Friday, January 15, 2010

Willow Palin and Bristol In The News For Troubles Past And Present

I became a member here because I'm not closed minded and always want to hear what the other side has to say. I've read the hate mongering about Sarah Palin and the whining about "tea baggers." While most stuff on here is liberal garbage, I peruse through for the occasionally well thought out article that could provoke "real" thought.

Palin holds no office and all you got left is a 15 year old kid who misbehaves after running out of frivolous ethics complaints, fabrications about divorces and lies about federal indictments.

Our Founders set it up so that we could do our power struggles at the point of of a pen rather than at the point of a gun. As such, I must say it's pretty cool doing battle this way, even if it is your goal to destroy conservatism and our goal to take the board back and play by our rules again. We're confident we can crush you when we get to play using our rules because they involve things many liberals aren't that good at: morals and ethics.

Where I lose my head, though, is on stuff on like this. I don't advocate violence and I don't encourage anyone to take any violent actions. But, I do motion to change the rules to allow for a real good smack to the head for anyone who uses someone's children to smear them. That's just so far out of bounds, there has to be serious consequences for it.

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