Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Will Defend Ourselves and Our Great Sarah!

The Tea Party Express is asking everyone to chip in so that they can have beefed up security at the Tea Party event in Boston on April 14 in light of threats from groups to infiltrate the Tea Party and disrupt it. As an army fortifies a position, so will the Tea Party Express when it brings out its big guns on Wednesday. Their target is obviously Sarah Palin. On guard, fellow Barbarians. Be prepared to defend yourselves and our great Sarah.

The crazy loons are looking to incite violence. So be wary. Be armed heavily - with cameras and cell phones that is. Let's film these neanderthals so that we can post footage of them all over our websites and lets give Andrew Breitbart some real good mug shots to post on his sites if any of these nuts care to take the bait of baiting us. This is going to be like shooting (er, filming) fish in a barrel.

If they are violent toward any of us, film it and defuse it. But, if need be, fight back. We all have a right to protect ourselves, even physically, if attacked. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. But if it does, don't be afraid to knock a few heads around. I recommend big guys with cool heads and strong hands go to this one.

They must know we will never take the bait. But they also must remember Ronald Reagan's golden rule: peace through strength. They need to know heads are going to roll if they start anything. Yet the choice must strictly be theirs.

Those who go, keep an eye out around Sarah. Report all suspicious activity to security or law enforcement. If people in the crowd start heckling, surround them and wait for law enforcement or security. Hope to never have to throw a punch. But if these thugs pull the SEIU type of crap, remember this: it is better to throw the last punch than it is to throw the first.

Keep your temper in check but your resolve firm. Read more at Texas for Sarah Palin.

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