Monday, February 22, 2010

Disgusting Alaska Bloggers Slammed By

There's not much for me to do with my rhetorical sword given that has already carved up a bunch of romper room Alaska bloggers.

Check out some great slicing and dicing:

A Tale Of Two Ears by Jesse Griffin
Skinny White Sunday: Profanity Phil Revisited; Updated
Shannyn Moore and Daily Kos Find Hypocrisy Where It Doesn't Exist

These are the people who are responsible for starting the smear campaign against Sarah Palin during the 2008 election. They would be nameless pieces of trash if it was not for DNC making contact with them in order to "manufacture," or what David Axelrod fans like to call "AstroTurf" bullcrap about Sarah Palin.

They are also the ones who fanned the flames of the frivolous ethics complaints.

While it is not my place to judge, the pastor at my church said on Sunday "negativity is the devil's work." I'm just drawing a nexus here.

Icebergs melt in hell.

UPDATE: Apparently Stacy Drake drew the same nexus as I did at A Time For Choosing, which also got a well deserved quote and link on Texas4Palin. The post was entitled "Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl from Hades."

This is just another episode in which Shannyn Moore beclowns herself in an attempt to hurt Governor Palin. She failed tremendously as she always does. Normally I would type here that she should take a step back and try to realize that using small children is vile and evil but why bother. These people have proven over and over again that they have no morals and no decency. The depths in which they are willing to sink to trash Governor Palin knows no bounds.
Shannyn "Erida" Moore can take Jesse "Maalik" Griffin to hell with her. To repeat what my pastor said once again, "negativity is the devil's work." It's clear that the great deceiver is at work using these poor pathetic low lifes as his mouth piece.

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