Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Palin shirks off 2-6 slump with clean sweep of Tuesday's primaries

There are liberals on ledges everywhere. The carnage is everywhere. Across America, thousands of writers are either tearing up or deleting pre-written columns forecasting the demise of a Sarah Palin who couldn't even affect the outcome of a primary in her own home state. Palin lost three heartbreakers with Tiahrt in Kansas, Handel in Georgia and Rita Meyer in Wyoming in the past weeks leaving liberals with much to spin. But the sting is gone after four landslides and a squeaker in Alaska. Palin was 5-5 last night and brought her endorsement record up to a whopping 20-10 (21-10 if Miller becomes official). Today, liberals lament and face facts: Sarah Palin is a political giant.

Palin's losses in many cases were heartbreakers. Yeah, there was the occasional Clint Didier who got his butt kicked, but overall the liberals can't spin it. Even her losses make her look good because the candidates she endorsed would have probably lost by bigger margins without her.

Miller's win would indeed be the sweetest of all wins for Palin who can now stare down the haters and the morons in Alaska and say "resistance is futile." Sarah Palin owns Alaska. With Sean Parnell a lock for re-election and the removal of RINO Lisa Murkowski, Sarah Palin has proven that what she said during her resignation speech was right. She has proven that she is better able to effect change without the title than she would have with it.

There's no way that Palin could have survived this election had she remained governor. She was not a lame duck, she was a sitting duck.

The genius of Palin is evident in a resignation that detractors will use against her if she ever runs for office again. But, properly communicated, Palin's defense will simply be to remind people that she pulled off the ultimate political Kobayashi Maru. She beat the no win scenario.

Today Sarah Palin owns Alaska. She also owns a good chunk of America with chits in California, Massachussetts, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. There's probably more, but I don't want to rub it in.

Okay, I do.

Lisa Murkowski's chickens have come home to roost.

Rachel Rose Hartman writes:

Instead of keeping quiet about the governor's decision, Murkowski went public with her criticism. "I am deeply disappointed that the governor has decided to abandon the state and her constituents before her term has concluded," Murkowski said at the time. The news was blasted over the media throughout the Independence Day weekend.

Then, the following month, Murkowski hit out at Palin's "death panel" talk, saying the former governor was inciting fear and inventing lies.
Murkowski's roasting of Sarah Palin after the resignation and subsequent sliming of the "death panels" comment cost her the election. It's not that you don't diss Sarah Palin. It's that you don't diss a fellow Republican like that. She did Sarah Palin, the Alaska Republican party and the state of Alaska wrong when she did not point the finger at the liberals and the ankle biters for the resignation and because she became so wishy washy on Obamacare that she would rather denegrate "death panels" than cheerlead it to support a Republican position against the health care reform law.

Writers were prepared today to unleash a barage of columns proclaiming the Palin era dead. Despite winning 4 of 5 endorsements, spinsters were prepared to turn the Alaska primary into an issue of "they hate her in Alaska so why should the rest of us in the lower 48 think differently." It was not only a tremendous upset, it was a must win for Palin.

Palin hater Malia Whitman wrote:

A Dittman Research poll in April found Palin’s popularity in Alaska has continued to fall to 46% approval. “I would expect Sarah’s going to be very embarrassed by the results Tuesday,” said Republican pollster Marc Hellenthal. “She’s been delivering everybody else’s state but she won’t be able to deliver her own.”
What the hell is a Dittman poll anyway?

I'd love to tell the haters, the RINOs and the liberals that "this Bud's for you." But the fact of the matter is, it's Miller time! Read em and weep, PDS sufferers, progressives, liberal bloggers, mainstream media morons and whoever else would like to take credit for the sliming and smearing of Sarah Palin. Since 2008, you have been feeding Americans the type of crap that Whitman has been writing on her blog. It's the same garbage that has been written by the mainstream media and the unhinged blogs that you see on Whitman's blogroll. America is no longer buying it. The media is dead. Today, you are all being served a dish of schadenfreude and it is ice cold.

On our side Mike Huckabee can whine all he wants about endorsements not meaning anything, but the fact of the matter is he (with the exception of his endorsement for Miller) and all the other 2012 GOP hopefuls got their butts whooped last night. I'm not normally one to bash other Republicans. So let me say this as nicely as I can. The writing on the wall just got bigger and more readable. You guys are all a bunch of good Republicans, and you're all a bunch of nice guys. But we are going to have to start waking up to the fact that Sarah Palin has sent a message: the Republican Party is about to change, and change for the better.

Sarah Palin was big when she ran for VP. She got bigger when she did her book tour. She just leveled up again. The liberal's manifested monster is getting stronger and stronger. It's time to face facts. She will be a behemoth by the time 2012 rolls around.

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