Friday, October 15, 2010

Time, Klein, Scherer and Ignorami

It's a shame that the world is crumbling around liberals and their once respected publications. Time and Life used to be the two biggest magazines that stood out on every Newsstand in America. Life died after everyone got bored of it and  Time today wouldn't even make it on the toilet paper roll, never mind underneath the stack of papers in the recyclable bin. Why is this? Because they have idiots, yes I said it, idiots whose intellectual elitism has taken them so full circle that not only are they able to construct complex sentences, they now can construct complex sentences into stupid stuff.

"There is something profoundly diseased about a society that idolizes its ignoramuses and disdains its experts," says the disdained Joe Klein.

The society is not diseased, Joe. You are. Who the frig are you to imply, infer or express disdain? The experts have led us to trillions of dollars in debt. We don't drink from garden hoses anymore, build cars that you can actually work on, and we are incapable of running a business without having to have a team of accountants, lawyers and consultants to guide us through the mazes of bureacuratic nightmares and regulations. Who got us ignorami here? Well, you experts of course.

Those who can't tolerate common sense obviously are tormented in their own mind and will take to the swampland to expel those thoughts. I don't want to know what a genius like Joe Klein has to say. I want to know what the guy who put sealant into my friend's power steering pump and got it to stop leaking has to say. There's more practicality to gettin' er done than sitting around talking about it from high.

Once a publication that sat on the coffee tables of comfortable Americans and in waiting rooms across doctor and dentist offices across our country, time ticks down to its final days. Life died years ago when people started making things up instead of reporting it, even in its most realistically boring forms.

Here's how intellectual and intelligent the readers of Time are. Those who pass the Grey Poupon to each other and feed at the tray of the golden elite, have this to write and these comments to add. Mike Scherer's intellectual elitism really brings out the brains of his readers.

"Dropping an A Bomb on the US would be less disastrous than having Sarah as POTUS," writes one intellectually inspired commenter.

Are you telling me that the neanderthal nuckle draggin supporters of Palin are lower than that?

If you guys are the experts, I'd prefer to be the ignoramus, thank you.

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