Friday, June 4, 2010

Palin Army Rushes in To Fight With Nikki

Republican insiders have been using Alinsky tactics to defeat Nikki Haley in the South Carolina GOP gubernatorial primary. Haley, once a lesser known candidate and down in the polls, surged to a commanding lead in the primary battle after Sarah the Great rode in from the north and endorsed her. Haley has proven to be a warrior as her resolve strengthens with each smear that's thrown her way. Sarah fights viciously for her on Twitter and Sarah's army is quick to rush in. The Good ole boys in South Carolina have made a big mistake. The rush to Haley's aid makes the scene in Braveheart look tame.

Haley unsheathed her sword and skewered Andre Bauer right on TV in front of thousands of viewers and millions more on youtube. Haley was asked about the allegations of affairs just as the battle began. As the enemy stood over her with spiked clubs and battle axes, Haley had her finest warrior moment when she looked directly into the camera without flinching and clearly stated that she has been faithful to her husband. Then she turned and smoothly slid the sword into and completely through Andre Bauer who stood motionless on the stage for seconds.

After thoroughly destroying her opponents (she continues to rise in the polls), the good ole boy army came back the next day with a disgusting counter attack. They made her ethnicity a campaign issue. They claimed she was not a Christian because she had Sikh Indian roots. They called her "Raghead." Expect to hear the clanging of swords and the final screams of the South Carolina good ole boys when they are removed from their cesspool of corruption and Nikki comes in for the clean up.

All those ordinary barbarians you see coming to Nikki's side right now at her rallies and on Twitter and Facebook are soldiers in Palin's army. A little advice to Andre Bauer and friends from Monty Python: run away.

Read what they're saying about dirty politics in South Carolina.

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