Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Satan Sticker For Politico

You know, every time I read the printer toilet paper, I have to laugh that professional writers still think they can weasel their crap in before I flush the toilet. This is the stupidest, most ridiculous, most obviously veiled hit piece to come across in what (checks my watch) the last 10 minutes? Please, Andy Barr. Sarah Palin just kicked everyone's ass in Alaska, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Iowa, California.... Need I go on, moron?

Like I wrote in a previous post: observe. Observe how the left and the Palin haters try to poison the minds of their readers and those who may just be casually passing through the pages of Politico on their way to the toilet. After you read my previous post, you'll understand why from here forward I will be putting what I call a "Satan Sticker" on anything where the agenda of the destruction of Sarah Palin is that obvious and the absence of facts are that evident.

Disagree with her on issues of policy or clearly explain why our country should not go in the direction that Palin advocates. That's fine. But don't give me this crap that because Romney's up by 3 points in Alaska in a pre-primary poll over a year out that you're going to convince us to abandon Palin simply because you quote left wing hack and deal maker with the Daily Kos, Dean Debnam when he makes this spitoon worthy comment: “Fortunately for Sarah Palin, Alaska decides few convention delegates, and coming more than a month after Super Tuesday, she may not survive the race to be embarrassed on her home turf.”

And, moron, you end your piece by saying the margin of error is 3.5. So you base a whole article around Romney's three point lead, you quote a fantasy from Dean Debnam about Palin avoiding embarrassment on her home turf the day after Joe Miller and the Tea Party Express basically coronate Palin as Queen of Alaska and you finish it by showing a margin of error that suggests Palin could technically be .5 ahead of Romney.

Obviously, those Alaska polls are accurate. Right Andy? Go ask Lisa Murkowski what she thinks about the accuracy of polls in Alaska. Miller was down by 11 before they voted last Tuesday. Palin could be down 15 to Romney right now and it would mean nothing.

I don't know why writers like Barr get paid and I don't. If any idiot can write a piece based on pure fantasy and pure desire to see the destruction of Sarah Palin without a fact other than the fact that the 3 point lead he touts for Romney whithers to nothingness when the margin of error is 3.5.

Guys, please stop it. If you Google every hit piece that has been written about Sarah Palin since August 29, 2008 and stack them from here to Mars, maybe just maybe you will figure out that the left has wasted a lot of printer paper. She's a monster and she only grows bigger the more you feed it this crap. Please. Give it a rest, man.

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