Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest in Peace Anchorage Daily News

correction: publication date for this post is Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Many Palin supporters went to the Anchorage Daily News to get information about their favorite governor even though the paper was staffed by Palin Derangement Syndrome victims and touted a comment board that would make David Axelrod proud. The paper consistently deleted pro-Palin comments while claiming to be keeping the discourse honest. But any reader could tell this was a liberal astroturfer's heaven from the high number of anti-Palin comments, which matched the high number of profiles with no information, avatars or bios.

Tony Hopfinger, the editor at the paper, is married to Amanda Coyne, another victim of PDS. A blogger at puts it like this:
Coyne's politically-biased brand of journalism and unending drivel against Governor Palin mirrors the same level of credibility as OJ looking for the real killer. Coyne and her husband, Tony Hopfinger, are part of an unholy cabal that is trying to destroy Sarah Palin; tarnish her national image; and personally profit from it.
Now that they have successfully driven Governor Palin out of office, the ADN faces a "death panel" of readers who will now stop visiting ADN's revenue generating website. Although the website was unreasonably brutal on Palin, it was the only game in town for Palin supporters to get information about local events such as the Michael Reagan speech.

ADN continues to hammer the final nails into its coffin with drivel like this from it's new "conservative" columnist, Paul Jenkins:
Then came a nasty series of imbroglios involving Palin's administration. Troopergate. Subpoena problems. Tax difficulties. Hiding e-mails. Flouting public records laws. Hiring an obnoxious press secretary. Trotting out an equally obnoxious campaign attack dog. A legislative report concluding Palin had abused her office. A Personnel Board whitewash investigation. Spending months away on her campaign for the vice presidency. And on and on and on.
The decline in readership at ADN is proportional to the uptick of readership on Sarah Palin's Facebook page and other sites that now provide deeper and more balanced coverage.

Demonstrating that hatred will never create loyalty, the ADN chose to alienate all the new readers who came to it when they were the only source of Palin news. They are giving up vital website hits in favor of continuing to provide a forum for those who want to bash Palin and re-write her history by focusing on a bunch of negative stuff that has already been quite debunked on other sites and from other sources.

There are only a handful of people in Alaska who want to read negative crap about Sarah Palin. And they are the same ones who are producing it. The ADN doesn't need to take up paper and bandwidth spewing venom at Palin. Those who want to get a good dose of cancerous hate can easily go to the Huffington Post, Just a Girl From Homer, Mudflats, Blue Oasis and Immoral Minority.

Jenkins is just another example of how someone who is miserable about themselves (and their associations - e.g. Bill Allen, who pleaded guilty to bribery charges in the VECO scandal) has to turn that hatred outward onto the one person who acts a reverse mirror. Those who see goodness inside themselves, for some reason, gravitate to Palin and see her as representative of that goodness. Those who see misery inside themselves pour it all out against her when juxtaposed next to what she stands for.

Those who have been on the wrong side of corruption don't do very well in Sarah Palin's eyes and neither does she in theirs. The good ole boys don't like her because she exposed them for the "corruptocrats" that they were. Jenkins is a good ole boy.

Misery loves company, and if you can't bring yourself up, it's easier to bring others down. Palin brings out all the good in good people and all the bad in bad people. Jenkins is just one example of many that you will notice fill this bill as you encounter negative Palin press that is not factually based in the arena of ideas.

There are way more good people than bad people. It looks like ADN has chosen the smaller market to cater to.

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  1. I was shocked when I went to the ADN the other day and saw the lies they were reporting. I knew it was bad, but it has gotten worse since she left office.