Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warriors are Called to Defense of Adrienne Ross

Ron Devito reports Adrienne Ross Attacked Unfairly for Metaphor.

Bree Palin is a whack job site that has been lying relentlessly about Trig not being Sarah Palin's son. Palingates has been spouting off about one Palin scandal after another. Both sites are like really bad rolls of tape. They don't stick. Palingates seems to have found what they think is the "holy grail" in none other than Levi Johnston. Unfortunately, it's just a plastic cup. Levi Johnston is about as credible as a fly in the grand scheme of media requirements for credibility - even by liberal media standards.

We're well aware of the politics of personal destruction and the smear tactics these deeply troubled, and may I loosely say "possessed" souls use in the absence of legitimate arguments against a person's policy positions or rights to pursue success. Without going into a long theological / psychological explanation on "possession," let's just leave it at this: those with self loathing eat themselves so deeply down within that their hatred has to find an outlet. That outlet occurs when in the course of preserving self image, a miserable sack, unable to self improve themselves, resorts to the tearing down of others more successful than they are in order to bring themselves more closely in line with their world view.

In other words, misery loves company. If you believe there is a devil, this is one of his tactics. If you don't, it's still a pyshologically sound argument which explains the manifestation of their inner torture. Either way, these people are pure evil. We must keep our distance from evil at all times. But when attacked, overwhelming force is required (no violence, though, use the pen and keyboard folks).

First of all, everyone that knows Adrienne knows that she stands for nothing but good, and a comment about putting a dog down is simply a rhetorical statement, not a threat or advocacy of violence. Bree Palin and Palingates are just loons looking for any reason to start trouble. They may be reconsidering that now that they hear the sound of an unexpectedly high number of rhetorical swords being unsheathed across the blogosphere. The Palin army is bigger than they are and bigger than they think. If they want to bring down Palin, they will have to go through us. And as in Adrienne's case, we got each others' backs.

I call on all of Adrienne's friends and allies in the blogosphere to keep an eye on these loose lugnuts and encourage the wheels to fall off. Use their own words and lies to expose them. Their manifestation of hate can be turned back onto themselves. Eventually, they will fall because of their own evil thoughts. But it doesn't mean we can't bond together, fight their smears and enjoy the wreck when it happens.

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  1. Here is the thing about the Bree site. They may attack you today but in a week their post about you will be buried deep in their Garbage Dump.
    They attacked @anneharpen for making a video with one of her original songs about Sarah but after a week or so it was buried .
    They like to post everyday. It is the same old bunch of Democrat Socialist like celtic diva , the gay teacher and shanny moore. All from Alaska. They stalk you just like I stalk them. So I know a few things about them....but....
    I would ignore them.
    Palin 2012