Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warriors are Called to Defense of Adrienne Ross

Ron Devito reports Adrienne Ross Attacked Unfairly for Metaphor.

Bree Palin is a whack job site that has been lying relentlessly about Trig not being Sarah Palin's son. Palingates has been spouting off about one Palin scandal after another. Both sites are like really bad rolls of tape. They don't stick. Palingates seems to have found what they think is the "holy grail" in none other than Levi Johnston. Unfortunately, it's just a plastic cup. Levi Johnston is about as credible as a fly in the grand scheme of media requirements for credibility - even by liberal media standards.

We're well aware of the politics of personal destruction and the smear tactics these deeply troubled, and may I loosely say "possessed" souls use in the absence of legitimate arguments against a person's policy positions or rights to pursue success. Without going into a long theological / psychological explanation on "possession," let's just leave it at this: those with self loathing eat themselves so deeply down within that their hatred has to find an outlet. That outlet occurs when in the course of preserving self image, a miserable sack, unable to self improve themselves, resorts to the tearing down of others more successful than they are in order to bring themselves more closely in line with their world view.

In other words, misery loves company. If you believe there is a devil, this is one of his tactics. If you don't, it's still a pyshologically sound argument which explains the manifestation of their inner torture. Either way, these people are pure evil. We must keep our distance from evil at all times. But when attacked, overwhelming force is required (no violence, though, use the pen and keyboard folks).

First of all, everyone that knows Adrienne knows that she stands for nothing but good, and a comment about putting a dog down is simply a rhetorical statement, not a threat or advocacy of violence. Bree Palin and Palingates are just loons looking for any reason to start trouble. They may be reconsidering that now that they hear the sound of an unexpectedly high number of rhetorical swords being unsheathed across the blogosphere. The Palin army is bigger than they are and bigger than they think. If they want to bring down Palin, they will have to go through us. And as in Adrienne's case, we got each others' backs.

I call on all of Adrienne's friends and allies in the blogosphere to keep an eye on these loose lugnuts and encourage the wheels to fall off. Use their own words and lies to expose them. Their manifestation of hate can be turned back onto themselves. Eventually, they will fall because of their own evil thoughts. But it doesn't mean we can't bond together, fight their smears and enjoy the wreck when it happens.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Levi Johnston is A Pawn

Bristol Palin just sued Levi Johnston for child support. Good for her. Since the couple broke up after the 2008 presidential election, Levi Johnston has decided that instead of assuming the role of an adult and father for Tripp, he was going to join the smear campaign against Sarah Palin. Whether he is driven because he is a scorned lover or because he needs the money, Levi has chosen to take the low road, and is being used as a pawn in a political chess game.

It's easy to react to a harsh separation childishly by lashing out at the other partner and by lashing out at the partner's parents out of anger and hurt. But, it's an adult thing to deal with your differences in private, hash out your arguments and work toward a resolution of the problem. When that doesn't happen, you walk away with your head held high and let the courts decide issues like child support in closed hearings for the sake of the child, a child who will instead grow up and read all about his first year on earth via Google.

This will not bode well for Levi down the road when his child, who will be nurtured with Brisol's love and showered with even more love from his grandparents, Sarah and Todd, grows up and takes issue with the Levi's vitriol which will ring dissonant in comparison with the loving upbringing that Tripp will experience. How will Tripp find a way to reconcile this dissonance and have any respect for his father unless there is a vast transformation in Levi early, as in like right now?

Today, it was brought to our attention that there is an Astroturfing campaign which comes at a time when President Obama's support is slipping. Patterico's Pontifications writes How “David Axelrod Astroturfing” Works, Step by Step. Someone calling herself Ellie Light was discovered to have written multiple letters to the editors of major newspapers praising Obama using different addresses but a similar template in an attempt to manufacture a grass roots outpouring.

The last time Obama slipped in the polls is when Sarah Palin hit the scene. Obama campaign insiders devoted a lot of time and resources digging for dirt that wasn't there. So instead, they had to manufacture it in order to protect their "anointed one." Rather than report on this, the media bought in and have been complicit ever since.

It all started on September 8, 2008 when FactCheck.org noticed an unusual amount of internet traffic smearing Sarah Palin. Eric Erickson at Human Events pointed his finger specifically at David Axelrod when he wrote that "When those grassroots attacks are manufactured by public relations firms, they aren’t real: they’re astroturfed -- fake attacks designed to look like a grassroots movement."

Michelle Malkin wrote "Rusty Shackleford — with help from Jane of Armies of Liberation, Stable Hand, the Jawa team, Dan Riehl, Ace of Spades, and Patterico – traced a Palin-bashing YouTube video to a Democrat public relations firm, Winner and Associates, and one of its employees, Ethan S. Winner." Axelrod is known for his Astroturfing companies. But instead of doing the video in house, he farmed it out. Malkin explained it on Fox News.

If the left is willing to go to those lengths to protect their anointed one, it would explain why the liberal media is willing to wave some money and fame in front of someone whose only claim to fame is that he is an anti-Palin trash talker who just so happens to be Tripp Palin's father.

Palin haters can't wait for the juicy tidbits of the custody hearing to come out. Unfortunately for them, Levi's credibility is so bad that, even if anything he says is true (which it is not), no one on the left or right with any self respect, dignity and desire to protect their own credibility would be stupid enough to use him as a source. Levi's credibility is so bad that if he presented a bank surveillance tape of Sarah Palin clearly robbing a bank at gunpoint, people still wouldn't believe it.

Sarah Palin is anathema to the left which just loves Obama. She is a threat. Watch the usual suspects: the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, the New York Times and Vanity Fair and remember when it comes to their smear campaign against Sarah Palin, pardon the pun, Levi is just a tool.

Read More about how Levi plays into the Obama Astroturfing modus operandi and get more background on how Astroturfing is why many people today still see the caricature of Sarah Palin and not the real Sarah Palin: All The President’s Astroturfers: The Curious Case of Ellie Light by Gary P.

Here's the money section of the article:

Speaking of Sarah Palin, the astroturf campaign against her by Obama and his henchmen is legendary. We’ve written at length how Obama involved his campaign chief-of-staff, Pete Rouse, who is now a White House adviser, in this effort.

By now everyone knows that Rouse, an Alaskan, worked with leaders of the Alaska democrat party and other movers and shakers to not only recruit bloggers, both local and national, to plant false stories about Sarah all over the internet, but also to help recruit people to file phoney ethics complaints against her.

It was the financial burden these phony complaints were placing not only on Sarah personally, but the Alaskan taxpayers (over $2 million) that would eventually lead Sarah to make the decision to turn over her government to her Lt Governor, Sean Parnell, a brilliant move…in hindsight.

Rouse and his people also used their influence with hate peddler Arianna Huffington, of the Huffington Post, to give local hate mongers Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon a high profile slot over at the vile website. Also used were people like Linda Kellen Biegel, the “Official DNC blogger for Alaska” and a host of smaller, lesser know, but equally unscrupulous bloggers.

What Rouse and his group set up was a network of websites that were both fed information and story lines from the White House, and given access to the nation’s media to spread the hate and the lies to virtually every media outlet in the country.

This astroturfing effort is unprecedented. The amount of effort and coordination used against Sarah Palin boggles the mind. It also create a completely false narrative about Sarah that she is still working hard to set straight to this day.

Of course, the efforts didn’t stop there. As we wrote in October, there was also an effort by the big movers and shakers to use Levi Johnston against Sarah and her daughter Bristol. A big campaign to keep Levi in the spotlight was launched and partially funded by Stewart A. Resnick, a billionaire liberal democrat.

Resnick is the Chairman of Roll International. Roll’s business involves agriculture, Fiji Water, and the Franklin Mint among other things. He is also a prime financial backer behind the democratic/communist party. You can read more here.

It was Resnick’s company, Roll International, that employed Levi and his “bodyguard” Tank Jones to “star” in a commercial hawking pistachio nuts.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Palin Supports McCain. Deal With It.

Read TEA Party Movement: No Fighting in Front of The Children! and then read Inconsistency Anyone?; Updated: Ace Weighs In. Also read Josh Painter's article which is linked there.

Watch John McCain unsheathe his sword and slay David Gregory in defense of Sarah Palin:

Should Sarah Palin stab this guy in the back after he did this for her on Meet The Press?

Enough! Warriors in the fight to stop liberalism and the Obama agenda who are more intent on ruining the movement with infighting, put down the swords that you are pointing at Governor Palin.

This whole movement would be nothing without John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as VP. How dare those who want Palin to stab McCain in the back stab Palin in the back.

There is no room in the movement for back stabbers. That goes for Palin, too. Since she did not stab John McCain in the back, I commend her and the great Palinista army for drawing swords and standing up for her.

Those who want to stab her in the back, go ahead and risk fracturing the movement. You really afraid of McCain's progressivism? You'll have it if we fracture our movement. Fracturing the movement would do more damage than any vote that McCain can cast on the Senate floor.

As stated in my Townhall blog, no matter where the bullet comes from, we will stand between it and Sarah Palin.

Now, drop the nonsense. It's not that big of a deal. This movement is so powerful that there is nothing John McCain can do to hurt it at this point. Let Palin be loyal and let's get on with this.

I'm with those who want to oppose the candidates McCain supports. I am with those who want to oppose McCain on the issues. Touch Sarah, though, and the swords will come unsheathed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My comment on Shannyn Moore's article. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Polls are showing that this was a referendum on health care and Obama policies. Massachusetts already has health care, so they realized how much more expensive and how much more intrusive it would be for the federal government to impose a new program on top of the one they already have now.

The current healthcare plan in Mass. is very expensive to the taxpayers of Mass. If the gov't allows insurance companies to sell across state lines, that would help the Mass. system because it's a private sector based system with the cost to taxpayers being driven up by mandates and subsidies. Cut the cost of private insurance and you cut the cost to the taxpayers.

As for this not being a (and I'll be a grown up not a child here and not use the pejorative word that is a blatant slur against gays) win for the TEA Party movement, Keith Olbermann said it was last night. He said it was a case of (gay slur) electing one of their own. Was Keith wrong?

I think Sarah Palin nailed it right on the head last night in her commentary. It was a tidal wave against the status quo. I understand the desire to explain it away, but the truth is the truth. Democrats need to face it, not explain it away.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Kicked Some Major Ass Tonight!

This is one of the greatest moments in "Unsheathed" history. The liberal agenda has been destroyed by Scott Brown, warrior of the Northeast, who has taken back "the people's seat."

God bless the people in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney called it a "monumental victory." Sarah Palin said it was a rejection of the status quo. We're taking it back.

It was a major victory for grassroots America and the TEA Party.

God bless America.

How to Field Dress a Moby

Finally, I have a written account of a true slaying. Upon initially receiving the first few tweets, the alarm went off in my head. The tweeter tried to portray themselves as someone who voted for Reagan. Then she engaged me in a debate, which I am always willing to engage in.

My strategy of course, as we fence, is to always keep the discourse intellectual and with respect as I lie in wait for the "victim" to give me the opening for the kill.

Never one to initiate a fight, I am one to quickly engage once the opponent proves their true intention. Rather than personally attack the individual because they disagree with me out of the box, I wait for them to make the first move and slammo. He or she who personally attacks first loses.

The liberal strategy of course, is to personally attack as soon as they are losing the argument.

And so it went this way (most relevant recent post first - additional posts to me from the Moby after I stopped responding to her can be seen here):

@schwanderer Once again I prove that when a liberal is losing their argument they always go personal. Appreciate the tweets. Poli Sci lesson from web in reply to schwanderer

@schwanderer I knew you were a mobie, but I always try civil discourse until the moron tips their hand. Lose big tonight liberal! from web in reply to schwanderer

@ReaganTMan Sorry dude you are no Reaganite you are a Jim Demint style cliche. Back to your cave. from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@ReaganTMan Should women/men who can't have children be able to marry? Must one pass some fertility test in your world? Talk abt Big Brother from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@ReaganTMan You thnk that only heterosexual people of child bearing age (Women) should be able to marry? that's what u call liberty? from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@ReaganTMan So old people shouldn't marry either? Now you are showing your wingnut attitude.You are off the Reagan bandwagon. from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@schwanderer Marriage involves pro-creation. What gays do is called recreation. There's a difference. Apples and oranges. from web in reply to schwanderer

@schwanderer It's not illegal to be an atheist and it's not illegal to be gay. from web in reply to schwanderer

@schwanderer Free to not have atheist liberals ram their beliefs down our throat. Free to protect human life born and unborn. from web in reply to schwanderer

@ReaganTMan Free to not believe in God? Free to have or perform a legal abortion? I believe in liberty too. from web

@ReaganTMan You don't have to be a conservative to want limited govt. It's where the limits are the is the issue. Free to marry who u want? from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@schwanderer Limited government and individual liberty should not be too far right for anyone. If it is, we're in trouble. from web in reply to schwanderer

@ReaganTMan If you are speaking for yourself, good for you. I am no lefty but GOP is no longer the party of Reagan, Ike even Nixon IMO from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@schwanderer Reagan would be proud of us, not the caricature that the left portrays of us. We're not homophobic racists. KO is wrong. from web in reply to schwanderer
@ReaganTMan When you've voted GOP for 40 yrs exclusively & you find there's not one you could vote for something's wrong TOO far right 4 me from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@ReaganTMan Re gays I was pointing out how Reagan would differ from right wing ideology of today from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@ReaganTMan Which came first teabags on the hat or the phrase teabagger and who first said it? More ignorance. Libs just poked fun at fools from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@schwanderer Who says anything about discriminating against gays. If anything, the leftist smear "tea bagger" is an offensive term for gays. from web in reply to schwanderer

@ReaganTMan And Reagan would not discriminate against gays. He would favor stem cell research as Nancy does He was respectful of others from web in reply to ReaganTMan

@ReaganTMan I cast my 1st vote for Reagan for CA GOV. He would hate the ugliness of the GOP & TeaPartyers. He didn't do personal attacks from web in reply to ReaganTMan

And in this liberal Moby tweeter's attempt to bait me, I baited her and enjoyed the unhingement as it occured live on twitter.

As we all know, a Moby presents themselves as a non-liberal, a fellow conservative or in this case a "Reaganite." Their motus operandi is to try to bait the conservative into saying something that can be used as an example to fuel their twisted liberal argument.

I smelled this one from the start. Her twitter page says she is "Left of center."

I also smelled the tactic as the conversation always turned to the issue of gay marriage despite my argument about Reagan and liberty. Of course, the tweeter didn't like the fact that I am opposed to gay marriage. Contrary to what this Moby or a moron like Keith Olbermann might put forth, being opposed to gay marriage does not make you a homophobe, a racist or a bigot. It makes you an American with an opinion.

You will also notice that I never once said anything bad about gay people. In a free society, what you do in your own bedroom is none of my business. But, in my opinioni, there is a sanctity to marriage that our culture has always recognized as being between a man and a woman. As a free American, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

This tweet gets my unhinged award: "@ReaganTMan Even Cheney supports gay marriage and adoption. Maybe one of your kids will be gay. What would you do then, kill them?"

Hmmmm, let's see, the tweeter projects incorrect views onto me (it's usual liberal tactic - it's their textbook somewhere) by asking if I would kill my kid if I was gay, if I would only let heterosexual people of child bearing age (Women) marry and if people should have to pass fertility tests. That's good, but sorry, that's not me. Marriage is simply between a man and a woman. In my understanding of God's plan, according to the bible, marriage is primarily for the sake of pro-creating and raising a family in a proper environment, but its only restriction is that it is between a man and woman and no other combination of sexes or species. So you can forget the fertility tests.

If it's any consolation to the tweeter, I don't believe the government should bestow extra taxes or tax breaks on married people (with the exception of deductions for dependents) or not allow single people to enter into contracts with each other for insurance coverages, living arrangements and the like. While I don't fully think we should call it a "civil union," I do think a "civil union" like approach can be taken so that if gay people want to share medical benefits or the right to determine medical care for each other if incapacitated, they should have the right to put that in writing.

I like this nutty one, too: "@ReaganTMan You are speaking a foreign language. Sorry I speak only English and a little French. Your views are an attack on what America is."

To which I reply, if my views are an attack on what America is, you're in the wrong America. And if your attacks on me is your view of what America is, you're still in the wrong America.

And we conservatives are the intolerant ones? Sorry, check mate. Your intolerance is way greater than mine.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liberals Keep Upping the Ante at Their Own Peril

Think of it like this. Every day you approach a traffic light and every day you tell yourself that it's going to turn red by the time you get there. It usually does. Napolean Hill says it is through the process of "self talk" that we create our future outcomes. Rhonda Byrne discovered a secret law in the universe called "manifestation." We create what we think. The liberals are creating their own monster.

Consider that Sarah Palin supporters see this:

Now Consider that Sarah haters see this:

Given how the loony left to continues to ratchet up their criticism of her, we can only expect Sarah Palin to continue to grow even stronger and stronger. They're attacks are only toughening her up. They create their own monster at their own peril.

We watch an established news analyst like Chris Matthews, in his zest to portray Palin as dumb, come up with an intellectually blank comment like "how is she going to be a pundit? She doesn't know anything." Chris, that only shows us how dumb you really are. How about Mika Brezienski? In her zeal to join the morning zoo on MSNBC in trashing Sarah Palin, she too demonstrates her own stupidity while naming Abraham Lincoln as her favorite Founding Father.

Leave it to the liberals to come across as even dumber than the Palin they portray.

It is funny, though, to watch liberals continue to wet themselves and dribble their fingers across their lips at the mere thought of Sarah Palin. Though we try to tell them it's "rabbit" not "wabbit," they can only storm off the set muttering "these diwectors just wub me the wong way." The "dumbing down" of Sarah Palin is manifesting itself in their own mental meltdowns.

Godzilla is coming.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Willow Palin and Bristol In The News For Troubles Past And Present

I became a member here because I'm not closed minded and always want to hear what the other side has to say. I've read the hate mongering about Sarah Palin and the whining about "tea baggers." While most stuff on here is liberal garbage, I peruse through for the occasionally well thought out article that could provoke "real" thought.

Palin holds no office and all you got left is a 15 year old kid who misbehaves after running out of frivolous ethics complaints, fabrications about divorces and lies about federal indictments.

Our Founders set it up so that we could do our power struggles at the point of of a pen rather than at the point of a gun. As such, I must say it's pretty cool doing battle this way, even if it is your goal to destroy conservatism and our goal to take the board back and play by our rules again. We're confident we can crush you when we get to play using our rules because they involve things many liberals aren't that good at: morals and ethics.

Where I lose my head, though, is on stuff on like this. I don't advocate violence and I don't encourage anyone to take any violent actions. But, I do motion to change the rules to allow for a real good smack to the head for anyone who uses someone's children to smear them. That's just so far out of bounds, there has to be serious consequences for it.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Baltimore Sun Critic David Zurawik Draws Out the Worms

Sitting in a bunker here behind my wall
Waiting for the worms to come.
In perfect isolation here behind my wall
Waiting for the worms to come. - Pink Floyd

Before we outnumbered and outflanked the Obama kool-aid drinkers, mainstream media writers and liberal bloggers, it would have been easy to just jump on a blog post written by David Zurawik, marginalize him and spit him out as just another smear merchant in the left's marathon hate making session against Sarah Palin, which despite it's length and intensity is still ending up as a premature ejaculation. Ah, but we're bigger than that now. We're going after the whole anti-Palin movement.

We have hard working researchers providing stability to the debunking of myths on our blogs and in our newspaper articles as experienced writers and dedicated bloggers continue to push forward with the notion that Sarah Palin might just actually not be the monster the left continues to manufacture and caricature. As if that isn't enough, now we have Sarah Palin herself placed firmly in a contributor's chair on Fox News. We know she's going to get clobbered by the left, yet we are smug, and dare we say even cocky, now that we are successfully firing with all barrels and liberals are being laid out left and right because we mean business in the advancement of the Palin cause. We're smart enough to wait in our bunkers for the worms every time Palin hits a liberal nerve. And like clockwork, they come out and we smack them.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Portraying Sarah Palin as unintelligent or incapable is worn out, guys. She's made over a million dollars with her book, she is a highly sought after speaker, she has run a state, an oil and gas commission and a city while raising children and she's now a Fox News contributor. Okay intellectual elites who snootily look down your noses at Sarah Palin, how many of you can say you've done that?

There is only so much left that the Palin haters can do now that they've exhausted their play book and she still stands tall. We understand that liberals own the board and make the rules. We're just better at playing their game then they are now. Bend your media hard left to get your messiah elected? Okay, now we're bending ours right to get him out.

You might even say we're starting to take over the joint. But, even though we are infiltrating the media and pop culture now (Saturday Night Live, call Glenn please), the "media house" is still filled with dirty scum whose leftovers still cause the ants and the flies to come out. Maggots and worms still lay just below the surface, eager to feast every time some cross eyed writer or pundit decides they can save the world from Sarah Palin by beating the drum of stupidity and drawing out the mentally ill (liberalism is a mental disorder).

Take what Zurawic writes with the understanding that this rhetorical slice is not so much aimed at taking his head off, but rather to act more like a can of Raid against the folks who posted the ridiculously deranged comments. But I do have to draw the writer's blood to make the point.

Zurawic, our country and our political conversation are going to be the poorer for it? Are you kidding me? Look at how biased the mainstream media has been, look at your own biases and look at how easily your moronic readers just feast on it! Are you proving anything to anybody, other than the fact that those who crap their drawers, wet themselves and start drooling at the mouth uncontrollably at the mere mention of Sarah Palin's name are supposed to convince the rest of us normal Americans that a good hearted mother of 5 from Wasilla Alaska is a danger to our country?

What really proves this piece for the anti-Palin smear propaganda it is is not so much in what the writer himself has written, but the way in which he draws the flies and maggots that leave their Palin deranged hatred-filled comments there.

Way to draw the scum out of the woodwork, David.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Most Powerful Sword is Now Unsheathed on Fox News

I became a sword fighting fan because I have an 11 year old son who has been having sword fights with me since he was a kid. We've also seen Pirates of the Carribean. So if I start telling people that my pokemon Palinchu can beat your pokemon Obami or if I make references like my Yugi-Oh monsters Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann combine for double the attack factor, please understand that I may have spent too much time around my kid before blogging such.

Back to the sword fighting. I began getting the idea from Conservatives4Palin.com's concept of the "ordinary barbarian" and after seeing the quote on the title banner for Ace of Spades HQ. Having a dual B.A. in literature and political science is a dangerous thing for a right wing conservative who understands the geopolitical consequences of terrorism on one side of his brain and the use of written imagery on the other. So when told that the pen is mightier than the sword, I sometimes confuse the two.

After a couple of adult beverages and a listening to Aerosmith's Kings and Queens while looking on the net at this picture

Uhsheathed was born. In my childish fantasy mind, I pictured what we conservatives do online as a rhetorical battle, a contest of words and opinions. Like in an adventure story, we are the Reaganites who have been cast from our home, the shining city on a hill, which is now being ravaged by the evil forces of big government liberalism.

Since Reagan's death and Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, we squandered power after falling into complacency under a watered down version of compassionate neo-conservatism. The liberals came to power and defeated us badly in the 2006 elections. Their army was growing stronger in 2008. We were leaderless and the shining city on a hill was about to be completely overrun.

As a fractured people, we agonized over the choices we had before us. We were going to have to fight either Hillary the Hellion or Barack the Barbarian. Who would be our leader? We chose an aging war hero, once a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution, who many thought had become part of the watered down conservatism that had cost us the 2006 election and allowed the enemies to advance more freely in the first place. Enthusiasm was not high.

When our nominee was nearly about to select someone who once ran for vice presidency of the enemy (led then by Al the Gorer) to be our vice president, the masses reacted and the backblow was strong. As crickets chirped at John the War Hero's campaign headquarters and seeing our morale at an all time low, the aging foot soldier in the Reagan revolution realized this and instead selected one of us to be his running mate and sparked a resurgence in the Reaganites like never seen before.

Sarah the Great took the Republican National Convention by storm. Immediately, our warriors began showing up at rallies in droves. Campaign offices throughout the nation filled with people manning the phones and getting out lawn signs and bumper stickers. The Reaganites had a leader again and they loved her.

Unfortunately, Barack the Barbarian had the entire mainstream media and blogosphere behind him. The ordinary barbarians were not online yet and there was no way for us to fight through the media lies and false promises that Barack was feeding his followers. As a result, the shining city on a hill fell. Our collective tears filled the eyes of Sarah the Great as she watched it crumble before her. Barack the Barbarian declared our ideals as an "outmoded dogma." He had his foot on our necks and his sword drawn high. It was our lowest moment.

Luckily, the Reaganites formed an army known as the TEA Partiers and marched into Washington DC, their swords (okay signs, but stick with me on this) held high and their voices loud. They had come to stop Barack the Barbarian, Nancy the Nut and Harry the Reid from killing us and putting to end the hopes of ever rebuilding the shining city.

While all of this was happening, Sarah the Great was being undermined by the forces of Barack. Having returned home to Alaska and confined to a governorship that would keep her out of the hair of Barack the Barbarian, a group of his minions began undermining her. They filed false claims about her ethics and wrote lies about her on their blogs in the hopes that she would lose support.

But her supporters formed an army and began winning battles in the blogosphere. Their forces grew stronger. They battled the mainstream media, revolted against Barack the Barbarian and formed coalitions with disenfranchised Reaganites. Sarah resigned her post as governor of Alaska to become one of the leaders of the opposition. She travelled the land, meeting with her followers and writing a book. We were to go Rogue and resist.

The army grows stronger as support for Barack the Barbarian is collapsing. As he leads our country down a path that could bankrupt us and give government more control over our liberties, the people who once believed in "hope and change" are starting to realize that this was not the man they thought he would be. We call on those people to join us.

Many of us Reaganites became Palinistas vowing to fight for our great leader, Sarah, and help her save our country. We went to war with the writers and bloggers who continued to try to destroy her. The revolution was on! When the battles got hot and we were in full combat, she would step out in front and slay the likes of David the Letterman (7th inning knock up), Swiftboat John (why the long face) and Al the Gorer (its just like gravity) much to the cheering of her battle ready warriors.

Despite losing a tough battle in New York, the revolutionary forces took back the states of Virginia and New Jersey, wrestling these vital pieces of territory from Barack the Barbarian. The revolutionary forces were advancing again. There was hope that we could take back and rebuild that shining city on a hill.

As ordinary barbarians, we are defenders of Sarah who earns our deepest loyalty because of her devotion to the ideals of Reagan and our cause in defending them. Most of all, we are loyal to her because she is one of us. We all play our parts. We have professional writers who battle in the print media for her. We have radio show hosts who battle the airwaves for her. We have pundits, who handle her TV battles and we have bloggers, of which I am one, who handle the online battle in the blogosphere for her.

She is a true leader. She fights the battle on those same fronts with us. And when she strikes with her sword, it's mighty. From "death panels" to Going Rogue, everything she says and writes resonates with a power that draws us closer to her and sends liberals and establishment elites into a frenzy, or in her words causes their heads to "be spinnin'."

As this legend that I have taken creative license to write about unfolds, I think back to something I've said since right after the 2008 election. The most effective tool used against us was the media because the media abdicated its role as watch dog to jump in bed with the forces of Obama. My battle cry in this war: the media lies! I have a webpage devoted to it. My role in this war is to unsheathe my sword and rhetorically fight the media and the blogs which distort the truth in hopes of controlling the minds of the weak.

I know the liberals own the board now. I've been relentless in my statements and belief that we need to infiltrate the media and pop culture and recognize that the we must soundly defeat them at their own game before we can set the rules back to those that are moral and ethical again. I've written blogs and a web page where I point out how the Republicans can gain back power. I am a Reagan Republican who believes the TEA Party movement and the Palinistas must infiltrate our own party, in much the same way the liberals infiltrated the Democrat party, in order for the GOP to rise again.

I figured if someone was able to figure out how to do this and make it work, we would win. I didn't exactly expect Sarah Palin to go infiltrate the pop culture herself and go on Conan O'Brien to get William Shatner back for making fun of her. I didn't exactly expect Sarah Palin herself to infiltrate the media and become a Fox News contributor. I didn't exactly expect Sarah Palin herself to personally infiltrate the Republican party and back the right candidates and tell everyone that it would be good if Republicans duke it out to get those loyal to the party's conservative platform back into control. I guess Sarah figured the house wasn't going to vacuum itself.

How great is it that we have a leader who does all the right things, wields the most powerful sword among us and is as devoted to us as we are to her?

I pulled my hair out writing blogs denouncing David Letterman. She goes on Matt Lauer and calls him pathetic. I've written blog after blog denouncing Obamacare. She writes "death panels." I've written piece after piece debunking the media, she tells them "stop making things up." I've tweeted endlessly about the irony of William Shatner making fun of the only other person who has ever beaten the Kobayashi Maru. She goes on Conan O'brien and says "taste my nightstick."

It's as if I am battling a monster and she steps out of the shadows and says, "hold on let me take care of this." Slice. Then she walks away leaving me looking at the dead beast muttering to myself "how'd she do that?"

In her first appearance as a Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin said: "But more and more Americans are looking at some of these networks, that biased journalism, and they're saying, nah, that gig is up, we're not believing that stuff anymore..."

My work is done here.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are talking about co-hosting Saturday Night Live. The infiltration of the media and the pop culture has begun. I always knew Beck was in the army, baby!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Liberals Throw Kid Under Bus So They Can Have Last Chance to Save Failing Smear Campaign

Tripp Palin custody battle to be heard in public, judge rules

Alaska judge rejects request from Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol to keep custody proceedings over son closed - Guardian.co.uk

Ruling causes backlash from pro-Palin groups such as Barracuda Brigade for Our American Girl! 2012.

MAJOR UPDATE 01/06/10: Judges involved in ruling to open Tripp Case are Democrats with "clear, transparent, liberal voting record(s)" who were appointed by former Democratic Governor Tony Knowles as reported by Rachelle Friberg of Conservative Girl With a Voice. (END UPDATE)

The liberals are going nuts. Sometimes it's better to see it through the eyes of wingnuts (thanks for covering the show) to get a better understanding. One may ask, why link to the nuts and wingnuts sites? Anything that promotes our cause, whether intentionally or simply out of sheer stupidity, requires the courtesy of a cross link. It's clear that the bloggers' are in reaction mode.

You gotta love the lengths to which they will go to smear a radio show host and a local business owner since they failed in taking down the "big target." It's all they have left. And it's weak.

The days of having David Axelrod and Barack Obama running the Alaskan bloggers' garbage up the media flagpole is over. Keith Olbermann couldn't save these poor hatred filled hearts now.

Before I get to my thoughts on the topic, I have to concede our football pool competition to Eddie Burke's southern California co-host and San Diego football picking hottie Rachelle Friberg for the last 2 weeks. She's on a roll (it didn't hurt that Indy rested their players for the last two weeks). I know she's been ragging Burke for rooting on the Steelers.

When this blogger asked Eddie Burke if he was going to be able to bring himself to root for her Chargers now that the Steelers are out, he said no.

Okay, here's my take on the Tripp custody thing and the bloggers.

Eddie Burke explained before the commercial break why the liberal bloggers were attacking him and those who want to express their dissatisfaction with the judges who ruled that Tripp's custody case would be open. Describing it as opening the door for a "media circus" on his radio show on KBYR, Burke described it as just another way for Levi Johnston to go on mainstream media shows and trash Sarah Palin.

It has nothing to do with any grand love of sunshine and openness in the legal system. These are the same people who have spent the better part of over a year viciously smearing Sarah Palin with lies and character assassinations. They don't have Tripp's best interests at heart. All they have left in their ammo box is Levi Johnston, and this is all they have left to give them fodder for their failing smear campaign. This is going to be an iceberg that won't freeze. Sarah just keeps getting stronger and stronger. There's nothing they can do to stop her.

All their hatred and venom comes from within themselves. They're just projecting it onto Sarah. This is their last hurrah.

UPDATE 01/06/09: Based on what Rachelle Friberg reported, it begs the question if the ruling to open the case is an "inside job" and last gasp at extending a dying smear campaign against Sarah Palin by these Democrat judges who ideologically line up with those who have been trying to take Palin down since the 2008 campaign. This blogger can't help but to think their judicial logic for ruling to open the case is not ideologically driven.