Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My comment on Shannyn Moore's article. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Polls are showing that this was a referendum on health care and Obama policies. Massachusetts already has health care, so they realized how much more expensive and how much more intrusive it would be for the federal government to impose a new program on top of the one they already have now.

The current healthcare plan in Mass. is very expensive to the taxpayers of Mass. If the gov't allows insurance companies to sell across state lines, that would help the Mass. system because it's a private sector based system with the cost to taxpayers being driven up by mandates and subsidies. Cut the cost of private insurance and you cut the cost to the taxpayers.

As for this not being a (and I'll be a grown up not a child here and not use the pejorative word that is a blatant slur against gays) win for the TEA Party movement, Keith Olbermann said it was last night. He said it was a case of (gay slur) electing one of their own. Was Keith wrong?

I think Sarah Palin nailed it right on the head last night in her commentary. It was a tidal wave against the status quo. I understand the desire to explain it away, but the truth is the truth. Democrats need to face it, not explain it away.

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