Sunday, August 8, 2010

Putting the Ho Back in Homer (Updated)

Has the Ho been in Homer since long before Sarah Palin got there? Alaska's most notorious blogger got her clocked cleaned, deservedly so, by Conservatives4Palin after three unhinged tweets. The Twit from Homer showed a scary side of herself yesterday with an anger projected tweet where she told Sarah Palin "you'll be sorry. #NOTINMYHOMETOWN." This followed a tweet where she said Palin ""put the Ho in Homer."#gohome." After nearly two years of smearing and lying about Sarah Palin, the frustration in not being able to take her down is showing.

Shannyn Moore has been an aspiring media personality since becoming a contributor to the Huffington Post and MSNBC. She is also a radio talk show host and a television talk show host. Success trainers tell people to avoid negativity, control anger and create a positive persona that would make you attractive to the people who you are trying to get to buy your product or service. But when you're selling hate, those principles aren't needed. As for attracting her audience, another success principle applies: likes attract likes. And in that area, Moore excels given her Palin Derangement Syndrome afflicted following on Twitter, on the radio, on TV and on the Huffington Post.

But, at some point, you run out of disciples of hatred and you max out. Moore has probably maxed out. Now the question becomes who has the better chance of being the most successful: a woman who makes over $12 million a year, who radiates patriotism and love of country and who expresses appreciation for her fans or someone who spews hate and vitriol, radiates a constant desire to protest and complain about her country and who poorly represents her fans by being a hate mongering monster. You make the call.

"Also defying logical explanation is Shannyn's habit of calling a woman who has been married to her high school sweetheart for 21 years a 'whore'" says Conservatives4Palin. So, in trying to figure out where the Ho in Homer is, we turn to a leftover of the free love, hippie generation and wonder if we can make a judgment about Moore as easily as one could run with a judgment that let's say someone is under indictment by the FBI because they are resigning a governorship.

Now this is not a slanderous statement since I'm only drawing a hypothetical. I am not accusing Shannyn Moore of being a Ho. I'm just saying that there are rumors to that effect.

UPDATE 08/09/10: The events that were alluded to in Shannyn Moore's tweets ended up in an article she wrote for the Huffington Post. In that article, she links to a video on the YouTube site MooreUpNorth, which is a television show that Moore hosts in Alaska. The Lamestream Media ran with it and of course, it was another dud. Palin actually comes across as cool and collected, smiling as she engages in "what makes our politics so uniquely democratic: two people discussing the things they care about, even though they respectfully disagree about just about everything." The LSM tried to spin it to make it appear that Palin was being snarky or confrontational. This normally happens when the LSM keeps accepting the junk that Moore sends up the media flagpole for them.

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