Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Terminate The RINO

Arnold Schwartzenegger has proven to the people of Cally-fornia why they should have voted for Tom McClintock in the primary instead of him. Here is a governor who has overseen one of the biggest fiscal collapses in California's governmental history. He has people in the central valley starving for water because he's too much of a "girly man" to press the federal government hard enough or invoke the 10th Amendment strongly enough to stop the environmentalist nonsense that is costing the state and its people millions of dollars in farming revenue. He is the biggest RINO in the pack, a terminator who symbolizes that which must be terminated, Republicanism in name only.

The American people are tired of the two parties catering to their special interest groups, rather than doing the smart thing and tapping into the will of the people. Government governs with the consent of the governed. As Laura Ingraham said today at the Code Red protest in Washington, DC, "we don't consent."

So, we are to believe that people who have career aspirations or desire higher public office are not interested in the issue of climate change. Someone should have told that to Schwarzenegger when he was an actor considering a run at California's governorship.

According to CBS News:
As for Palin's comments on climate change – she wrote in a Washington Post op-ed suggesting that Americans should be skeptical of the overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is real and man-made – the California governor had this to say: "You have to ask: what was she trying to accomplish? Is she really interested in this subject or is she interested in her career and in winning the [Republican presidential] nomination?"
Yes, Governor Schwarzenegger, Palin, like most hard working Americans in a capitalist system, is interested in her career. She is also interested in the subject. Her forte is energy. You have to question, though, if she is interested in winning the nomination or is she more interested in correcting the direction that this country is headed in and if she is interested in supporting candidates who oppose the likes of Governor Schwartzenegger.

I agree with Palin. Let's duke it out. Let Arnold be a poster child for the RINO movement, which most polls shows is about 1/3 of the GOP base and let Sarah Palin be a poster child for the grassroots and what real hard working Americans want, which most polls shows is about 2/3 of the GOP.

Bring it on, Arnold. But as for you and your fellow RINO's, you won't be back.

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