Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liberals Keep Upping the Ante at Their Own Peril

Think of it like this. Every day you approach a traffic light and every day you tell yourself that it's going to turn red by the time you get there. It usually does. Napolean Hill says it is through the process of "self talk" that we create our future outcomes. Rhonda Byrne discovered a secret law in the universe called "manifestation." We create what we think. The liberals are creating their own monster.

Consider that Sarah Palin supporters see this:

Now Consider that Sarah haters see this:

Given how the loony left to continues to ratchet up their criticism of her, we can only expect Sarah Palin to continue to grow even stronger and stronger. They're attacks are only toughening her up. They create their own monster at their own peril.

We watch an established news analyst like Chris Matthews, in his zest to portray Palin as dumb, come up with an intellectually blank comment like "how is she going to be a pundit? She doesn't know anything." Chris, that only shows us how dumb you really are. How about Mika Brezienski? In her zeal to join the morning zoo on MSNBC in trashing Sarah Palin, she too demonstrates her own stupidity while naming Abraham Lincoln as her favorite Founding Father.

Leave it to the liberals to come across as even dumber than the Palin they portray.

It is funny, though, to watch liberals continue to wet themselves and dribble their fingers across their lips at the mere thought of Sarah Palin. Though we try to tell them it's "rabbit" not "wabbit," they can only storm off the set muttering "these diwectors just wub me the wong way." The "dumbing down" of Sarah Palin is manifesting itself in their own mental meltdowns.

Godzilla is coming.

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