Friday, March 18, 2011

Sarah Palin: "Mind if I Borrow Your Sword, Whitney?"

Whitney Pitcher wrote a fantastic piece today on Big Government entitled Dismantling the NYT’s Misrepresentations of Governor Palin’s Record where she just ripped the New York Times to shreds, rightfully so, for blatantly distorting and twisting Sarah Palin's record as governor in Alaska. No good sword goes unsheathed as Palin's army goes to battle for the woman who will save our country. It started early this week with a bunch of seemingly coordinated hit pieces with Politico and the Alaska Dispatch front and center. Then they were smacked down by the Palin forces. Whitney was the Palin warrior of the day. To top it off, Sarah Palin herself quoted Whitney in her Facebook Note.

What was Sarah Palin's Facebook note about? It was about the same topic Whitney wrote about on Big Government. As "Gabrielle" was jamming the sword in, lo and behold here comes "Zena" riding in, pulling out the good ole Excalubur and BOOM! Fall down, New York times; you're dead.

In doing so, the good Governor used Whitney's piece to drive home her point.

Sarah Palin knew Whitney had her back. Whitney now knows that Sarah has her back, too.

Great job, Whitney.

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