Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alaska Dispatch Cries Because Eddie Won't Call Them

Without going into too many details here, it's pretty much understood that there was and still is an intense media smear campaign being waged against Sarah Palin for no other reason than she is a threat to progressives' intellectually and morally bankrupt philosophy. The Alaska Dispatch has played its part by publishing hit piece after hit piece on her since the 2008 election. It's no surprise that they would attack Alaska Lt. Governor candidate Eddie Burke and his spokesperson Rachelle Friberg.

Eddie Burke should be proud that he was a real Alaskan to have a set big enough to stand up for Sarah Palin on his radio show while the wussies in the state were out on the ledge because they couldn't stomach a little DNC inspired media smear. Courage and a positive vision is the key to success in this country. The fact that Burke didn't fold like a lawn chair when Palin was being smeared by the media tells me he's the right candidate for Lt. Governor.

The Alaska Dispatch got his communique. They should be so lucky to even have gotten that. Anyone who knows the Alaska Dispatch knows it's nothing more than a liberal hack site. Burke is "too busy with the campaign" seems to me to be a more polite way of saying he's more interested in talking to credible media outlets.

No one would expect Eddie Burke to even put the Alaska Dispatch on his toilet paper roller, nevermind talk to a liberal PDS afflicted hit site whose lack of  intellectual integrity glares in such a lame statement as "We're hoping that by that last line he doesn't mean that if elected lieutenant governor he will quit halfway through his term to write an autobiography and take a gig with Fox News."

With that said, let me straighten them out about Sarah Palin's resignation.

Ultimately, the filings of frivolous ethics complaints were the key component which caused Palin to resign her governship. The strategy was to personally bankrupt Palin and politically tie her hands as governor by tying up state time and resources. Palin smartly short circuited a process that would have left her state financially gridlocked and herself financially bankrupt.

The local media in Alaska were no less complicit than the national media in the smear campaign against Sarah Palin leading up to the resignation. The Alaska Dispatch knows full well why Palin resigned. There's no need to play dumb and ask Eddie. A quick peruse of the site will tell you they are nothing but a Palin smear operation with a smattering of articles about other news, mostly all tilting to the left.

The Alaska Dispatch was founded by Amanda Coyne who remains a contributor. Gary P. Jackson on Free Republic points out:

Nothing surprising there, as Coyne has turned her hate into a cottage industry. Between her unbalanced and unhinged hate for Palin, she also spends time attacking Palin’s supporters, and filling the pages of the left wing Huffington Post with her rants.

Thinking about Coyne, made me think of her husband, and his ties with the Anchorage Daily News, which itself has turned into nothing more than a house organ for the Obama administration.

Key figures at the Dispatch are Amanda CoyneAndrew Halcro and Tony Hopfinger. All the articles written about Sarah Palin are hit pieces. If they weren't trying to destroy her and drive her out of office and political life then what were they doing, playing tiddly winks?

And for those who have a problem with Rachelle Friberg being from outside Alaska, just remember the DNC infiltration of Alaska during the 2008 presidential campaign when they came "north to Alaska from Outside to get in on the political action." Sacre bleu, you wouldn't be upset if we played by the liberals' rules now, would you? They did win the 2008 election. So outside money and support coming into Alaska politics should be considered business as usual by liberal standards. Why the fake outrage?

As much as the Alaska Dispatch continues its hatchet job on Palin after being a local player in a smear campaign that drove her from office, they cannot kill her ideals because they are the ideals of hundreds of thousands of Alaskans including Eddie Burke. He and Rachelle Friberg should wear the vitriol of the Alaska Dispatch as a badge of honor. It means they hit a nerve at the Palin deranged Alaska Dispatch.

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