Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update From the Front

It's bloody, but it's their blood

The ordinary barbarians and the heavy artillery have been on a major offensive the past several weeks. Sarah the Great has fully, yet informally, taken charge now and is assaulting Barack the Barbarian and his minions ferociously. She is taking no prisoners as the army draws closer to the Capitol. Latest reports from headquarters are promising. It appears the Democrats are losing ground and morale is low. There are extremely encouraging signs that we will be able to take at least the House of Representatives by November and possibly, but with a much lesser certainty, the Senate.

Taking the House would in effect give us control of the Capitol. Even if the Senate is not taken, it can be effectively neutralized by gains in territory and seats. At that point, the Obama agenda could be stymied and the leadership team could assemble itself in preparation for the final piece in taking back the country: the White House.

Sarah Palin has been ruthless. She has been pounding the President almost daily.

We didn't know about this in advance, but a major bunker buster fired off by the Daily Caller blew the liberal media right out of the water. The media, you will recall, was the heavy artillery that played a major part in defeating us in 2008. Winning that major offensive severely weakens the one force that we needed to overcome in order to take our country back. Sarah assisted the Daily Caller with a killer skewering of "sick puppies" and "yahoos" in the media. After devastating the media, she mocked them on Fox News Sunday by writing on her hand.

Andrew Breitbart, Tucker Carlson and Brent Bozell all received gold stars for brilliantly taking down the media just in time for the contenders for 2012 to prepare to win back the hearts and minds of the people, who polls are showing are more and more in favor of having us take it back. The only question remains whether Sarah the Great can muster enough support among our own ranks to be selected as our supreme ruler. er.. presidential nominee officially.

Palin commissioned Todd Tiahrt to take the Senate in Kansas, but he was killed by friendly fire. Jim the Magnificent backed Jay Moran who took the nomination and now looks to be headed toward the Senate in a state that we already control. It was a heartbreaking loss for the Palinistas, but the movement as a whole will not be harmed and the seat will not be lost.

Bob the General in Virginia along with Ken the Compass have been making huge progress in pushing back on the tyrannical health care decree from King Obama. A victory in court would make it impossible to enforce this decree on the battlefield. Gold stars await them following a hearing in November and possibly a supreme court case.

Speaking of the court, Obama forces are advancing in their battle to get Elena the Kagan onto the Supreme Court in the hopes that she will help him uphold his health care decree. Barack also sued Jan the Brewer's state of Arizona and won a stay on their immigration law. Sarah the Great was great was angered and slashed Barack the Barbarian in the groin. She told Sean the Great American that we should not rubber stamp Kagan.

She continues to beat him bloody on her Facebook page, challenging him to a duel (okay, a debate - I overdo this stuff sometimes lol).

Sarah also took on the Imam of New York, otherwise known as Mike the Mayor, a despotic dictator who controls the eating habits of his subjects. Coming to the aid of Atlas Shrugs, she brought her might to the battle, but the territory around the hallowed Ground Zero is in enemy hands now and stopping them from building a mosque there will take more than we got right now considering the fact that we are advancing on other key fronts.

Sarah the Great's mockery of the left and the liberal media on Fox News Sunday angered them so much that they brutally attacked her on Politifact. She unsheathed her sword and immediately defeated them in battle. Ed the Morrissey arrived on the scene and declared the battle over with Sarah the victor.

The lady fights like Xena and is a much leveled up version of  what she was in 2008 (and she was pretty powerful then).

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