Saturday, August 1, 2009

Circulating Rumour and Innuedo About Shannyn Moore

"RT @shannynmoore didn't get a ticket tonight from a hottie cop...I think it was my new lipgloss. from TweetDeck" - tweet from Shannyn Moore

"Just a girl from Homer" shouldn't have a problem with Henry Louis Gates' arrest given her penchant for pursing her lipglossed lips at cops who stop her from speeding to her next Palin bashing event.

As this blogger unsheathes the sword for the first time outside the arena of ideas to engage a liberal in her game, I disclaim that this commentary is not based on fact but rather hyperbole and hypothesis, a disclaimer that those who smear conservatives are unwilling to make, and therefore which opens them up to libel and slander lawsuits.

With that said, allow me to to step into a ring with vicious liars, hate filled hearts and dirty minds. For this is the den of the morally and intellectually bankrupt that must be faced head on, like a man battling wasps that keep stinging him.

It's time to take out the Raid.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. But, one's opinion is worthless if they are unwilling to walk a mile in another person's shoes before shooting off their mouth. He or she who cannot respect another person even when disagreeing with them is worth less than the shit that gets stuck to my shoe when I walk through the dog pen of a land so aptly named "the Mudflats."

Imagine if this site reported on the number of men that Shannyn Moore has slept with. First of all, the research would be time consuming given the high likelihood that there are so many. As a leftover of the free love, hippie generation, one could make such a judgment as easily as one could run with a judgment that let's say someone is under indictment by the FBI because they are resigning a governship.

Now this is not a slanderous statement since I'm only drawing a hypothetical. I am not accusing Shannyn Moore of sleeping with a lot of men, I'm just saying that there are rumours to that effect.

But I digress.

I might be coming down with Shannyn Moore Derangement Syndrome. I'm ashamed that I haven't written as many posts criticizing her and smearing her as she has of Sarah Palin. I don't know if I can satisfy the similar feeling I share toward her that she shares toward Sarah Palin. Nor do I care to.

But this is really about Moore's associations. Gryphen is the one who started the Palin divorce rumor. Shannyn Moore's people are now out of control, even if Moore said "leave the Palins alone" before going on to criticize Palin later in her blog and call for more investigations.

"If there are other instances of aggressive prosecutions of the ex-governor’s enemies during her reign, they should be reopened," as should the connections between the Obama campaign and the smear campaign that has been waged against Sarah Palin.

Let's do it and see who's cleaner.


  1. I AM with you! It is about time we fight fire with fire! One can only sit by so long before we get our fill of their slanderous lies! I say, dig up their dirt and post it to the world and if we find anything that is justifably worth submitting to the courts then so be it! They drew blood first, so this is only self defense! LET'S ROLL...

  2. You have the right to speak your mind but I have to say that I don't think this is the right way to go. I share your outrage, but Sarah Palin has said that we should not be engaged in tearing down....and she is right. I choose to follow her leadership on this.....but you do what you want. It's your right.

  3. Juvenile Deliquents engage in Negative Behavior to get attention. They are too unsure of their talents to get positive feedback.
    Democrat Socialist Party members of Wasilla have very little to engage themselves.
    I saw where they once commented that it was Saral Palin's fault that their kids were not honor students in Math.
    You see where I am going with this....

  4. I appreciate Governor Palin's attitude. Not many people would have been able to withstand the kind of liberal ugliness and liberal's deliberate demonization and keep their core values intact as the Palins have done.

    I applaud the fact that the Palins have not only withstood the liberals attempt to destroy them, but have taken it a step further, prefering NOT to engage in the same behavior AND instructing their loyal supporters to do the same.

    That being said, Americans must understand that we will never conquer the scourge of liberal evil by being tolerant of it. Liberals believe that they are entitled to accomplish their goals "by any means necessary."


    We are at WAR people. This is an outright assault on our precious Republic. We will not win this war anywhere but in the trenches.

    We will not win by wishing liberals would fight "fair" or "play by the rules". They won't....EVER.

    We will not win by saluting Robert's Rules of Order.

    We will not win by discussing rules and procedures.

    We will not win by hoping liberals will FINALLY see the light, understand the truth, discern logic and reason. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

    Only a few years ago, our culture used "shame" very effectively. When people acted shamefully they were called on it by their communities. They were expected by these same communities to be contrite and remorseful for the shameful act.

    Liberal activist and Palin-hater Shannyn Moore is behaving shamefully. She is entitled to exercise her 1st Amendment rights. And Shannyn Moore is equally entitled to the consequences of her actions.

    We are engaged in the fight of our lives. And we have to engage the enemy as if our very lives depend on it. BECAUSE OUR LIVES DO DEPEND ON IT.

    Only God can know the outcome of this war. Either they will win or we will. It's not up to me to tell others how to fight the liberal scourge. The Palins have made their decision and I respect that.

    My family and I have already made our decision too. We have taken a personal pledge: We refuse to watch liberals dismantle our Republic before our very eyes without fighting with every talent, every dollar, every ounce of energy we possess.

    We want our precious Constitutional Republic back. To choose not to fight at all is to dishonor our brilliant founders and the memory of those fallen and wounded soldiers who have given their very lives to defend our Republic.

    As a nation we have paid for this miraculous inheritance with blood, flesh, and treasure. We cannot and WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT to disappear without fighting the liberal scourge to the very end. To quote EXREA: LET'S ROLL

  5. I don't think you'd find too many men who have slept with Shannyn Moore. Moore has stated that she's not a "breeder." Breeder is a term used by gays and lesbians to describe straight people. Maybe that would explaint Moore's fascination with taking pictures of Gov. Palin's legs. I kid you not. Back in May, Moore blogged at the HuffPo that during a Memorial Day service people turned their backs on Gov. Palin because she was, using Moore's words, "dressed like a biker chick." Naturally, no such back turning was seen by anyone else (or else it would have been a page one MSM story.) Moore ranted about how short Palin's skirt was, and included pictures. Yes, I was sure shocked to discover that Gov. Palin has knees since her skirt was just above the knee. NOw, what "biker chick" have you seen wearing a skirt that comes just above the knee? I've known a few "biker chicks" and they always wear jeans. Dispite the obvious lie, Moore merrily spread it around at the HuffPo, her own website, and other loony left blogs.

    You see, to the left, truth is not important. The only thing that is important is whether or not they can score points. If they can score political points with a lie, they go with it.

    Needless to say, all the loony left blogs she spread this story too fell for it, and soon filled up the comments section with hundreds of vile comments.