Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Newest Warrior

Is this lady just right out of the Unsheathed meme or what?

In a land controlled by Barack the Barbarian and home of his vice lord Joe the Biden, the Senate seat once occupied by Joe the Biden is being contested. This battle pits a Republican overlord sympathetic to many of the causes of Barack against against an unexpected challenge from a commoner who has longed to become a chevaleresse. Though Mike the Castle claims to be on our side, there are many who believe he is a liberal sympathizer. He served in the "Congressional army" where he many times was seen giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

The insurgent forces within the Tea Party army found that they were able to oust Lisa the Murky from her Senate seat in Sarah the Great's home state of Alaska. Murky was part of the aristocracy and obtained the seat because of the fiefdom that she was from. This did not go over well with the commoners who selected Joe the Miller to do their bidding. With the help of Sarah the Great, Joe the Miller defeated Lisa the Murky in a long bloody battle. As the troops battled late into the night, Sarah the Great called out "keep your powder dry" as the troops became impatient.

But the victory came and emboldened the troops. Those "in the Castle" began to fear that they would be ousted by the Tea Party insurgency next. They shot fire arrows at Christine the Commoner. They saw her as a threat because she had returned again to seek the seat even though she was badly defeated by Joe the Biden years earlier. Locals came to her aid. But moresoe, seeing how viciously Mike the Castle's people were treating her, the Tea Party army and its Palinista divisions instictively and without direction from above all showed up to assist Christine.

The Castle forces told the Tea Partiers that Christine was a lowly commoner who could barely scrape together the money to buy her own sword. She had owed taxes and was in financial trouble. But Christine pleaded with the Tea Partiers and the people and explained why she had such  problems. Because of her honesty and seeing that this whole smear campaign against her was really a ruse to stop her from exposing Mike the Castle as a RINO (the worst thing you can be if you are supposedly on our side), the Tea Partiers scoffed at Mike the Castle and said "pure or not, this fair maiden shall have this Senate seat."

Mark the Great One drew his sword and came to the lady's aid. Seeing the disgusting tactics of Mike the Castle, Mark challenged Castle to a duel. Castle never responded.

Blogger warriors and commanders of the heavy artillery like Mark the Great One spoke with Christine the Commoner to find out more about her. It turned out that she wanted to be a knight so bad that would seek the graces of none other than Sarah the Great.

Sarah stood on the sideline for a long time and hardly acknowledged the lady from Delaware. But Christine so desired to be officially knighted into the Sarah army that she called and wrote to Sarah. When she heard that Sarah would be speaking to the army in Washington, DC as they amassed to take the Capitol, Christine rode in and sought an audience with Sarah, which was granted. They talked briefly. Yet over a week went by and there was no word from Sarah. Christine's people called out to Sarah, begging her to knight Christine.

As Christine sat amongst her army, she lamented. Why would Sarah not come to her aid? Was Sarah worried that what was being said about Christine could be true? Christine was devoted to Sarah. Seeing her devotion, the Palinista army came. Something must be done. Without Sarah's help, Christine would lose.

The Palinista army and the Tea Party army decided that they would help Christine no matter what. They poured in support for her.

Tammy the Bruce got wind of what was going on and sent a message to Mark the Great One telling him that we needed to focus on this battle. Sarah intercepted the message but said no more. However, she in apparent agreement with the message showed it to her followers. Christine took it as a "you go, girl" but it was not an official endorsement.

What did this mean? Was Sarah going to knight Christine? Christine saw hope and asked for prayers that Sarah the Great would come to her aid. This scribe sent a message to Tammy the Bruce. But she must have been sworn to secrecy, and knowing that the answer was forthcoming, did not respond.

Then it happened.

Sean the Hannitizer was preaching to his flock yesterday afternoon and received a surprise call from Sarah the Great. Always honored to speak with her Greatness, Sean immediately took the call and started talking about the issues. Then he raised the question. What about Christine the Commoner?

Sarah the Great endorsed her and threw her support completely behind Christine. The conversation immediately was tweeted throughout the land. The news spread like wild fire, the armies cheering in joy. Christine heard the news and was overwhelmed with joy. She sent messages to Sarah thanking her and praising her.

"Thank you for your clear confidence in my candidacy," Christine cried out to Sarah.

Later that day, Sarah the Great officially knighted Christine the Commoner on her Facebook page.

And now the forces amass for battle as they prepare to storm the Castle and show the RINOs that we are going to put our people in seats where they fail to stand and deliver.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our newest warrior. Christine the Commoner, we now dub thee Lady O'Donnell.

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