Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fear in the Eyes of Sewer Rats (Updated)

The entire liberal moronosphere just went into convulsions after Saturday's Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C. And that's a good thing. It means our side is so effective now. Liberals who used to strong arm us with their pens like feet on our throats are now finding they are the ones with our feet on their throats. And they are desperate. Desperate, I tell you.

The "army" showed up in Washington, DC to tell America that we are preparing to take it back. We are going to return to God and ask for His divine mercy as we ratchet up what will the biggest push in the war against liberalism so far: the taking of Capitol Hill. These liberals who have made it a struggle for us to get up the side of the hill upon which sits the city are about to be met with the resounding thunder that will emanate from ballot boxes across the land. We will be halfway home when we secure a majority in Congress.

When the sewer rats of the left find themselves confronted with truth and are startled to fear by the light that shines on them in their darkness, they attack. They have no other option but to unsheathe their rhetorical swords and go for the kill. Unable to win the hearts and minds of the people while standing on a rickety foundation overlooking the waste land of their morally bankrupt ideology, they cling to their worn out dogma. In the absence of facts, they launch personal attacks.

And so we come to Beau Friedlander who is so desperate and who has nothing left in his arsenal that he is offering $100,000 for anything that will destroy Glenn Beck's character. That's a pretty cheap price for a soul. I'm sure Satan will find someone to take the money. Satan actually can score big on the deal because the souls of the people putting up the money, Friedlander's soul and the soul of the poor sap who delivers the goods can all be his for a measly hundred grand.

Maybe Friedlander doesn't realize this, but Glenn Beck was a drunk who probably has a wing built on his house just so he has a big enough closet for his skeletons. We already know that the story of Glenn Beck is that of a wretch who has turned back to God and who is now seeking his redemption and salvation. Which direction are you liberals going in, Beau?

Are we supposed to believe that those who peddle negativity, smear and dirt should have any influence on how Americans make their political and moral decisions? How gut wrenchingly disgusting it is that a wing of any political movement in America can believe that attacking and smearing a man who has atoned for his sins and found God is the way to winning a political argument. Word to Beau Friedlander: those who continue to peddle Satan's wares and build the chute down which they would like to push the likes of Beck and Palin will only find that they themselves will eventually end up going down that very chute. The Left continues to manifest the monsters of their inner negativity with their false caricatures of those they oppose. Those monsters will come back to destroy them.

Trying to get the good and righteous ones down into the sewer with all the rats is just one fat, drunk and stupid way to go through political life. We see the fear in the eyes of the sewer rats because they are afraid. They are afraid that their hoodwink may be over. They are afraid the truth may prevail and America will see the light and cast them from our political debate.

Glenn Beck found the antidote and he gave it to us on Saturday. What does the left fear most? God. God represents a higher morality that exposes their shortcoming and inner weaknesses by juxtaposition. As such, those who seek God and who seek to restore our nation's honor are seen as a threat. Some liberals may say they believe in God, but are they willing to follow Him or would they rather justify their sins at the altar of moral relativism? Only God can confer righteousness on us and only we can seek that righteousness from God. In the absence of striving for that higher standard and that way of the Lord or in resistance to it, the Left is simply left with being and nothingness.

When we speak about restoring honor and when we talk about coming back to God, it is for liberals as if the entire conservative movement just poured buckets of holy water on them. And because they are so riddled with Satan's spiritual cancer which works so well with liberalism's ideological cancer, they are just writhing in pain.

We need to pray for people like Beau Friedlander and anyone else who finds a problem with finding our way back to God.

UPDATED: Glenn Beck addresses the Huffpo article. Newsbusters address the article. The article has since been pulled by the editors at Huffpo.

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