Thursday, December 10, 2009

Debunking the Latest Myths

From the lady on down the line, the army fights the smears.

Here's a re-cap of the latest "slayings" from the Palin front.

Let's start with Lady Palin herself who just field dresses former Vice President Al Gore: The Washington Post Op-ed and Response to Climate Change and Gravity

Michelle Malkin also gets in a sword stab after Al Gore responds to Sarah the Great's op-ed. Gore is gored! Hey, Al Gore: You lie! (Note the picture of him, he looks like Dr. Evil)

The Ordinary Barbarians at Conservatives4Palin just pillage and plunder as they sink a bunch of racism smears against their leader, Sarah the Great: The 'Palin = racist' smear

Lori Calabrese says Washington Post blasted for using Palin op-ed.

Aw, the wittle Paawin detwactors who used to say she's so irrelevant, unpopular and a lightweight are now complaining that WAPO is making a lot of money because SO MANY people are reading her Op Ed. Isn't that how the writing business is supposed to work? A popular writer gets the gig. I'm lost. What do the Palin detractors want WAPO to do, only allow space on their op-ed pages for people noone wants to read?

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