Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great, The Awesome, The Magnificent and the Politically Dead

The army sharpens it's swords and cleans their weapons in anticipation of one of the fiercest battles yet to be fought in the revolution. We stand on the precipice of one of the greatest government takeovers in America's history - health care. Though the outcome of this battle is not certain, it will be a politically bloody battle. Our warriors are suited up and the clanging of swords can be heard.

When Rep. Alan Grayson described the Republican health care plan as "die, and die quickly," he gave us the words to describe his own political death and the political death of those who would vote with him on passing Obamacare the first go around. Grayson quickly descended into a humorous rant after being hit by an arrow fired by Sarah "The Great" Palin. Palin’s plan, of course, for Alan Grayson is for him to “die, politically speaking," and die quickly. And when they conduct the “political autopsy” in November, it is likely the “coroner’s report” in explaining the cause of death will say “Grayson was politically killed by a 'wild Alaska dingbat.'” What a horrible way to go if you’re a lib!

Michele "The Awesome" Bachmann let it rip Saturday March 13 calling the process to "deem" the Senate Bill passed as tyranny, comparing President Obama to Hugo Chavez. Jim "The Magnificent" Demint has been fighting the battle in the Senate. His tweet "President’s modest changes to his health care takeover are like pouring a glass of fresh water into a polluted lake" confirmed for his followers that the president's dog and pony show on health care reform did not work.

Let's also give Mike Huckabee a "golden shield" award for this opening to his Fox News show on Saturday March 13. Special mention also goes to Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris for their tenacious efforts in fighting the health care monstrosity.

These brave individuals lead us Ordinary Barbarians in the battle to take back our country.

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