Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alaska Blogger Hits Palin Over the Head With a Dead Body

First Jeanne Devon trashes Sarah Palin's new book without reading it (It's not out yet, but knowing how liberals do their research from seeing them in action on the Arizona Immigration law, I figured I'd bust some chops). This earns her a good skewering on Moonbattery.

Well this one's even worse. Devon's friend and fellow feetie pajama blogger "Shannyn Moore apparently thinks it's appropriate to dig up the corpse of Wally Hickel and bash Sarah Palin over the head with it," according to God, Guts and Sarah Palin.

I know I shouldn't link to it, but you gotta read this post. Just cleanse your brain with positive affirmations for at least an hour afterwards, though. Psychological chemotherapy you know.

(Update: Huffington Post prints Moore hate piece.)

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