became impatient.

But the victory came and emboldened the troops. Those "in the Castle" began to fear that they would be ousted by the Tea Party insurgency next. They shot fire arrows at Christine the Commoner. They saw her as a threat because she had returned again to seek the seat even though she was badly defeated by Joe the Biden years earlier. Locals came to her aid. But moresoe, seeing how viciously Mike the Castle's people were treating her, the Tea Party army and its Palinista divisions instictively and without direction from above all showed up to assist Christine.

The Castle forces told the Tea Partiers that Christine was a lowly commoner who could barely scrape together the money to buy her own sword. She had owed taxes and was in financial trouble. But Christine pleaded with the Tea Partiers and the people and explained why she had such  problems. Because of her honesty and seeing that this whole smear campaign against her was really a ruse to stop her from exposing Mike the Castle as a RINO (the worst thing you can be if you are supposedly on our side), the Tea Partiers scoffed at Mike the Castle and said "pure or not, this fair maiden shall have this Senate seat."

Mark the Great One drew his sword and came to the lady's aid. Seeing the disgusting tactics of Mike the Castle, Mark challenged Castle to a duel. Castle never responded.

Blogger warriors and commanders of the heavy artillery like Mark the Great One spoke with Christine the Commoner to find out more about her. It turned out that she wanted to be a knight so bad that would seek the graces of none other than Sarah the Great.

Sarah stood on the sideline for a long time and hardly acknowledged the lady from Delaware. But Christine so desired to be officially knighted into the Sarah army that she called and wrote to Sarah. When she heard that Sarah would be speaking to the army in Washington, DC as they amassed to take the Capitol, Christine rode in and sought an audience with Sarah, which was granted. They talked briefly. Yet over a week went by and there was no word from Sarah. Christine's people called out to Sarah, begging her to knight Christine.

As Christine sat amongst her army, she lamented. Why would Sarah not come to her aid? Was Sarah worried that what was being said about Christine could be true? Christine was devoted to Sarah. Seeing her devotion, the Palinista army came. Something must be done. Without Sarah's help, Christine would lose.

The Palinista army and the Tea Party army decided that they would help Christine no matter what. They poured in support for her.

Tammy the Bruce got wind of what was going on and sent a message to Mark the Great One telling him that we needed to focus on this battle. Sarah intercepted the message but said no more. However, she in apparent agreement with the message showed it to her followers. Christine took it as a "you go, girl" but it was not an official endorsement.

What did this mean? Was Sarah going to knight Christine? Christine saw hope and asked for prayers that Sarah the Great would come to her aid. This scribe sent a message to Tammy the Bruce. But she must have been sworn to secrecy, and knowing that the answer was forthcoming, did not respond.

Then it happened.

Sean the Hannitizer was preaching to his flock yesterday afternoon and received a surprise call from Sarah the Great. Always honored to speak with her Greatness, Sean immediately took the call and started talking about the issues. Then he raised the question. What about Christine the Commoner?

Sarah the Great endorsed her and threw her support completely behind Christine. The conversation immediately was tweeted throughout the land. The news spread like wild fire, the armies cheering in joy. Christine heard the news and was overwhelmed with joy. She sent messages to Sarah thanking her and praising her.

"Thank you for your clear confidence in my candidacy," Christine cried out to Sarah.

Later that day, Sarah the Great officially knighted Christine the Commoner on her Facebook page.

And now the forces amass for battle as they prepare to storm the Castle and show the RINOs that we are going to put our people in seats where they fail to stand and deliver.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our newest warrior. Christine the Commoner, we now dub thee Lady O'Donnell.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vanity Fair and the Wrath of Sarah Palin

She is so mean and vindictive. Wasilla is "a place populated entirely by abuse survivors." People are afraid to go on the record about Sarah Palin out of fear of vendetta. Vanity Fair has actually succeeded in not only finally manifesting the monster that I've been telling you the liberals are creating in their own minds, but in giving us the gift of watching the whole smear Sarah Palin campaign blow itself up into tiny bits. Yes, if you cross Sarah Palin there will be hell to pay because it's your hell that you will be paying.

If there is anyone still left who buys into the fantasy portrayed by the factually "limp and impotent" piece penned by Michael Joseph Gross (who probably just ruined his reputation in the process), they are probably the same people who buy penny stocks from shady brokers or who respond to those emails they get telling them they won $1 million dollars in the Nigerian lottery.

So let me not waste any more of your time by writing another article debunking it. However, if you want to read a really great article debunking it, check out Rusty Weiss' article for The Daily Caller. And if you really want to just get some sick sweet pleasure watching the wheels, the doors and the sheet metal of the entire liberal smear campaign against Sarah Palin come falling off the thing, check out this quite enjoyable morsel on Conservatives4Palin. Watch Shannyn Moore drown in the C4P!

That sound you just heard was Shannyn Moore throwing cans at her refrigerator while cussing up a storm. It figures that she would have had her hand in that article. Sometimes birds fly in formation over the reflecting pool and sometimes, Shannyn, they just crap on your head. The Universe always sets things right.

To best understand the nonsense about Palin's temper and the vendettas she supposedly holds, one has to truly understand how personally powerful this lady really is. She is a friendly fire that only burns those who try to stick their hands into it. Having fought the good ole boy network in Alaska since the beginning of her political career and then having to suffer the slings and arrows of the venemous national media during and after the 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah Palin has been more than conditioned for the adversity one has to be able to handle as president.

Sarah Palin has an army of followers who were built out out of a sense of sickness over the unfair treatment she has had to put up with all of her political life. She was once beaten to the point where she said politically speaking "if I die, I die." She took hit after hit and shot after shot like a moose out in the open, shackled to a governorship whose ethics rules prevented her from firing back.

Today, though, no shot goes without swift response. The army is strong. They have her back and she acknowledges that. The response to the Vanity Fair article puts the lying smear merchants on notice once again. As protective and swift to action as her army is, the fact of the matter is Sarah is free now. She's a big girl who wields an Excalabur of a rhetorical sword without the restraints of title or the debilitation of frivolous ethics complaints designed to bankrupt her and paralyze her governorship. Her power exists not because people fear her, but because her people, dare I say it, love her to their core.

So when someone quotes an unnamed malcontent or takes a bunch of fifth or sixth hand scenarios as translated by a cackle of rads and presents to us "factual" evidence that Sarah Palin is something she's not, it just means someone just wasted a whole lot of time again trying and failing to take her out. There's a reason for not having names to back up the complaints lodged about her in the Vanity Fair article. Sources are not afraid of what Sarah will do them. They're afraid of looking like idiots who have no credibility.

Besides, a petite woman from Wasilla can't be that dangerous... unless there are millions of people who are willing to go to their "death" for her.

But that aside, let's take how desperate the left and the establishment are to be rid of her (and this Vanity Fair article proves how the pure panic is just getting more pronounced the closer we get to the 2012 primary season). I don't care how rich or powerful you think Sarah Palin is. If someone had something real on her, you can bet the SarahPac money that it would have come out by now given the intense scrutiny she has been under. I can't picture someone who gets nervous or angry about answering a question about what newspapers she reads being able to keep all those evil skeletons in her closet for so long without cracking. This is the same woman who had a "Tell Tale Heart"/"Crime and Punishment" time of it keeping the D she got in college under wraps.

Sarah Palin can't even wear a visor with McCain's name sharpied out to the beach without getting busted, never mind hiding a "sad and moldering strangeness" behind the skin of her life.

Let me explain the vendetta thing correctly. In 2002, Frank Murkowski told Sarah Palin that he didn't think running for Senate would be good for her because she wasn't a professional politician on that level and that the people of Alaska would want someone a little more seasoned and, well, a little more male. Yet, after Sarah Palin left Murkowski's office, Murkowski hand picked his daughter Lisa who fit the same reasons Murkowski gave Palin as to why she shouldn't run for the Senate seat.

The reason why people don't become successful is because they give up or take no for an answer. Sarah Palin was not going to do that. Instead, she chose to play on life's field above board and with honesty and integrity. She would not compromise her principles to cover up the political cronyism and criminal activity at the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and she was not going to believe Frank Murkowski's caricature of her.

She didn't set out to steal Murkowski's job. She first tried to run for lieutenant governor and lost. It wasn't until the people of Alaska gave her the support she needed in order to beat Frank Murkowski straight up in a fair election that she even had any chance of furthering her career. Murkowski should have let her run for the Senate. The liberals should have just left her alone after she lost in 2008. Palin's road to the presidency will be paved by those who tried to stop her by feeding her the adversity she would need to become strong enough to handle the world's most powerful office.

Palin leaves it up to the Universe to allow the negativity to eat it's own. If she leaves behind a trail of destruction as the liberals like to accuse her of, it is only because they self destruct in the wake of a greatness that exposes not only their inner failings but their inability to deal with those inner failings in a positive way. Palin actually wins because the people who love her become better people for it and the people who hate her simply fall to pieces over their inability to destroy her.

For example, the negativity of the resentments within the Murkowski family continued to simmer even though Sarah had beaten Frank in a fair fight. Lisa Murkowski worked professionally with Palin on government business, but that simmering of resentment boiled over when Lisa made the grave mistake of criticizing Sarah Palin when she resigned. While still governor, Sarah Palin dealt in good faith with Lisa and agreed to not run for her Senate seat. She even donated $5,000 to her re-election campaign to prove her sincerity! But Murkowski couldn't keep her lip zipped. Instead, she criticized Sarah when she resigned and doubled down when she zinged her for "death panels."

When Palin endorsed Joe Miller, this was hardly the move of an evil woman who had some sadistic fantasy of watching Lisa Murkowski lose her Senate seat for no reason at all. Regardless of Murkowski's personal feelings about Palin beating her father, she should have been politically astute enough to use the opportunity of Palin's resignation to criticize the Left and those ankle biters who were not just anti- Sarah Palin but anti- Republican as well. Lisa was unwilling to take one for the team and the outcome is another example of how natural law works when the political machine is unable to skew it in favor of the big party establishment candidate.

The vindictiveness and the vendetta was all Lisa's here. Palin simply responded to the negative energy by backing a bright, positive rising star in Joe Miller. Did anyone see Sarah Palin strong-arming people at the ballot box? Were all those smiling sign wavers in Wasilla "victims of abuse?" Hardly.

Sarah Palin's power comes from the people who support her. It doesn't come from the people who clam up because they are afraid of her. Sarah Palin could only wish to have the ability to squealch a Kim Elton like a bug around the time Troopergate was happening. She could only wish to be able to throw things at the idiots in the McCain campaign to scare them into not lying about her to cover up for their inability to get their boss elected president. Vanity Fair's monster is the same woman who couldn't even get an abusive husband and cop who drinks on the job, shoots moose illegally and tasers his own son for fun fired.

I'd call Sarah Palin the "teflon mom," but the fact is if you keep pouring water with no ingredients onto the pan, it's not going to stick anyway.

The real wrath liberals suffer at the hands of Sarah Palin are vendettas of their own making. They manifest their monster and then eat their own when the story doesn't come out right. The enemy known as Sarah is actually the demon within the hearts of liberals that they must project onto her lest it stay home and fester until one day it explodes into a breakdown like the one Shannyn Moore had today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"Impotent, limp and gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them as factual..."

Go to the 14 minute mark (start at 13 if you want to hear her talk about "idiot reporter").

Now this is what I'm talking about.

UPDATE: Brent Bozell's awesome website Newsbusters provides more here.
I hear there's some pretty ugly stuff right now coming out and what we predict, we always see a pattern. We've got some victories under the belt. Things are, things are going well, and then, then there is that public slam of us. So, we always expect what's coming. I don't read some of it because I know that those that are impotent and limp and gutless, and then they go on, they're anonymous, they're sources that are anonymous, and impotent, limp and gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them as being factual references. You know, it just slays me because it's so absolutely clear what the state of yellow journalism is today that they would take these anonymous sources as fact. So, when a story especially is filled with those and we know it's bogus and we're not going to read it.

Satan Sticker For Politico

You know, every time I read the printer toilet paper, I have to laugh that professional writers still think they can weasel their crap in before I flush the toilet. This is the stupidest, most ridiculous, most obviously veiled hit piece to come across in what (checks my watch) the last 10 minutes? Please, Andy Barr. Sarah Palin just kicked everyone's ass in Alaska, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Iowa, California.... Need I go on, moron?

Like I wrote in a previous post: observe. Observe how the left and the Palin haters try to poison the minds of their readers and those who may just be casually passing through the pages of Politico on their way to the toilet. After you read my previous post, you'll understand why from here forward I will be putting what I call a "Satan Sticker" on anything where the agenda of the destruction of Sarah Palin is that obvious and the absence of facts are that evident.

Disagree with her on issues of policy or clearly explain why our country should not go in the direction that Palin advocates. That's fine. But don't give me this crap that because Romney's up by 3 points in Alaska in a pre-primary poll over a year out that you're going to convince us to abandon Palin simply because you quote left wing hack and deal maker with the Daily Kos, Dean Debnam when he makes this spitoon worthy comment: “Fortunately for Sarah Palin, Alaska decides few convention delegates, and coming more than a month after Super Tuesday, she may not survive the race to be embarrassed on her home turf.”

And, moron, you end your piece by saying the margin of error is 3.5. So you base a whole article around Romney's three point lead, you quote a fantasy from Dean Debnam about Palin avoiding embarrassment on her home turf the day after Joe Miller and the Tea Party Express basically coronate Palin as Queen of Alaska and you finish it by showing a margin of error that suggests Palin could technically be .5 ahead of Romney.

Obviously, those Alaska polls are accurate. Right Andy? Go ask Lisa Murkowski what she thinks about the accuracy of polls in Alaska. Miller was down by 11 before they voted last Tuesday. Palin could be down 15 to Romney right now and it would mean nothing.

I don't know why writers like Barr get paid and I don't. If any idiot can write a piece based on pure fantasy and pure desire to see the destruction of Sarah Palin without a fact other than the fact that the 3 point lead he touts for Romney whithers to nothingness when the margin of error is 3.5.

Guys, please stop it. If you Google every hit piece that has been written about Sarah Palin since August 29, 2008 and stack them from here to Mars, maybe just maybe you will figure out that the left has wasted a lot of printer paper. She's a monster and she only grows bigger the more you feed it this crap. Please. Give it a rest, man.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fear in the Eyes of Sewer Rats (Updated)

The entire liberal moronosphere just went into convulsions after Saturday's Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C. And that's a good thing. It means our side is so effective now. Liberals who used to strong arm us with their pens like feet on our throats are now finding they are the ones with our feet on their throats. And they are desperate. Desperate, I tell you.

The "army" showed up in Washington, DC to tell America that we are preparing to take it back. We are going to return to God and ask for His divine mercy as we ratchet up what will the biggest push in the war against liberalism so far: the taking of Capitol Hill. These liberals who have made it a struggle for us to get up the side of the hill upon which sits the city are about to be met with the resounding thunder that will emanate from ballot boxes across the land. We will be halfway home when we secure a majority in Congress.

When the sewer rats of the left find themselves confronted with truth and are startled to fear by the light that shines on them in their darkness, they attack. They have no other option but to unsheathe their rhetorical swords and go for the kill. Unable to win the hearts and minds of the people while standing on a rickety foundation overlooking the waste land of their morally bankrupt ideology, they cling to their worn out dogma. In the absence of facts, they launch personal attacks.

And so we come to Beau Friedlander who is so desperate and who has nothing left in his arsenal that he is offering $100,000 for anything that will destroy Glenn Beck's character. That's a pretty cheap price for a soul. I'm sure Satan will find someone to take the money. Satan actually can score big on the deal because the souls of the people putting up the money, Friedlander's soul and the soul of the poor sap who delivers the goods can all be his for a measly hundred grand.

Maybe Friedlander doesn't realize this, but Glenn Beck was a drunk who probably has a wing built on his house just so he has a big enough closet for his skeletons. We already know that the story of Glenn Beck is that of a wretch who has turned back to God and who is now seeking his redemption and salvation. Which direction are you liberals going in, Beau?

Are we supposed to believe that those who peddle negativity, smear and dirt should have any influence on how Americans make their political and moral decisions? How gut wrenchingly disgusting it is that a wing of any political movement in America can believe that attacking and smearing a man who has atoned for his sins and found God is the way to winning a political argument. Word to Beau Friedlander: those who continue to peddle Satan's wares and build the chute down which they would like to push the likes of Beck and Palin will only find that they themselves will eventually end up going down that very chute. The Left continues to manifest the monsters of their inner negativity with their false caricatures of those they oppose. Those monsters will come back to destroy them.

Trying to get the good and righteous ones down into the sewer with all the rats is just one fat, drunk and stupid way to go through political life. We see the fear in the eyes of the sewer rats because they are afraid. They are afraid that their hoodwink may be over. They are afraid the truth may prevail and America will see the light and cast them from our political debate.

Glenn Beck found the antidote and he gave it to us on Saturday. What does the left fear most? God. God represents a higher morality that exposes their shortcoming and inner weaknesses by juxtaposition. As such, those who seek God and who seek to restore our nation's honor are seen as a threat. Some liberals may say they believe in God, but are they willing to follow Him or would they rather justify their sins at the altar of moral relativism? Only God can confer righteousness on us and only we can seek that righteousness from God. In the absence of striving for that higher standard and that way of the Lord or in resistance to it, the Left is simply left with being and nothingness.

When we speak about restoring honor and when we talk about coming back to God, it is for liberals as if the entire conservative movement just poured buckets of holy water on them. And because they are so riddled with Satan's spiritual cancer which works so well with liberalism's ideological cancer, they are just writhing in pain.

We need to pray for people like Beau Friedlander and anyone else who finds a problem with finding our way back to God.

UPDATED: Glenn Beck addresses the Huffpo article. Newsbusters address the article. The article has since been pulled by the editors at Huffpo.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Palin shirks off 2-6 slump with clean sweep of Tuesday's primaries

There are liberals on ledges everywhere. The carnage is everywhere. Across America, thousands of writers are either tearing up or deleting pre-written columns forecasting the demise of a Sarah Palin who couldn't even affect the outcome of a primary in her own home state. Palin lost three heartbreakers with Tiahrt in Kansas, Handel in Georgia and Rita Meyer in Wyoming in the past weeks leaving liberals with much to spin. But the sting is gone after four landslides and a squeaker in Alaska. Palin was 5-5 last night and brought her endorsement record up to a whopping 20-10 (21-10 if Miller becomes official). Today, liberals lament and face facts: Sarah Palin is a political giant.

Palin's losses in many cases were heartbreakers. Yeah, there was the occasional Clint Didier who got his butt kicked, but overall the liberals can't spin it. Even her losses make her look good because the candidates she endorsed would have probably lost by bigger margins without her.

Miller's win would indeed be the sweetest of all wins for Palin who can now stare down the haters and the morons in Alaska and say "resistance is futile." Sarah Palin owns Alaska. With Sean Parnell a lock for re-election and the removal of RINO Lisa Murkowski, Sarah Palin has proven that what she said during her resignation speech was right. She has proven that she is better able to effect change without the title than she would have with it.

There's no way that Palin could have survived this election had she remained governor. She was not a lame duck, she was a sitting duck.

The genius of Palin is evident in a resignation that detractors will use against her if she ever runs for office again. But, properly communicated, Palin's defense will simply be to remind people that she pulled off the ultimate political Kobayashi Maru. She beat the no win scenario.

Today Sarah Palin owns Alaska. She also owns a good chunk of America with chits in California, Massachussetts, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. There's probably more, but I don't want to rub it in.

Okay, I do.

Lisa Murkowski's chickens have come home to roost.

Rachel Rose Hartman writes:

Instead of keeping quiet about the governor's decision, Murkowski went public with her criticism. "I am deeply disappointed that the governor has decided to abandon the state and her constituents before her term has concluded," Murkowski said at the time. The news was blasted over the media throughout the Independence Day weekend.

Then, the following month, Murkowski hit out at Palin's "death panel" talk, saying the former governor was inciting fear and inventing lies.
Murkowski's roasting of Sarah Palin after the resignation and subsequent sliming of the "death panels" comment cost her the election. It's not that you don't diss Sarah Palin. It's that you don't diss a fellow Republican like that. She did Sarah Palin, the Alaska Republican party and the state of Alaska wrong when she did not point the finger at the liberals and the ankle biters for the resignation and because she became so wishy washy on Obamacare that she would rather denegrate "death panels" than cheerlead it to support a Republican position against the health care reform law.

Writers were prepared today to unleash a barage of columns proclaiming the Palin era dead. Despite winning 4 of 5 endorsements, spinsters were prepared to turn the Alaska primary into an issue of "they hate her in Alaska so why should the rest of us in the lower 48 think differently." It was not only a tremendous upset, it was a must win for Palin.

Palin hater Malia Whitman wrote:

A Dittman Research poll in April found Palin’s popularity in Alaska has continued to fall to 46% approval. “I would expect Sarah’s going to be very embarrassed by the results Tuesday,” said Republican pollster Marc Hellenthal. “She’s been delivering everybody else’s state but she won’t be able to deliver her own.”
What the hell is a Dittman poll anyway?

I'd love to tell the haters, the RINOs and the liberals that "this Bud's for you." But the fact of the matter is, it's Miller time! Read em and weep, PDS sufferers, progressives, liberal bloggers, mainstream media morons and whoever else would like to take credit for the sliming and smearing of Sarah Palin. Since 2008, you have been feeding Americans the type of crap that Whitman has been writing on her blog. It's the same garbage that has been written by the mainstream media and the unhinged blogs that you see on Whitman's blogroll. America is no longer buying it. The media is dead. Today, you are all being served a dish of schadenfreude and it is ice cold.

On our side Mike Huckabee can whine all he wants about endorsements not meaning anything, but the fact of the matter is he (with the exception of his endorsement for Miller) and all the other 2012 GOP hopefuls got their butts whooped last night. I'm not normally one to bash other Republicans. So let me say this as nicely as I can. The writing on the wall just got bigger and more readable. You guys are all a bunch of good Republicans, and you're all a bunch of nice guys. But we are going to have to start waking up to the fact that Sarah Palin has sent a message: the Republican Party is about to change, and change for the better.

Sarah Palin was big when she ran for VP. She got bigger when she did her book tour. She just leveled up again. The liberal's manifested monster is getting stronger and stronger. It's time to face facts. She will be a behemoth by the time 2012 rolls around.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nicked by Keith Olbermann's Sword

As I swagger back into camp having wreaked some havoc in the land of the liberals on my blog and BlogTalk Radio show, the words of Jedediah Bila stand out in my head. If you're not being attacked by liberals then you are doing something wrong.

So last night I looked through my emails. Nothing. I checked my Facebook page. Nothing. I checked my Twitter page. Nothing.

Ah, but today fellow warriors, things have changed. I was attacked by three trolls on Twitter, and another over at my Townhall blog.

But in the course of the day's battle, I came across a tweet that I felt was worth re-tweeting. I didn't write it, I simply re-tweeted it.

So as I indulge in my periodic allusions to the mythical world of Kings and Queens and guillotines (watch the amazing video here), and I describe the political fight for taking back our country in a more poetically licensed way, allow me to proudly show you all my war wound. It's a light cut across the forearm that should earn me respect from my fellow warriors. Yes, my friends, that was Keith Olbermann's sword that nicked me.

Okay, so I haven't reached the pinnacle of pinnacles or been crowned with the greatest crown of crowns - one only to be hoisted on the heads of such great warriors as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. I have not made it to the coveted list of Worst Person in the World. But street cred is street cred and I am the ish even if for just a quick moment.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the New Brigade of Warriors: Mama Grizzlies

We have been clanging rhetorical swords with the enemy since she ran for vice president. There is Team Sarah, the Ordinary Barbarians, the Palinistas, Jews for Palin, Hillary Supporters for Palin, Gay Patriots for Palin and so on and so on. The list goes on. Sarah Palin has formed her own team as well. They are the Mama Grizzlies.

From Facebook:
I support them because they boldly shake things up in their primary races. They don’t just sit on the sidelines whining; instead, they are in the arena fighting for commonsense constitutional conservative solutions; and in their oft-characterized (and enormously challenging) “underdog” status, they all exemplify the qualities of a winner who will serve admirably and for all the right reasons.
The head Mama Grizzly wastes no time in going after the loony leftists on Emily list. But like Harrison Ford in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" who sees a silly man trying to show off his moves with his sword, Palin can't feign enough outrage as she fights back the smile like the principal in Porky's "Taliwacker" scene. Instead, like Harrison Ford, she simply fires one shot and walks away laughing.
First, ladies, it’s hard to take a critic seriously when they lecture you wearing a bear suit. So, it’s difficult for me to drum up much outrage at this latest ad. But, really, lying about a sister while wearing an Ewok outfit is no way to honor our foremothers on the eve of the 90th anniversary of their victory. But, that aside, I’d love to know where you got those get-ups. Halloween is just around the corner, and Piper and Trig would look adorable as little grizzly bears.
If you really want to laugh your head off, just check out this video from PalinTV:

Now come on, show me some love for putting Lisa Murkowski's head on a Rhino.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Greg Gutfeld: Warrior of the Week

When Jedediah Bila of Human Events started handing out awards for media insanity of the week, the big winner was Ben Adler, who this blogger took to task earlier this week. Then I got to thinking that maybe I should hand out an award, too. I was holding a high level political strategy meeting with my advisors Jim Beam, Buddy Weiser and a guy named Billy who lives across the street from me when Greg Gutfeld came on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel and said that Sarah Palin exposes idiots just by being herself. We all cheered, Beam and Weiser cheering a little more loudly than the neighbors may have wanted them to. Queue the video and have the presenter walk on stage. This week's Warrior of the Week award goes to Greg Gutfeld.

This was a crazy week for unhinged liberals who had the wheels come off of everything they tried. After unsuccessfully spinning Sarah Palin's Xena-like courageous foray into the lion's den of detraction, hair-torn and frustrated liberals used their rhetorical swords to figuratively kill her in a plane crash. The liberals' heart of darkness, a tell-tale heart, was exposed once again like the Queen of Outer Space's face after her mask was ripped off  to reveal the horrible radiation burns that must have been caused by the vitriolic way in which the liberal media handle their inability to advance their morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology in a civil, intellectually honest or ethical way.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News' Red Eye, began his triumphant week (if by triumphant you mean not serving alcohol so as not to offend Muslims who may patronize a gay bar you want to build for them) with a Gregalogue about opening the gay bar next to the mosque near Ground Zero. Turning the Alinsky tactics on the left, Gutfeld went on Glenn Beck to further explain.

The clanging of rhetorical swords you currently hear is a Twitter battle between Gutfeld and Park 51, the developers for the mosque.

Welcome to Gutfeld's brilliant world of the written and spoken word. It's like getting hit in the head by a two by four in such a way that you can't stop laughing. Gutfeld penned this brilliant piece on Big Journalism where he beats Ben Adler like a pitbull at Michael Vick's house, then followed it up with his Monica Crowley "Sarah Palin is an existential threat to liberalism" moment on Hannity. For liberals, it's like drinking a screwdriver, only without the orange juice.

At a time when the right needs to infiltrate the pop culture and find it's intellectually superior version of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, Gutfeld comes riding in with his irreverent Red Eye show and group of basement dwellers to seize ownership of the once vacant niche. Destroying the left is more fun now as we laugh with Greg at their hideously absurd tactics and mock their relentless but feeble attempts to destroy the conservative movement and its beloved Sarah Palin.

Silver medal goes to Pamela Geller for her relentless fight against the mosque. The bronze medal is a tie between Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who fearlessly defend Sarah Palin while also clanging swords with liberals who believe it's okay to allow an incompetent mayor to let an Imam who does not denounce Hamas and who says the United States is an accessory to the crime that happened to place a monument for terrorists that "stabs hearts" right next to Ground Zero.

And if you disagree with me, you are a misogynist, Jew hating race bater who won't let me listen to my Triumph albums because their uplifting lyrics offend your sense of indecency.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sarah Rides in and Joins Me in Battle

Today was a wild day. Conservatives4Palin was covering Palin's speech in Georgia for Handel and the the left wing media was just going nuts over a video posted by Shannyn Moore of the Huffington Post. So I pulled out the old rhetorical sword and went carving while most of the Palin army "was down in Georgia." Conservatives4Palin had already softened the target yesterday, but there was no one really out here today. So I figured I would handle some of Sarah Palin's lightwork for her while she was campaigning for Handel in Georgia. Little did I expect her to come riding onto the scene and Jackie Chan the Lamestream Media again.

After pumping out blog posts about the Homer incident while dueling with a twitter buddy who hates Sarah Palin at the same time, I figured I'd sit back on a rock and drink some water from the canteen. It was quite pleasant to see a tweet pop up "There you go again, LSM". Hmmm, I recognize the sound. That must be Excalibur. It's sheathed on Facebook and when it is drawn and used for battle, the entire country hears it.

And in all my analysis on the Shannyn Moore and Newsweek articles, I missed a very basic point. Sarah Palin did not eyeroll. She was looking around Bristol because someone had a camera phone going. When she noticed the camera, she waved.

Here's what Sarah wrote on her Facebook page:
While filming the Alaska documentary in Homer, I had a brief discussion with a local lady who, in typical Alaska style, decided to give me her two cents worth about my political leanings, American politics in general, and much else besides. It’s what makes our politics so uniquely democratic: two people discussing the things they care about, even though they respectfully disagree about just about everything (you can watch a brief video of the encounter here).

The LSM has now decided to use this brief encounter for another one of their spin operations. They claim I – wait for it – “appear to roll my eyes” when the lady tells me she’s a teacher. Yes, it’s come to this: the media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines. (Maybe that’s why Botox is all the rage – if you can’t move your eyebrows, your “eye rolling” can’t be misinterpreted!) If they had checked their facts first, they would have known that I come from a family of teachers; my grandparents were teachers, my father was a teacher, my brother is a teacher, my sister works in Special Needs classrooms, my aunt is a school nurse, my mom worked as a school secretary for much of her professional life, we all volunteer in classrooms, etc., etc., etc. Given that family history, how likely is it that I would “roll my eyes” at someone telling me that they too work in that honorable profession? Stay classy, LSM.

One good thing to come out of this little episode, though, is that it helps to remind people once again that Alaska is a great state full of independent-minded people. I look forward to introducing you to some of them in the forthcoming documentary series on life in Alaska! The show will remind you to get outdoors, breathe in God’s creation, and taste the freedom!

- Sarah Palin
Consider the record straight now.

Sarah Palin: Cool and Courageous

Like a true warrior, Palin walks into the lion's den and handles it. No matter how much Shannyn Moore (Alaska blogger complicit with DNC in Palin smear campaign during 2008 campaign) and Bed Adler (Journolister complicit with media in Palin smear campaign) want to spin it, they did not win the fight.

Sarah Palin showed up and faced her opponent with coolness, grace and dignity. Watch the video yourself.

This manufactured anti-Palin moment is an epic fail for Shannyn Moore and the media flagpole she now tries to fly it up. Newsweek needs a buyer (UPDATE: Newsweek was sold for $1.00, which is more than what a roll of toilet paper costs, thus it is still priced out if its market. END UPDATE.) anyway since it's going belly up and Moore's television show, Moore Up North (rhymes with...), will be surpassed in viewership during the commercial that comes on right before Palin's TLC documentary as millions of Americans finish popping their corn and pouring the sodas in anticipation of seeing what the real Alaska looks like.

From a PR point of view, Alaska will need that documentary as many people are now looking at the damage the likes of Moore and the rest of the malcontents up there are reaking on their state's image.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Putting the Ho Back in Homer (Updated)

Has the Ho been in Homer since long before Sarah Palin got there? Alaska's most notorious blogger got her clocked cleaned, deservedly so, by Conservatives4Palin after three unhinged tweets. The Twit from Homer showed a scary side of herself yesterday with an anger projected tweet where she told Sarah Palin "you'll be sorry. #NOTINMYHOMETOWN." This followed a tweet where she said Palin ""put the Ho in Homer."#gohome." After nearly two years of smearing and lying about Sarah Palin, the frustration in not being able to take her down is showing.

Shannyn Moore has been an aspiring media personality since becoming a contributor to the Huffington Post and MSNBC. She is also a radio talk show host and a television talk show host. Success trainers tell people to avoid negativity, control anger and create a positive persona that would make you attractive to the people who you are trying to get to buy your product or service. But when you're selling hate, those principles aren't needed. As for attracting her audience, another success principle applies: likes attract likes. And in that area, Moore excels given her Palin Derangement Syndrome afflicted following on Twitter, on the radio, on TV and on the Huffington Post.

But, at some point, you run out of disciples of hatred and you max out. Moore has probably maxed out. Now the question becomes who has the better chance of being the most successful: a woman who makes over $12 million a year, who radiates patriotism and love of country and who expresses appreciation for her fans or someone who spews hate and vitriol, radiates a constant desire to protest and complain about her country and who poorly represents her fans by being a hate mongering monster. You make the call.

"Also defying logical explanation is Shannyn's habit of calling a woman who has been married to her high school sweetheart for 21 years a 'whore'" says Conservatives4Palin. So, in trying to figure out where the Ho in Homer is, we turn to a leftover of the free love, hippie generation and wonder if we can make a judgment about Moore as easily as one could run with a judgment that let's say someone is under indictment by the FBI because they are resigning a governorship.

Now this is not a slanderous statement since I'm only drawing a hypothetical. I am not accusing Shannyn Moore of being a Ho. I'm just saying that there are rumors to that effect.

UPDATE 08/09/10: The events that were alluded to in Shannyn Moore's tweets ended up in an article she wrote for the Huffington Post. In that article, she links to a video on the YouTube site MooreUpNorth, which is a television show that Moore hosts in Alaska. The Lamestream Media ran with it and of course, it was another dud. Palin actually comes across as cool and collected, smiling as she engages in "what makes our politics so uniquely democratic: two people discussing the things they care about, even though they respectfully disagree about just about everything." The LSM tried to spin it to make it appear that Palin was being snarky or confrontational. This normally happens when the LSM keeps accepting the junk that Moore sends up the media flagpole for them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update From the Front

It's bloody, but it's their blood

The ordinary barbarians and the heavy artillery have been on a major offensive the past several weeks. Sarah the Great has fully, yet informally, taken charge now and is assaulting Barack the Barbarian and his minions ferociously. She is taking no prisoners as the army draws closer to the Capitol. Latest reports from headquarters are promising. It appears the Democrats are losing ground and morale is low. There are extremely encouraging signs that we will be able to take at least the House of Representatives by November and possibly, but with a much lesser certainty, the Senate.

Taking the House would in effect give us control of the Capitol. Even if the Senate is not taken, it can be effectively neutralized by gains in territory and seats. At that point, the Obama agenda could be stymied and the leadership team could assemble itself in preparation for the final piece in taking back the country: the White House.

Sarah Palin has been ruthless. She has been pounding the President almost daily.

We didn't know about this in advance, but a major bunker buster fired off by the Daily Caller blew the liberal media right out of the water. The media, you will recall, was the heavy artillery that played a major part in defeating us in 2008. Winning that major offensive severely weakens the one force that we needed to overcome in order to take our country back. Sarah assisted the Daily Caller with a killer skewering of "sick puppies" and "yahoos" in the media. After devastating the media, she mocked them on Fox News Sunday by writing on her hand.

Andrew Breitbart, Tucker Carlson and Brent Bozell all received gold stars for brilliantly taking down the media just in time for the contenders for 2012 to prepare to win back the hearts and minds of the people, who polls are showing are more and more in favor of having us take it back. The only question remains whether Sarah the Great can muster enough support among our own ranks to be selected as our supreme ruler. er.. presidential nominee officially.

Palin commissioned Todd Tiahrt to take the Senate in Kansas, but he was killed by friendly fire. Jim the Magnificent backed Jay Moran who took the nomination and now looks to be headed toward the Senate in a state that we already control. It was a heartbreaking loss for the Palinistas, but the movement as a whole will not be harmed and the seat will not be lost.

Bob the General in Virginia along with Ken the Compass have been making huge progress in pushing back on the tyrannical health care decree from King Obama. A victory in court would make it impossible to enforce this decree on the battlefield. Gold stars await them following a hearing in November and possibly a supreme court case.

Speaking of the court, Obama forces are advancing in their battle to get Elena the Kagan onto the Supreme Court in the hopes that she will help him uphold his health care decree. Barack also sued Jan the Brewer's state of Arizona and won a stay on their immigration law. Sarah the Great was great was angered and slashed Barack the Barbarian in the groin. She told Sean the Great American that we should not rubber stamp Kagan.

She continues to beat him bloody on her Facebook page, challenging him to a duel (okay, a debate - I overdo this stuff sometimes lol).

Sarah also took on the Imam of New York, otherwise known as Mike the Mayor, a despotic dictator who controls the eating habits of his subjects. Coming to the aid of Atlas Shrugs, she brought her might to the battle, but the territory around the hallowed Ground Zero is in enemy hands now and stopping them from building a mosque there will take more than we got right now considering the fact that we are advancing on other key fronts.

Sarah the Great's mockery of the left and the liberal media on Fox News Sunday angered them so much that they brutally attacked her on Politifact. She unsheathed her sword and immediately defeated them in battle. Ed the Morrissey arrived on the scene and declared the battle over with Sarah the victor.

The lady fights like Xena and is a much leveled up version of  what she was in 2008 (and she was pretty powerful then).