Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mark “The Great One” Unsheathes Sword and Splatters Joe Scarborough.

Don’t you get it, yet? How many times do you have to get cut before you stop putting your hand through the window, libbies? They obviously haven’t realized that the field is littered with rhetorical hit pieces that have been skewered with lightning speed and surgical precision. It’s pretty much automatic. Here’s how it works:

You write a hit piece on Sarah and you are whacked.

Sarah Palin’s army will carve your heart out if you even look at her the wrong way. When you take a shot at Sarah, you might as well just look up at the camera like Wile E Coyote, hand Conservatives4Palin the rhetorical gun and stick up a sign that says “bye.”

Lately, Sarah’s been handling a lot of her own light work. And when she does, she’s a badass (and a smart ass, too). It’s not a good day in the hideout when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have you tied to a chair and she says “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Not smart, Johnny.” You can picture Marlon Brando patting Jonathan Martin on his cheek as he says those words. That’s not good.

And don’t piss off Mark Levin either. Joey Sack of Bullcrap learned that quickly today on Morning Zoo. His attack on Sarah Palin this morning was met with an instant belting from the Great One. If the battles of broadcast journalism were physical, Joe Scarborough would have a big shiner to show for opening his mouth about our great Sarah.

Why we talking so tough? This is not like conservatives to get their hands dirty. We go to church. We work. We raise families. But this is survival.

You see, these guys want us dead. Rush Limbaugh told us that. This blogger has told you that. Barack Obama has told us that. The only choice we had was to engage and beat them at their own game or die. Playing by the old rules (you know civility, proper speech, holding a title) got us killed in 2008. McCain’s campaign “geniuses” told him to pull his punches and stay moderate and Sarah Palin nearly got her ass blown off because of it.

We’re smarter than them now. We’re faster than them. Most of all, we’re righter (more correct that is) than they are. Why not have some fun and marginalize and ridicule them. It’s not two rights make a wrong. It’s if someone’s hitting me, I have to hit them back.

When they talk about killing cracker babies, when they beat up a button seller at a rally, when they put your tax blemishes online, when they rig voting machines to vote for Harry Reid, when they tell you to sit in the back and when they say they want to punish you, that’s when you bring out the Thrilla from Wasilla to kick some ass. Sarah’s not a mean girl. She’s just awesome.

For far too long, the GOP has been lead by wussies who talk nicey nice and stick to the issues. That’s fine and dandy once the adults are back in charge and we can make the rules again. But until then, the liberals own the board. But they won’t own it for much longer.

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