Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let Me Help the Liberals Write Their Articles After Palin's O'Reilly Appearance Tonight

Hello libs. It's me again. You know, the guy who keeps jabbing you everytime you write something stupid about conservatives, Tea Partiers or Sarah Palin. I'm here to do a pre-emptive slice this time. I know what's coming. So let me help you out a bit.

Tonight, Sarah Palin will discuss a complicated topic, Iran, on O'Reilly. Knowing going in that she is dumb, not qualified to discuss the subject and will probably say very little of substance, let's get started writing your article:

Sarah Palin once again demonstrated a severe lack of foreign policy. Why someone who doesn't even know where Iran is on a map would want to delve into the deep, complex and complicated issues regarding the actions needed to stop Iran from going nuclear is beyond me. Instead, Palin says something stupid [you can use the word unintelligent or uninformed instead if you like here] like: [insert quote taken out of context here].

This war-mongering extremist from Alaska who has no business analyzing shelf stocking at Walmart can't possibly be serious when she tells us that we should back Israel if they draw us into Armegeddon. We all know that war is not an option and there will always be the possibility of living with a nuclear Iran in the event we chose not to be so arrogant as to try to stop them.

[Maybe do a blurb or two here where you quote Olbermann or an Alaskan blogger]

Fox news would have been better hiring Kermit the Frog to do news analysis for them.
Okay. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's move on to the subject at hand. The fact of the matter is, Palin will say stuff or quote stuff from John Bolton and/or Gary Milhollin. When they speak or write, they are called foremost experts on the subject. But, dare Sarah Palin agree with them on anything, Palin will be seen as shallow or lacking solutions. I know this is a fact because I've seen Eric Cantor, when discussing the economy and the role of government, literally been called a genius even after taking the same position and using nearly the exact same words that Palin was criticized for. Rule of thumb: if someone else says it, it's insightful. If Palin says it, it's not.

There is a solution Palin can suggest, but it will not sit well with the mainstream media. If she suggests war overt or covert, and especially if she talks about Israel taking the first strike, she will be vilified. She will be torn to shreds. She will be mocked.

But she will also be right.

Read my post on Iran and you'll see why.

The underestimater in me will sit there all nervous and worried. I will cringe on her every word, knowing in advance what the liberal response will be. I will worry about her having difficulty with the subject. I will sweat it. I admit it. It's a condition I had all through the Reagan years. I worried every time he had to say something important. I don't know why, but it's something, once only unique to Reagan, that has recurred in me now that I'm a Palinite.

But, it's not doubt.

It's just a stupid thing I go through. At the end of the night, I will kick myself again for being such a worry wart. Palin will land the segment, create headlines and earn credibility points among the folks watching. She will also piss off the liberals who will come after her with a vengeance as usual. God help her if she criticizes Obama. The left really takes that personally.

Face it, folks. Those who remember Ronald Reagan remember Bruce Springsteen's tirade against supply side economics. They remember the cartoon where Reagan is in a hospital and he presses the "nuke" button instead of the "nurse"button. They remember pundits talking about the "tear down this wall" line as being a pipe dream. After it happened, they will remember pundits giving Gorbachev the credit, not Reagan. This was during and even after his presidency. Palin is still on the opening laps here. Don't expect the attacks on her to go away either, no matter how far she goes in politics.

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  1. The "Stupidest President Ever" award has to go to Obutthole. He's eloquent with his teleprompter, but off script can't do diddly. He makes bad decisions, but when his handlers don't control him, he's even worse.