Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Roadkill! Warrior Palin lays out CBS and MSM!

Sleeeeee-ice! Sarah Palin has reacted to this story from CBS. More particularly, it was this link that most likely precipitated the response.

Before anyone goes off half cocked and starts saying that Palin is whining about the media coverage, consider this: there is almost always a connection to lies about her children behind her motivation. When CBS links to a low life website like palingates.com, it's not surprising that anyone with a journalism degree would be outraged by that. Can you imagine if Fox News linked to mofopolitics.com, a birther site which is quite rough on Obama's family?

Palin is being hammered on Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, the Daily Beast and ABC to name a few others that she graciously left direct mention out of her Facebook posting.

But let's face facts. Sarah Palin is totally right about what she is saying. With all of the issues facing our nation right now, how she chooses to travel and what clothes she wears on her book tour are trivial - and again not related to anything that the liberal media can touch her on in the arena of political ideas.

And, fact checking the timeline of her pregnancy? Come on!

Where are the liberals when Palin talks about profiling? Where are the liberals when she talks about strong national defense? Where are the liberals when she talks about tax policy? They're out to lunch.

I say good job, Sarah Palin, on beating this blog site to the punch.

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