Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Liberals Throw Kid Under Bus So They Can Have Last Chance to Save Failing Smear Campaign

Tripp Palin custody battle to be heard in public, judge rules

Alaska judge rejects request from Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol to keep custody proceedings over son closed - Guardian.co.uk

Ruling causes backlash from pro-Palin groups such as Barracuda Brigade for Our American Girl! 2012.

MAJOR UPDATE 01/06/10: Judges involved in ruling to open Tripp Case are Democrats with "clear, transparent, liberal voting record(s)" who were appointed by former Democratic Governor Tony Knowles as reported by Rachelle Friberg of Conservative Girl With a Voice. (END UPDATE)

The liberals are going nuts. Sometimes it's better to see it through the eyes of wingnuts (thanks for covering the show) to get a better understanding. One may ask, why link to the nuts and wingnuts sites? Anything that promotes our cause, whether intentionally or simply out of sheer stupidity, requires the courtesy of a cross link. It's clear that the bloggers' are in reaction mode.

You gotta love the lengths to which they will go to smear a radio show host and a local business owner since they failed in taking down the "big target." It's all they have left. And it's weak.

The days of having David Axelrod and Barack Obama running the Alaskan bloggers' garbage up the media flagpole is over. Keith Olbermann couldn't save these poor hatred filled hearts now.

Before I get to my thoughts on the topic, I have to concede our football pool competition to Eddie Burke's southern California co-host and San Diego football picking hottie Rachelle Friberg for the last 2 weeks. She's on a roll (it didn't hurt that Indy rested their players for the last two weeks). I know she's been ragging Burke for rooting on the Steelers.

When this blogger asked Eddie Burke if he was going to be able to bring himself to root for her Chargers now that the Steelers are out, he said no.

Okay, here's my take on the Tripp custody thing and the bloggers.

Eddie Burke explained before the commercial break why the liberal bloggers were attacking him and those who want to express their dissatisfaction with the judges who ruled that Tripp's custody case would be open. Describing it as opening the door for a "media circus" on his radio show on KBYR, Burke described it as just another way for Levi Johnston to go on mainstream media shows and trash Sarah Palin.

It has nothing to do with any grand love of sunshine and openness in the legal system. These are the same people who have spent the better part of over a year viciously smearing Sarah Palin with lies and character assassinations. They don't have Tripp's best interests at heart. All they have left in their ammo box is Levi Johnston, and this is all they have left to give them fodder for their failing smear campaign. This is going to be an iceberg that won't freeze. Sarah just keeps getting stronger and stronger. There's nothing they can do to stop her.

All their hatred and venom comes from within themselves. They're just projecting it onto Sarah. This is their last hurrah.

UPDATE 01/06/09: Based on what Rachelle Friberg reported, it begs the question if the ruling to open the case is an "inside job" and last gasp at extending a dying smear campaign against Sarah Palin by these Democrat judges who ideologically line up with those who have been trying to take Palin down since the 2008 campaign. This blogger can't help but to think their judicial logic for ruling to open the case is not ideologically driven.

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