Thursday, March 25, 2010

They Call Us the Angry Mob?

They call us the angry mob? The left has gone absolutely loopy. Within a day of overblown and exaggerated reports of windows broken and racial slurs shouted (allegedly the acts of TEA Partiers), we are finding out about threatening and harrassing phone calls from the left filled with racial slurs and profanity.

But these are not the work of a fringe element the likes of what the left tries to portray the TEA Party movement. These are organized calls. Freedom Works reports (h/t Tabitha Hale):
We didn't know this. Evidently, we also didn't know best practices in a respectful, dignified policy debate, but our leftist friends were kind enough to "take FreedomWorks to school", so to speak.

Specifically, "school" included phone call blitzes from and the AFL-CIO that jammed FreedomWorks phone lines and filled up staff voice mail boxes. Callers’ consistently used profanity, vulgarity, ever-popular references to “Nazis” and “brown-shirters,” racial slurs targeting an African-American staffer, and even veiled threats of violence and bodily harm.

Now we know how an intelligent political debate unfolds. Thank You!
That's more than an angry mob. That's an organized effort on the part of Democrat operatives in the United States of America. I repeat: this is happening in the United States of America. Where's President Obama's condemnation of these acts?

In addition to the calls to Freedom Works, reports:

Two pro-life Republican lawmakers announced today that they were the victims of harassment and violence from people upset that they voted against the pro-abortion health care bill. Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond campaign office was shot at while Rep. Jean Schmidt received a harassing phone call.
That's not all. Standard Newswire reported that phones "at Operation Rescue's national headquarters were inundated with hateful messages in the wake of the weekend vote on health care in the House of Representatives."

What was that stuff people were saying about the right being violent and hateful?

UPDATE: Death Threats against Palin, Cantor and TEA Party Activists. Threats Against Michele Bachmann.

Ron Devito has more at Sarah's Web Brigade.

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