Saturday, January 23, 2010

Palin Supports McCain. Deal With It.

Read TEA Party Movement: No Fighting in Front of The Children! and then read Inconsistency Anyone?; Updated: Ace Weighs In. Also read Josh Painter's article which is linked there.

Watch John McCain unsheathe his sword and slay David Gregory in defense of Sarah Palin:

Should Sarah Palin stab this guy in the back after he did this for her on Meet The Press?

Enough! Warriors in the fight to stop liberalism and the Obama agenda who are more intent on ruining the movement with infighting, put down the swords that you are pointing at Governor Palin.

This whole movement would be nothing without John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as VP. How dare those who want Palin to stab McCain in the back stab Palin in the back.

There is no room in the movement for back stabbers. That goes for Palin, too. Since she did not stab John McCain in the back, I commend her and the great Palinista army for drawing swords and standing up for her.

Those who want to stab her in the back, go ahead and risk fracturing the movement. You really afraid of McCain's progressivism? You'll have it if we fracture our movement. Fracturing the movement would do more damage than any vote that McCain can cast on the Senate floor.

As stated in my Townhall blog, no matter where the bullet comes from, we will stand between it and Sarah Palin.

Now, drop the nonsense. It's not that big of a deal. This movement is so powerful that there is nothing John McCain can do to hurt it at this point. Let Palin be loyal and let's get on with this.

I'm with those who want to oppose the candidates McCain supports. I am with those who want to oppose McCain on the issues. Touch Sarah, though, and the swords will come unsheathed.

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