Monday, August 9, 2010

Sarah Palin: Cool and Courageous

Like a true warrior, Palin walks into the lion's den and handles it. No matter how much Shannyn Moore (Alaska blogger complicit with DNC in Palin smear campaign during 2008 campaign) and Bed Adler (Journolister complicit with media in Palin smear campaign) want to spin it, they did not win the fight.

Sarah Palin showed up and faced her opponent with coolness, grace and dignity. Watch the video yourself.

This manufactured anti-Palin moment is an epic fail for Shannyn Moore and the media flagpole she now tries to fly it up. Newsweek needs a buyer (UPDATE: Newsweek was sold for $1.00, which is more than what a roll of toilet paper costs, thus it is still priced out if its market. END UPDATE.) anyway since it's going belly up and Moore's television show, Moore Up North (rhymes with...), will be surpassed in viewership during the commercial that comes on right before Palin's TLC documentary as millions of Americans finish popping their corn and pouring the sodas in anticipation of seeing what the real Alaska looks like.

From a PR point of view, Alaska will need that documentary as many people are now looking at the damage the likes of Moore and the rest of the malcontents up there are reaking on their state's image.

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