Sunday, December 12, 2010

Palin Can Now Shoot Down the Media Instantly

We all know the Associated AntiPalin Press has had it out for Sarah Palin since day one. We can remember the days when newspapers, radio stations and TV news organizations used to use AP and Reuters as their wire source for news. But AP has been on its way out for awhile. Now they have stepped on their own landmine.

A picture of Sarah Palin having someone touching up her hair in Haiti is the final touch on a narrative about how the media is so blatantly biased that they can no longer be trusted.

"The AP photographer who sent the caption would have known that it was Bristol Palin, but by not mentioning her the AP was able to do a media hit on Palin but still be able to claim they told the 'truth' with the caption," according to Free Republic.
The Associated Press transmitted a photo from Haiti of Palin captioned, "Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, center, has her hair done during a visit to a cholera treatment center set up by the NGO Samaritan's Purse in Cabaret, Haiti, Saturday Dec. 11, 2010. Palin arrived Saturday in Haiti as part of a brief humanitarian mission. Dieu Nalio Chery / AP"

That photo and caption set off rabid attacks on Palin from the Huffington Post, the U.K.'s Daily Mail and, of course, Palingates.
At this point, if the AP gave us the sunrise time for tomorrow morning, one would have to question it. If you remember, in 2009, an AP reporter Rachel D'Oro was writing hit pieces on Palin.

Check out the string of events here. And check out Sarah Palin's tweet here. The Palin army used to shoot down the missiles before they landed on the target, sometimes after. Sarah is now hitting them as they come out of the silo. It is with laser-like precision that the hits on Sarah Palin are being taken out at the source. She is beating them like a halibut and they still stick to the worn out strategy they used two years ago when Obama was just a gleam in some Journolister's eye and a thrill up someone's leg.

Like a monster that is fed by its haters, Palin grows stronger with each attack. The more the Lamestream Media attack Palin, the more they are saturation bombed by conservative writers at the same time that pro-Palin websites continue to spring up across the web.

The overkill of anti-Palin rhetoric from the Left is now being met with an overkill of pro-Palin rhetoric from the Right. Combine this with Palin's ingenious ability to embrace those who have her back and promote the cause with her books, articles, Facebook notes, commentary on Fox News and documentary series on TLC, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and you now have a ballistic attack that will destroy not only the liberals who hate her, but liberalism itself. Liberals think they are destroying her. "Instead, the more they throw at her, the more she generates support for herself and the ideology attacked by proxy," according to HubPages.

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