Monday, June 7, 2010

Quote of the Day 6/07/10

Thomas S. Schmitz provides us with the following unsheathed moment:

Enter Sarah Palin; the ultimate citizen politician. Never in the history of America has a politician been feared and demonized more than Sarah Palin. Why? Simply put, the elites see Sarah Palin as a threat. She represents the end of elitism rule. Armed with the sword of her common sense politics, Sarah Palin reflects and defends the values of average everyday hardworking Americans. Her sword of common sense cuts right through their fancy Ivy League degrees and ponderous resumes boasting meaningless laureates and “think tanks” which have nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with endless education. If you want to balance America’s budget it shouldn’t take a college degree to tell you that not spending more money than you make is a good place to start.
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