Friday, March 26, 2010

Blame it on Sarah Palin

I don't know if the Daily Caller is trying to bring it to our attention, or if there are alternative motives as to why they would use the headline "It's Her Fault." But they do sub-headline the article with "Dems point finger at Sarah Palin for stoking extremist anger." So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, despite seeing a couple of troubling articles on their site about Palin in the past. I will consider the jury out for now.

However, they did raise a very important issue. The left tries to gin up a smear campaign against the Tea Party movement because they mistakenly think the victory in health care reform puts them in a strong position. When it backfires, their frustrated members start shooting up offices in Richmond and tossing bricks through windows at GOP offices throughout the country. They're now beating the so called "right wing extremists" in acts of violence.

The smear campaign against the Tea Party collapsed because no one believes the mainstream media anymore and now the left are the angry ones when people no longer buy into their nonsense on faith. What's a good leftist loon (with all due respect Rep. Weiner) to do? Blame Palin of course. When all else fails, blame Palin is the default fall back position for libs. It has to be. They know she's coming; and after all the shots (and I mean this figuratively folks) they've taken at her they have to be scared witless that she's still in full charge mode and coming right at them.

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