Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank You Alaska Bloggers

The Soviet Union worked on missile theory in response to Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" initiative and determined that if you fired an overwhelming number of placebo missiles at the space defense shield  and tied the system up enough, eventually a real one would get through. Well, in the event of the smear campaign against Sarah Palin, one got through. When your paying attention to millions and millions of pieces of false data, lies and innuendo, sometimes you miss a real piece of data. Finding the needle of truth in the haystack of the lies perpetuated by the Alaska bloggers is an impossible task. But it can be done even if the needle is stumbled upon by accident.

It's not serious, though. It's reasonable to expect that if you put anyone or anything under a highly enough powered microscope, you will eventually find a blemish somewhere. While it has been said by the legal community that you can indict a ham sandwich, a real conviction can only occur if you indict enough ham sandwiches. Take the Mystik Oil company's sponsorship of the Iron Dog Race and particularly their sponsorship of the Davis Team, Todd Palin's snowmachine team for example.

There are thousands and thousands of warriors on both sides wielding their rhetorical swords. Every once in a while, you have to expect a cut. But a minor abrasion such as this will heal quickly and the battle will continue.

Thanks to the Alaska Bloggers, it has now been brought to the attention of Todd Palin's racing team that one of their sponsors is connected to Citgo, the wholly owned national oil company of Venezuela. Does this make Sarah Palin an anti-socialist hypocrite? No. Does it show she's capable of human oversight? I'll let "Miss Perfect" up in the Mudflats decide that one.

As a result of the efforts of Jeanne Devon, the Houston based (and by Houston based, I assume that means they employ American workers) Mystik Oil company will probably lose their sponsorship of the Iron Dog race and the Davis team. Now that it has been brought to Todd Palin's attention, it would only make sense that they and the organization that runs the Iron Dog will cut their ties to the company.

Politicians normally rescind deals which are cut prior to their becoming informed of conflict of interest issues. Upon notice, they will cut ties with donors or sponsors so as to correct the situation.

How this will affect Mystik Oil's business is yet to be seen. Saddled with the Venezuela label, it might be assumed that people will no longer want to do business with them, causing sales to go down and eventually requiring them to lay off workers.

No one agrees that having ties to a Venezuelan national company is a good thing. However, in business, it's sometimes necessary to cut deals with the devil so that the bigger goals of the economy are met and if people make money and gain employment from it, so be it. But, it's not like Citgo is the largest producer of holocaust ovens for Nazi Germany or the world's leading provider of abortion service. They're an oil company that (albeit nationally owned) competes on the open market with oil companies from around the world, and they employ people in their United States divisions which compete in our free market. While the human oversight might make the Palins look like capitalist pigs, it hardly makes them socialists.

Just because your mail carrier is having an affair with your wife, doesn't mean you shouldn't be getting your mail delivered. However, once made aware of the situation, it is more prudent to request a different carrier.

It's probably a good thing that Jeanne Devon brought this to our attention. Given the readiness by which CBS would run a story based on her blog is not only a tribute to the mainstream media's bloodlust to continue contributing to the Palin smear campaign, but may have actually resulted in a real story this time, even if by accident given the overwhelming number of misfires that have been coming out of the anti-Palin media over the last several months. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So, although by unintended consequences, CBS actually got some real information out to the public.

Never mind that negativity is an evil which has unintended consequences. If some people in Texas lose their jobs and a few families that have nothing to do with the Palins are ruined, that's merely collateral damage in the war being waged in the Palinosphere. I'm sure Ms. Devon doesn't mind hurting innocent people if she can save America from Sarah Palin. It's for the greater good, of course, at least in her twisted mind.

While the Palins and their supporters may want to thank Devon for bringing this information to our attention, Devon shouldn't expect to see any love letters coming from Texas in the coming years.

I'm wondering, if the American people demanded an audit of the DNC to see how it's opposition research money was spent in Alaska during the 2008 presidential campaign, would we come up with any dirt on those smearing Sarah Palin? Since the liberals make the rules now in a political baseball game that we're forced to play in, and digging for dirt is king, we probably should learn how to hit that ball and figure out how to throw a few sliders ourselves.

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